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08 became more balanced supply and demand in the second quarter panel prices rose slightly

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In accordance with international data (IDC) 2008 in the first quarter of the global large-size LCD panel demand and GD75232D datasheet and supply quarterly show in the first quarter in the global large-size LCD panel oversupply situation, but no huge changes in the downstream market demand, coupled with a large 08 The total size LCD panel production capacity is limited, panel supply and GD75232D price and demand is expected to become more balanced from the second quarter.

In addition, since the second half of 2008 the gap between supply and GD75232D suppliers and demand will rise with the expansion of the downstream market demand, it is expected that panel prices rose slightly from the second quarter and peaked in the third quarter, and in 2009 demand in the LCD TV market lead, yet to be panel plant in production capacity to fill demand gap, it is expected that the second quarter 2008 after market demand becomes clearer, the panel plant will have been released a new expansion plan.

IDC research manager Xu Meiwen panel said: "The 2008 first quarter rate of large-size LCD panel oversupply to very large, but did not lead to price declines for three main reasons, one is strategic to improve panel inventory panel makers, panel makers this year, did not such as in the first quarter of 2007 when supply exceeds demand cut production, mainly planned reversal of supply and demand in the second quarter after having sold stock in order to avoid repeat of 2007 in the second half panel stock, the price rose sharply, but no panel can be sold in the dilemma to increase the revenue and profit; the other is part of the panel 07 downstream of the first quarter due to customers without warning out of the experience of panel effects, increased panel inventory contrarian. "

"The third reason is that Chinas logistics problems caused by snow, led panel, the panel inventory downstream customers a new low, in fact, before the snow did not occur, the downstream firms to decline in value from under panel, have been reduced panel inventory, make the original snow occurred as the main manufacturing base in China, the panel module, can not successfully transported to downstream customers, resulting in lower panel, then to low inventory level, so the panel prices also are logistics problems, the downstream effects of low inventory without huge rate fall. "Xumei Wen said.

In 2008, IDC said that the supply capacity in the panel, Taiwan AUOs 7.5-generation line (1950 * 2200), Chi Meis six-generation line (1500 * 1850) and 7.5-generation line (1950 * 2200); Samsung 7 on behalf of the two lines (1870 * 2200) and two 8-generation line (2200 * 2500) and LG.Display the 8th generation line (2200 * 2500) are the new capacity; Japan Sharp is only 8 on behalf of the Line (2160 * 2400) to increase capacity 30K; China is expected to optical depth over the fourth quarter of 2008 only a small amount of production; if more considered part of the 4/4.5 generation production line transfer production of small and medium-size panels, on the whole, 2008 range of panel production capacity is only about 25% -30% (to 19 "W as the basis), compared to the market demand is still insufficient.

On the demand side, the 2008 LCD Despite expectations that the market will gradually be subject to desktop replacement notebooks are a result of increased strength is limited, but the LCD TV market growth in demand is not to be underestimated, still driving the LCD panel shipment growth in the main engine. However, at this stage whether the U.S. demand and the depreciation of the dollar by the subprime mortgage spread, and the subprime financial products derived from whether the European and other markets will impact demand, leaving the large-size LCD products related downstream market affected and a huge reduction in demand, which causes reversal of supply and demand remains to be seen.

In terms of price, 08 in the first quarter of LCD panels and notebook PC prices fell by 3-10%, LCD TV panel demand rose in the case, the biggest decline is only 4%, some dimensions of the panel Prices rose even 1% -2% contrarian. Outlook 2008 in the second quarter, although up to balance supply and demand is expected, but there are still some application categories for the downstream impact of inventory has not been fully digested, with the second quarter as demand for LCD TV season, it is expected that panel prices sharply in the second start of the season is still hard to Yang increased, but the panel from the third quarter is expected to widen the gap between supply and demand, panel prices are expected to climb along with Yang.

IDC said that despite the expected panel prices will continue to rise, the dollar depreciation against the U.S. dollar relative to the panel offer sales, coupled with the NT dollar against the U.S. dollar, the won exchange rate against the dollar and other factors, makes the comparison of Taiwan panel makers face a more difficult challenge, if not properly hedge, fear will be the first in the industry demand, panel prices Yang case, lay a huge loss.

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