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"Terminal-driven" era of home appliances division increased business growth model

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As the market multi-polar era, the original household electrical appliance enterprises are familiar with the living environment, has become completely different, have business operations in all aspects of a new interpretation. The changes in living environment, and TL494CN datasheet and its essence is also the home appliance business response to changes in the growth mode, because the survival of the enterprise business environment changes enough to affect the growth path.

"Iron Age" mode change

Looking appliance industry through the development process of nearly three decades, the growth of the dominant mode can be roughly divided into the "product-driven" and TL494CN price and "brand driven" and TL494CN suppliers and "channel-driven "three forms, of course, there are some enterprises with product brand or brands plus additional channels for the" wheel-driven ", but not enough to form a mainstream form.

"product-driven" is the emphasis on product quality by increasing (quality, quality, product innovation, etc.) to achieve business value, and for enterprises to achieve greater market share. Meanwhile, the value of products in the enterprise occupies the first element of the curve. In the eighties of last century, just after the end of the planned economy, China still stuck in the uneven supply and demand conditions, the market is still a sellers market, but this time as long as some companies manufacture products, and have a certain scale, professional , intensive production and management capabilities, companies can quickly embarked on the fast track of development, so in that period, "product-driven" is the most mainstream of the growth model.

"brand driven" through the strong brand that is input to bring about long-term advantages, so that the consumption of consumer brands have "preferred rate." Business by positioning itself to give the brand core values and core values to guide companies through brand in all marketing activities, so that consumers clearly, clearly identifying points of interest and remember the brand and personality, experience the difference in manufacturing value for the consumer. Brand enterprises in the construction process so that the resulting tension in the fast growing market, and through brand extension to enable enterprises to achieve economies of scale and development group.

"channels driven" is the most widely used kind of growth mode, channel-driven distribution of the core is to maintain a steady flow of good benefits and market power, and channel The two core members - manufacturers and distributors is a symbiotic relationship, and in the interests of the co-existence under the concept of the body to establish a good partnership, so that the products of the business or continuing to maintain a steady growth trend, The successful channel construction, both sides have always lie in the interdependence of conflict of interest and support. With the maturity of brand recognition and channel interaction to enhance the channel-driven production cycle, become a steady stream of growth momentum.

But with the market economy in China and accelerate the internationalization process, electronics companies are facing the survival of the essential changes in environment, a broader range of competition, competition content deeper, more intense level of competition. This is something we can be competitive behavior from companies clearly see the past, companies used the "price war", "advertising campaign", "promotional warfare" and other means of a single dimension of competition, is being "supply chain competition" "Customer loyalty competition" and "strategic competition" and other alternative means of three-dimensional competitive. And, because the increasing product homogeneity, better media, increasing brand awareness, product strength, highly crowded media effects because of declining, plus access costs continue rising, the new generation of home appliances business to a "product-driven" and "brand driven "and" channel-driven "the possibility of a breakthrough getting smaller and smaller.

the same time, household appliances industry maturity has created a home appliance market has been in a heated dispute, advertising campaigns, brand warfare, warfare, and so marketing promotions to smoke household appliances, household appliances the severity of competition in the market, so many brands into household electrical appliance enterprises have lost state: Glanz frequent replacement coach, the U.S. marketing system changes, TCL executives leave over, Haiers overall business loss ... ... the home appliance industry, "Iron Age" has arrived. According to the description of Greek mythology, Iron Age is a more chaotic era, moral, ethical, and knowledge were entered into a very low level, the war spread, and this point, and the present status of the home appliance industry is very consistent. Last couple of years in particular, household appliances industry, further deterioration of living environment, on the one hand to the face of rising prices of raw materials companies led the upstream manufacturing costs, on the other hand have to face competition led to the homogenization of the market price of the product remains in the doldrums, many household electrical appliance enterprises into a very passive situation.

Faced with the grim living conditions, "restructuring", "change" has become the most familiar companies in many business language. Clearly, household electrical appliance enterprises to be successful, must find a new growth model.

"terminal-driven" enterprise popular

With the deterioration of the living environment and the diversification of consumer demand, companies realized that only grasp terminal sales to really grasp product sales, business growth have a steady stream of blood supply, a "terminal is king," the time has come, which is following the "product-driven" and "brand driven" and "channel drivers" after a new type of "end-driven" growth model began to float out of the water.

fact, the "terminal winning" has become a golden rule of marketing industry, not a very new thing. Moreover, regardless of "product-driven" and "brand driven" or "channel-driven" enterprise, as a marketing value realization of the "last mile" of the terminal, the core business growth has always been one of the key points. But, before the company focused on product, advertising, brand a lot, the terminal just as a sales platform to use, and not as "terminal-driven" enterprise, as referred to a strategic height to look at, in fact, this is the great strength of the terminal ignored.

really make the "end-driven" growth of the enterprise model is the establishment of the terminal profit model. Terminal profit model is to force the terminal point of the core is made, the product, brand strength and power of the combination of the terminal, so that marketing tools are focused on the terminal, eliminating the communication process is too long to form a company in the consumer end of innovation continuing influence, leading to a steady stream of sales margins and rapid growth companies.

devastated the industry in home appliances, the time of immobility, a group of "end-driven" new generation of household electrical appliance enterprises such as the dragon, Le Bang and so it fly against the wind, in the appliance the level of activity on the market was surprised so many household electrical appliance enterprises. These "end-driven" enterprise has many similarities: both are from the "agent" into a "brand manufacturers", with channels and networks; start when faced with brutal competition in the market, especially in the homogenization of the competition; pay more attention to the factors of marketing value chain, will also consider the needs of consumers and so on. The most central is the development effort in the end, with their own channels and manufacturing advantages, will focus on business growth in the establishment of the terminal profit model.
the agent started
Philips Electronics Group in Guangdong dragon, for example, in 1999, Dragons stop all agency business, then invested heavily in the construction of industrial park, with great concentration to do from its own brand, which is a typical "end-driven" growth companies. Since the creation of the brand, the put the terminal up to the strategic level, determine the marketing mode of its twenty-word: "Excellent terminal image + demo + terminal going to seize the key sales period," and allowed to occupy the entire development of the Dragon value curve of the first element. At the same time, the model is attached to the terminal as the focal point, and let into a great power, so mode allows channel flow interaction with the terminal circulation produced; to the terminal stores and brand advertising interconnected; for operation and training, customer contact interaction and feedback, can be reflected from the terminal in a strong competitive edge. Second, the "terminal-driven" quantitative elements: operational guidelines developed two manuals, the "Dragons terminal image Code Handbook" and "Dragons marketing guidelines manual", the purpose of work is clear the terminal operating instructions; unified terminal work standards; norms terminal work management; to drive sales growth, promoting development of the brand! Over the years, the dragon is to rely on the terminal growth of the Groups profit model, and firmly grasp the source of consumer demand, the center line of a terminal to the terminal point for the development effort to drive profitability of the brand on the market, the overall share.

competitiveness of enterprises in the final analysis the cost and profit of the war, and what ways to reduce costs while maintaining the profit maximization, and that nature is the best choice. In fact, brand, channel, communication, products, terminals, each link is likely to be the biggest driver of profit generated, the problem is the growth of enterprise products at different stages, different product types, market mix, and when, and what factors play leading role to very different.

when the "end-driven" when the new generation of popular household electrical appliance enterprises, more and more enterprises have realized the importance of the terminal, you must create a new growth model as soon as possible to create a new system of core competencies to be able in the future fierce competition in the market ahead of competitors to gain competitive advantage.

subversion of the traditional model of comprehensive

"terminal-driven," the home appliance business growth for the development of the industry brought a new leap forward, but also for the home appliance industry, the growth shows a new innovation model, the accelerated differentiation appliance business growth path dependence at the same time, the traditional growth path is a kind of break.

First, get rid of the "opportunity-oriented" endogenous growth companies inertia.

"terminal driver" to make a profit in no hurry to expand market share, market share away the past, the profit is equivalent to the idea, focusing on profit centers, solid, firmly in the control terminal, effective forward. After all, it is necessary to survive in todays market, and the country set up thousands of sales terminals and service terminal, and terminal management for the operation of the core, to establish direct business growth strategy is not a short span of time, which requires companies with stable the mentality of playing safe and far-sighted strategic vision, such a huge management system not only improves the competitiveness of enterprises, and also enhance competition in the industry threshold.

Second, the process of enhancing the operation of a high degree of business growth, "Terminal-driven" model is the quantification of a core content management.

Dragon Group profit model of quantitative management terminal, the terminal image of its excellent standards defined in the "location, size, display, a kind of" elements in character: the dragon the location counter in the top three quality appliance store, create the largest area (not less than two standard cabinets + a glass cabinet to be knife, "not less than 7 square meters) to ensure the display specification (in strict accordance with the standard display terminal specifications display), the most complete realization of the sample (full line of products shall not be less than 72), and let the marketing center of a large area to build the image of this standard terminal, to create momentum store. These quantitative indicators, making the business more excellent understanding of the terminal and operability of the clear, systematic nature is the result of "the camp of iron flow of soldiers", over time, become the ideological template action.

Third, get rid of the appliance business marketing has been entangled with the professional managers brought in to block changes position, the appliance industry marketing push from the "individual acts of heroism Marketing" to the "normative marketing ideology," a qualitative change.

now easy to fall into a household electrical appliance enterprises take the platform to take the state of people, that is, when people leave the business of marketing, he did, along with the resources away, took over must start all over again, and a new marketing the advent of professional managers of enterprises will bring new marketing ideas and behavior, so household electrical appliance enterprises to create marketing activities in the continuous and broken into, which makes household electrical appliance enterprises full of holes. The birth of this set of models, not only to solve this problem, so that the whole enterprise has a complete and timely marketing system, and can give companies marketing version of the normative, so that the accumulation of capital in corporate marketing. Meanwhile, household appliances industry in terms of: the dragon "Twenty word" marketing model, is not only a unique appliance industry, is changing to adapt to todays marketing environment, "the terminal driver," the general, so this model can be worth a lot of the birth of learn from peers! ! !

Fourth, get rid of their traditional growth path, adopted a "reverse open up the value chain" approach, to seek power from the terminal to open up the channels, brands, products, context , the value curve for the company into a stronger factor.

at the enterprise level, corporate marketing center of gravity, increased emphasis on the terminal gradually penetrate into all aspects of business management, marketing, logistics and distribution from the need to mention, from the strategic policy decisions, the financial cost control, and even the recruitment of human resources assessment, all the terminal as an important consideration. Because the product no matter how good, brand re-high, more channels, but to lose strength in the end, everything will be obstructed, the development of enterprises will lose power!

Fifth, follow the marketing trends. In todays market, there is no new generation of household electrical appliance enterprises such as Midea, Galanz development of these enterprises during the congenital superiority, born of primitive accumulation has not been completed to have to face brutal competition. Moreover, with the household appliances industry overcapacity, the advantages of large-scale manufacturing has quietly passed, the terminal network is becoming a common choice of appliance manufacturers a strategic point. In recent years, Gome, Suning, the rise of such a strong dominant chain end, with capital and scale advantages, the implementation of purchase and sale, to "end advantage" swept the consumer electronics market, many home appliance manufacturers for the Gome and Suning swallow their hard-line attitudes, the Chinese home appliance industry is undergoing a profound transformation.

Therefore, " Shi Shi Wu Zhe Wei Jun Jie ", electronics companies have to adapt to growth and development of the prevailing market environment, appropriate to the rapid rise of the can, such as the mid-90s the United States, MACRO, the late 90s Glanz and other enterprises, todays dragon, Le Bang and other enterprises, its success is consistent with the original reality. This also indicates that the terminal-driven appliances and enterprise development, the flow, take this chance to develop.

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