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* ST Chunlan Uncap Goldman Sachs intends to give up waiting time involved in re-

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Was well-known home appliance manufacturer, * ST Chunlan suspended in the April 26 listing almost no suspense. Three quarters of the company to achieve profitability by 2007, and PC16550DV datasheet and Jan. 18 notice of the huge loss of the year issued, so people think * ST Chunlan intentionally retained in the "restructuring" concept, the reporter from the close of the market * ST Chunlan at that, although have not developed specific programs, but there are Goldman Sachs and PC16550DV price and another company expressed a reorganization of the * ST Chunlan will.

* ST Chunlan or reorganization

* ST Chunlan Capital Markets Department staff reporters question, though evasive, but stressed that "issues related to restructuring, has not been any news," and PC16550DV suppliers and told reporters, "As of now, the Board has not held a meeting on the restructuring" . But in fact, released from the January 18 notice of the huge loss the year began, the industry started to think that * ST Chunlan pave the way for the restructuring.

Announcement said: preliminary estimates, the company expects full year 2007 net profit of major losses. * ST Chunlan

taking into account the 2005, 2006, losses to the company disclosed in 2007 annual report, the company listed on the stock will be suspended.

Is worth noting that with the ordinary * ST listed companies face different reasons to suspend the listing is, * ST Chunlan production is still in the normal state of operation. * ST Chunlan notice and show that in the first three quarters of 2007 has been successful turnaround in the first three quarters of 1000 million net profit, operating income is nearly 20 billion yuan, net assets per share also reached 4.7 million, with good profitability conditions.

The reasons for major losses, * ST Chunlan Board believes that because the debtors did not recover as expected, leading to financial bad debt provision for the impairment substantially increased; 2007 after-sales service system has been re-integration, operating costs in supermarkets and rebates rise, leading to the 2007 fourth quarter cost of sales increased substantially; company in September started to adjust to the mode of operation, the distribution system to the agency, to discuss a longer period, severely affected the companys fourth quarter sales.

Has two years of losses in knowing the circumstances, * ST Chunlan management did not take more effective measures to reduce losses and avoid the edge into the suspension of listing, but rather as a series of incremental costs and financial costs of the measures.

"Intent is obvious, is to pave the way for the restructuring." A household electrical appliance industry analyst, said, "a basic financial data in support of the case, as long as the appropriate restructuring, * ST Chunlan relisting is not difficult to achieve." * ST

Chunlan the analysts believe the 4th consecutive World Brand Lab named "Chinas 500 most valuable brands" and its brand in the minds of consumers is not a light weight, so all aspects of Taizhou it certainly will not be easily delisting.

4 Yue escape the "pause" the fate * ST Chunlan

now released from the 2007 annual report of April 26 there are more than a month, * ST Chunlan Capital Markets Department staff told reporters, "when the report came out in 2007 can not change the fact that a loss" , and has been stressed that "As of now, the Board has not held a meeting on the reorganization."

"If this is such a case, then * ST Chunlan listed in April there will be no suspense suspension." The analyst said, "Restructuring is a complex matter, even if the two sides reached a willingness to cooperate, the specific operation is not easy a short time. "

Fact, * ST Chunlan give up the Zhaimao possible, from a loss in 2007, to face three consecutive losses, to the reorganization of the schedule view, Chunlan shares have 2008 as the most important year.

Delisting under the SFC issued the latest approaches, the company for 3 consecutive years of losses, its stock is suspended from the market. Suspension of the first half year after the listing if the company profits, in accordance with Regulations of the procedures to apply for relisting.

Addition to recombination, but from a business point of view, two years of losses in the companys situation, and its losses in 2007, reluctantly, not as a bargaining chip to pressure in the first half of 2008, and the establishment of marketing channels and conversion The cost business model on the 2007, then after 2008, the company can easily under the new battle management system.

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