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1-8 months electronics industry sustained rapid growth of investment

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1-8 months of this year, Chinas electronic information industry investment in fixed assets increased first and 93C46 datasheet and then declined, the growth rate to remain below the national manufacturing average; new projects to maintain a slow growth state; new strategic growth of fixed assets faster than the completion of investment growth; investment in electronics industry continues to grow rapidly; negative growth of foreign investment in the state once again, Hong Kong, Macao and 93C46 price and Taiwan enterprises to invest in sustained and 93C46 suppliers and rapid development.


1. Investment growth in first and then decreased, the level of the national average growth rate of manufacturing
gap in the first 8 months of this year, Chinas electronic information industry, the growth of fixed asset investment increased first and then the whole situation down 1-February by 20.1% cumulative growth rate of only 3-April growth is picking up speed, the highest in May, after the cumulative growth rate of 34.9%, in June began to fall. 1-8 months, Chinas electronic information industry totaled 159.85 billion yuan investment in fixed assets, an increase of 29.7%, compared with 1-7 months to reduce the growth rate of 2.9 percentage points lower than the same period last year by 17.4 percentage points. Meanwhile, the first 8 months of electronic information industry, the manufacturing sector investment growth rate is always lower than the national average 1-August growth rate of the electronic information industry investment of 6 percentage points lower than the national manufacturing sector, the growth rate of both gap than last month, an increase of 3.5 percentage points.

2. Slowly increased the number of new projects, increase its planned investment
smooth start to the beginning of this year, the electronic information industry, new projects appeared more substantial decrease in new projects in the first quarter than the same period last year 64, new projects planned investment fell 33.7%. Into May, the entire industry, new projects started from negative growth to positive growth. January-August total of 1,829 new projects, 166 more than last year, an increase of 10%. New projects planned investment 151.58 billion yuan, an increase of 32.1%, increase over 1-6 months increased 19.4 percentage points.

Distribution of new projects are: electronic components industry, 631 new projects, representing an increase of 60 over the same period last year; electronic components industry, 273 new projects, 35 more than last year, the electronic components industry is still new the most concentrated areas of the project started. Electronic equipment industry, 264 new projects, compared with last year added 13; Electrical and electronic information industry 252 new projects, compared with last year added 30.

3. New fixed asset growth has slowed, but still faster than the growth of investment in industry-wide completed
1-8 months, Chinas electronic information industry, new fixed assets (ie, delivery of the fixed assets) 516.3 billion yuan, up 33.1%, 20.8% growth rate declined from last month, but lower than last year and the industry growth rate of completed investment and 3.4 higher than 7 percentage points.
1-8 adding licensing of fixed assets, 60.4% are concentrated in the electronic components industry, the growth rate of 38.4% year on year, including optoelectronic devices, electrical lighting manufacturing industry added fixed assets of more than 100% growth However, integrated circuits, discrete semiconductor devices industry, new fixed assets over the same period decreased by 15.4 and 20.4 percentage points. In addition to the electronic components industry, the home video equipment and electronic industrial equipment industry, new fixed assets is greater, but the whole computer industry, new fixed assets in the state of negative growth.

4. Electronic components and computer slow investment growth, investment in electronic devices and communications equipment to continue the rapid development of
1-2 months, the electronic components and computer industry last year was significantly higher than the investment contract, investment fell by 52.7 respectively, compared with last year % and 0.5%, but after the second quarter as the increase in new projects and foreign investment will rebound in investment growth in these two industries slowly rebound. 1-8 months, the electronic components industry invested a total of 37.34 billion yuan, up 12.1%; the computer industry 12.55 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3%.
Electronics industry this year has maintained a high growth rate of about 50%, 1-August electronics industry invested a total of 56.06 billion yuan, an increase of 45.9%, an increase of 0.8 percentage points higher than last year; telecommunications equipment industry by Although the decrease in speed compared with the beginning, but still higher than the industry standard 1-August completed an investment of 15.87 billion yuan, an increase of 39.7%.

5. Again, a negative growth of foreign investment in Hong Kong, Macao business investment continues to rise, private investment has maintained an active
in the first 5 months of Chinas electronic information industry, foreign investment has been in negative growth in the state, into June, the foreign-funded enterprises investment turned negative as positive, but the investment in January-August totaled 54.5 billion, down 0.1%, again negative growth state.
Business investment growth this year, Hong Kong, Macao has maintained rapid growth in 1-August total investment 37.33 billion yuan, an increase of 84.2%, an increase over the same period last year 76.1 percent. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment enterprises mainly in mobile communication and terminal equipment, integrated circuits and optoelectronic devices industry.

Hong Kong, Macao and foreign-invested enterprises of different trends, Chinas electronic information industry has brought changes in the investment structure. 1-8 months a total investment of foreign-funded enterprises in Hong Kong, Macao enterprises with foreign investment ratio of 1:2.7 from last year into this year, 1.5:2.2, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises to invest significantly increased the proportion of significant foreign investment alternative.

Funded enterprises from January to August total investment 68.02 billion yuan, an increase of 40.5%. In which the fastest-growing private investment, total investment 17.06 billion yuan, an increase of 56.8%, representing a total investment of domestic-funded enterprises reached 25.1% share, representing an increase of 2.6 percentage points. Co., Ltd. and other limited liability companies to invest in fast growth, year on year growth rate were 37.1% and 54.2%.

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