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MEMS market opportunities continue to grow

According to Yole Developpement, the worlds MEMS industry is facing the stagnation never had before, in 2008 sales fell 2% to 6.8 billion, and its growth rate in 2009 is very likely less than 1%. However, when the automotive electronics, industrial pressure sensor and the print head when the market as the global economic downturn, many new MEMS applications has been effectively increased. MEMS in consumer electronics products, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes of the market continue to be optimistic, to promote the supplier, such as STMicron (Geneva), Invensense (Sunnyvale, California), a 10-30% increase in sales. With the MEMS electronics and diagnostic equipment in medical applications to expand, its market continues to increase. Endoscopic measurement of this new product (IMU) started. It integrates multi-axis accelerometer and gyro...
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9390 Eaton Gate perfect body known reliable power protection

famous door Eaton 9390 perfect body, reliable power protection enterprise information construction of rapid development, and promote the popularization of the data center room and application. In the financial crisis, the enterprise data center room facing the compression cost and the dual pressures to reduce costs. How to create "green" room applications, improving data center efficiency while reducing the energy consumption and overall application cost, has become the focus of attention. Eaton as a leading global power products and covers the back-up power management solutions provider, has been dedicated to offering excellent products and good service, so that their systems, data, and run away from power issues disturbance and destruction. Eaton owns the three major series of UPS products, including high-power UPS Powerware Serie...
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Semiconductor announced the development of the Japanese rushed the worlds smallest video decoder

Red semiconductor companies in Japan (OKISEMICONDUCTOR) today announced that the company developed the worlds smallest video decoder, this decoder supports three types of video signal formats, and low power consumption. According to a press release red semiconductor companies in recent years, public places and safety monitoring system for the prevention of traffic accidents increased popularity of car camera system, the actual installation of these systems are subject to space constraints, requires the video decoder in which the volume smaller, also requires a single supply voltage of. Red semiconductor company called "ML86V76651" the new video decoder of the 3.8 × 3.7 mm, the minimum size of similar products in the world. ...
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Texas Instruments: achieving a more compact power solutions

This article details the latest developments in the power circuit. The paper also describes several devices, Yue Ming circuit packaging technology advances in architecture and how to promote more compact power solutions. Of different functions into one chip is a PDA, portable navigation systems (GPS) and smart phones and other portable products, trends. Just a few years ago, applications of each group will need a separate power supply converters, battery-powered products but with the increasingly complex functions, power supply design have begun to change, the integration of products required in various power together has become a trend, in addition to the processor power required, there are Bluetooth modules, wireless network module and screen and other features also need a separate power supply. In such applications, the power supply ...
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Optocoupler in parallel transmission of long-term

Optocoupler (hereinafter referred to as the coupler) is a light-emitting devices and optoelectronic devices consisting of photosensitive devices. It can realize the electrical → light → electrical signal conversion, and the input signal and output signal isolation. Most of the optocoupler input current gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode, the output silicon photodiode, and optical silicon photo-transistor trigger the SCR. Because the peak wavelength of 900 ~ 940nm GaAs infrared LED optoelectronic devices with silicon peak wavelength response is consistent, can obtain higher signal transmission efficiency. Turn electrical isolation. Meanwhile, in the electric light → → conversion of electrical signals to optical coupling devices, as long as certain of its current input, the output terminal can output a corresponding digital signal. ...
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24 e-investment in the mainland delegation arrived in Taiwan: the most interested in LED

6 Yue 24 morning news, according to Taiwan media reports, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, said Wang Ning, executive vice president, will lead today, Haier, Hisense and other electronics companies have over China to visit Taiwan, looking for investment opportunities for Taiwans electronics industry. E-group members are most interested in Taiwans LED industry, interested in buying LED-related equipment, products, and even factories. Ning emphasized that this organization visit the mainland to Taiwan electronics companies, Mainland capital to invest in Taiwan as part of the plan, as to what to invest in the electronics industry and the company, he did not disclose more information. The Taiwan delegation and early June the first batch of mainland China to Taiwan are essentially different purchasing groups, focusing on finding invest...
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Japans growth in residential solar panels per month 8000

METI Office of Natural Resources and Energy Watanabe, chief of the new energy measures rose rule June 22, 2009 at the Industrial Technology Research Institutes "5th report on the outcome of solar power research center will be" delivered a speech on . Watanabe said, "(due to recovery of the subsidy policy) residential installation of solar panels such as the number of steady growth. Currently installing 8,000 per month, 2 times last year." In addition, Watanabe also introduced the "great effect" of the organic thin-film solar cells, solar cells as a new generation of concern, not a separate province by the production of solar cells and batteries, etc. to promote the popularity, but to promote " into solar cells and the battery system. " "More sunny days will increase power generation, but in the case of Golden Week, when people go home ...
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"Battery industry" production Innovation Alliance was established on June 23

Yesterday (23), Chinas battery industrys first set of production and research for the Innovation Alliance was established in Shenzhen, which is the 28th Guangdong Provincial Department of Innovation Alliance production and research. Deputy Director of Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, said Cai-yan, the Pearl River Delta region in the advanced battery manufacturing exports accounted for more than half of national exports, the establishment of the alliance will help to overcome the key technology in the field technology to promote Guangdong battery industry. Alliance has 12 Provincial and municipal-related R & D institutions According to reports, the Alliance is led by Tsinghua University and other three units, the joint Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Zhongshan University, South China University o...
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Yiin worry about solar-powered, LED plant followed the steps on the DRAM

Ministry of Economic Affairs has just held LED lighting industry cooperation and cross-strait exchange meeting, the Legislative Yuan is also just the third reading "Renewable Energy Development Act" to allow the solar industry have an incentive to expand investment. However, Economy Minister Yin Chi-ming has stunned the world of 23, said he was Taiwans LED industry, the prospects for solar energy and angst blind investment in Taiwan factory, the green energy industry will probably be the next Taiwan DRAM industry. Economics Minister Yin Chi-ming Building Research will present a forum for industry and commerce said that the business management consultancy firm Deloitte has examined the regions 500 fastest growing technology companies, the results of the development of Taiwans strengths are concentrated in the semiconductor and electronic...
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May Zhangjiang orders before the integrated circuit industry, "steadily high"

According to Labor reported that the IC industry is the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, one of the three leading industries. Reporter learned yesterday from the park management as the main component of Shanghais IC industrys chip manufacturing, May sales of 827 million Shanghai, "Zhangjiang produced" to account for 60% of the share. Currently, the Zhangjiang Park of the integrated circuit business orders is climbing, some production lines have been saturated. Late last year, the international financial crisis, one of the pillar industries in Zhangjiang Park --- IC industry to get orders for major companies decline sharply. Located in the Zhangjiang Park SMIC is the largest semiconductor manufacturers, the international financial crisis late last year, has accumulated a lot of inventory. But now, the companys inventory has been sold out, 4,5 mo...
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