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1st Quarter of 2007 Top Ten New Market Analysis Components

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TEXASINSTRUMENTS: small size, low power, stable performance, 500-MSPS sampling rate of 12 - bit ADC Editors: Texas Instruments introduced the latest high-speed sampling rate of 500MSPS 12-bit A / D Converter ----- ADS5463, the device is 14 mm x14 mm package, consumes only 2.25 watts, mainly for the needs of high resolution and MAX1632EAI datasheet and high-speed operation function of communications equipment and MAX1632EAI price and measuring instruments, radar, imaging systems, Software Defined Radio (SDR) and MAX1632EAI suppliers and other leading applications. To facilitate the system upgrade, ADS5463 pin with the existing 13 210/250MSPSTI converter compatible. And compared to other similar products on the market, ADS5463 in a smaller package for better signal processing and broadband performance.
Reader Comments:
1. can be used to meet the needs of different occasions.
2. The consumption of the device relatively large, and relatively large size relative, or a product is very good.
3. Even in the case of moderate volume production of its price it is still very high, so this product is limited to the need for mass production of the market, only in certain industrial and the military field is used.

4. very fast rate, the price is high. However, the situation requires quick reaction rate, this product is still very high cost.
5. power a bit high, but the input range of 5V or 3.3V rail and the under 12-bit output makes it attractive. But it is clear that whether to adopt the device to a large extent may be affected by prices.
6. digits is not enough and too expensive ...
7. bandwidths impressed me, it is possible in the future be used for digital filtering to obtain at a lower rate of 16 samples.
8. should be considered for these high-speed serial interface high-speed ADC configuration.
9. I have designed many systems require a higher ENOB. Hope to have 16 or more bits, so that you can multi-sampling for 20r signal sampling.
10. when we are in the same spatial arrangement of the device and can not increase more when the power supply, low power has become more critical.
availability Ranking: 1
STMicroELECTRONICS: 3-axis acceleration sensor
Editors: STMicroelectronics (ST) of LIS302 low-g linear accelerometer family has added two members, the new product with low power consumption and small size and other characteristics, for a vibration sensor applications. The two 3-axis acceleration sensor size is only 3 × 5 × 0.9mm (less than the products initial launch of a third MEM), can be enough for mobile phones and other portable electronic products to meet the space and weight restrictions. From the integrated analog products to smart sensors with digital interfaces, LIS302 series sensors are suitable for hard disk protection and consumer electronic products in the man-machine interface. The new accelerometer compact, low power consumption (1mW), anti-collision performance of seismic strong, can withstand up to 10,000 g shock and impact.
Reader Comments:
1. Why is this product better and better and ADMEMS slowly decline?
2. need to have the bandwidth & SPI or I2C 10K output.
3. the price good, function well, STMicro also focus on the sensors market?

will flash in the pan?
availability Ranking: 2
CIRRUSLOGIC: D for digital TV audio systems
Editor: CirrusLogic company launched CS4525 is an innovative Class D audio IC, integrates a stereo ADC, sample rate converter, digital audio processor and a containing PWM controller, power of 30W Class-D power stage amplifier. CS4525 can greatly simplify the global flat-panel digital TV system.
Reader Comments:
1. This chip appears to be flat-panel TV in High Definition for a place in the market, because the backlight or plasma displays are power, so it can save power consumption is secondary consideration, but the cost may be a problem down.
2. should help in the design process to save components used.
availability Ranking: 3
FUJITSU: Fujitsu introduced a 1.3GSa / s, 14 Wei CMOS DAC
Editors: Fujitsu Microelectronics (USA) introduced a rate of 1.3GSa / s, known as the industrys fastest CMOS DAC CMOS14 bit MB86065. StephanosThomopoulos its senior product marketing manager, said: "MB86065 reflects the companys communications infrastructure in support of the ability to adapt." (The higher direct-IF frequencies by reducing the difficulty of designing a great impact on the final application, thus reducing the overall cost and shorten time to market.)
Reader Comments:
1. This device is the price is reasonable.
2. hope that this DAC can be used in DDS oscillator.
availability Ranking: 4
SMSC: 90nm technology can be used for CPU temperature sensor
Editors: SMSC introduced two new series of temperature sensors: EMC1402, 1403 and 1404 series and the EMC1422, 1423 and 1424 Series (pull-up resistor version) has greatly enhanced for 90-nm single-chip processor platform technology high-precision sensor accuracy, but also improve the measurement accuracy of the diode and reduce time to market. The technology is also used for the companys new EMC2101 and EMC2102 fan controller, so that designers can force the ventilation system is very accurate measurements.
Reader Comments:
1. specific price? More accurate clinical control the price of the sensor is not to expensive?
2. well, so place attention to accuracy.
availability Ranking: 5
ANALOGDEVICES: built-in 14bit DAC, the sampling rate frequency synthesis up to 1GSPS IC
Editors: ADI launched the industrys fastest response speed direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDS) IC. The IC with built-in 14bit digital to analog converter (DAC), clock speed more than tripled. AD9910 and the synthesis of a variety of frequency hopping can be applied AD9957ADI desired analog waveform, is used in wireless base stations, military and commercial radar, test equipment and secure communications systems. AD9910 and AD9957ADI are the first sampling rate of 1G per second (GSPS) of the two DDS devices, power consumption reduced by 50% or more, to ensure that these DDSIC to meet a variety of communications, instrumentation and defense applications.
availability ranking: 6
TEXASINSTRUMENTS: the same frequency with integrated filter and three-channel video amplifier circuit
Editors: Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the industrys first video amplifier with integrated filters THS7327, the video on a single chip amplifier can handle both analog RGB signals and digital horizontal and vertical (HV) sync signals. The amplifier for video projectors, professional video, broadcast video, computer monitors and the traditional TV system and digital TV systems, compared with the traditional amplifier solutions that reduce the bottom package size by 80%.
Reader Comments:
1. The video amplifier must be sold in the video market.
availability ranking: 7
TEXASADVANCEDOPTOELECTRONICSSOLUTIONS: fast detection of light - the development of power converter board
Editor: TexasAdvancedOptoelectronicSolutions (Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions) for its evaluation board-LTFEVM now be used to test the companys TSL230RD, TSL235R, TSL237S, TSL237T, TSL238D and TSL245R light - electric converter.
Reader Comments:
1. Windows-based applications can make it more convenient to operate.
availability rating: 8
CIRRUSLOGIC: a home theater sound quality, the audio processor IC for digital TV
Editor: CirrusLogic CS48520 and CS48540 launched by the audio processor is a complete audio post-processing solution with home theater sound quality and features. CirrusLogic Embedded Products Division, vice president and general manager KeithCheney said: "Consumers really like the new flat panel TV display, but the audio quality of these products is not satisfactory. If the manufacturer of digital television products to its consumers provide a better audio experience, you can help their products stand out.
Reader Comments:
1. may be in a home theater can be applied.
availability Ranking: 9
MAXIM: can one of the input - output filter connected to two-way video
Editor: "MAX7481/MAX7482 no longer need to input and output connectors, can be in accordance with the requirements of different models of the signal to switch to a different channel, allowing playback and recording mode using the same filter. designers to use small internal-resistance switch, you can use the same filter under the two modes. MAX7481/MAX7482 can greatly save board space, and conventional fixed frequency, LRC filter, buffer and switch solutions division Compared to conditions in the cost of considerable provide better performance.
1. in the design process can greatly reduce the use of components
2.NTSC/PAL too rigid a. Thought they should open a little later.
availability ranking: 10

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