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2 online cell phone store to open up the collective founding the e-commerce war

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Traditional cell phone store is opening up online sales battlefield

Recently, Guangdong Mobile Telecommunications professional to spend thousands of stores in the domain of e-commerce million test the water, and 74HC08 datasheet and previously co-Hang mobile phone chain, Long Guangdong well-known communications professional to create online mobile phone stores also purchase store, specializing in cell phone store " Online purchase "war rapid warming, a group of professional cell phone store e-drama is being played the Nuggets.

Collective founding the e-commerce

It is reported that in the domain of telecommunications will use its main advantage to B2C (Business to Custom, business to consumer) and 74HC08 price and B2B (Business to Business, Business to Business)-based mobile e-commerce market, not only to individuals on the network Consumer sales of mobile phones, but also to the wholesale mobile phone business, and 74HC08 suppliers and strive to win in the growing e-commerce market opportunity, 3 years after the online mobile phone sales target is to occupy a leading position in the market.

Previously, the dragon has taken the lead in Guangzhou, Guangdong Communications launched its online retail --96,888 Long Guangdong phone line, to 96,888 for the purchase contact customer service telephone number, order services and web-based e-commerce mobile phone information purchasing platform to meet the consumer advice phone information, orders to buy mobile phones needs.

The Association Hang launch of the "co-Hang Monopoly" online mall has long been in competition for online purchase market. In addition to their mobile phones through e-commerce sales, but also to help other e-commerce site distribution.

It is understood that D. Phone in early 2007 began to spare no effort to promote e-commerce business. As the largest mobile phone store in the domain of telecommunications professionals to join, professional mobile phone stores into e-commerce to enhance the power, enough to show that the traditional professional mobile phone store e-commerce market has started to get together.

The capitals largest mobile phone chain stores in operation and management of complex, general manager Wang Hongyu Dianxun interview, said that the current re-planning also started in the online sale of machines such activities, but not convenient to disclose the specific circumstances. The e-commerce will be the next new breakthrough in traditional mobile phone store for points in the complex is being closely watched. According to leading market research firm Informa Telecoms Media, a recently released survey, the rapid growth in global mobile phone sales online, through online sales in 2012, the phone will be 21% of total sales. Analysts said the company, from 2007 to 2012, online sales of mobile phones in Asia will grow by 4 times to the end of 2012 the market size will reach 4.5 billion. According to another research firm

statistics, in China, about 3% of current annual consumer choice in the online purchase. This year, Chinese mobile phone market volume of about 100 million, do the same calculation, about 300 million mobile phones each year from the Internet to sell, if the average price of 1,000 dollars per year in the market for online sales is about 3.0 billion yuan.

Change from the pressure of competition

Traditional mobile phone retail competition in this industry led to shrinking profit margins, and e-commerce market has tremendous potential for professional mobile phone store is the traditional main reason to enter the e-commerce market.

In the domain of telecommunications, said Guo Xiuhong, vice president, information networks and modern life, and to every persons life and work, the purchasing power of Internet users are powerful and focused groups, some of them have e-commerce consumers, and more rapid development of this market is the potential consumers. Fierce market competition to promote the traditional retail outlets to introduce e-commerce in marketing is the trend.

Home appliance chain stores as Gome and Suning retail market in the mobile phone continuously enhance the right to speak, and the growing mobile phone operators to customize the strength of the mobile phone retail market has been dominated by professional mobile phone store felt the unprecedented survival pressure, cell phone store a variety of response measures taken to that end, to seek in this fierce competition to survive and secure their mobile phone retail market in the leading position, choose to enter the e-commerce market is a breakthrough way.

Not long ago, domestic mobile phone manufacturers in China CECT, one of the larger Amazon online store to establish strategic cooperative relations. Amazon CECT brand mobile phones as the main model of the important network distribution platform. It is the CECT Following the traditional sales channels, TV marketing channels, the first expansion of Internet marketing channels. In the future, CECT Amazon will offer competitive mobile products for consumers shopping online provides a wealth of choice, but also enable consumers to get the best price CECT mobile phone.

In recent days, the worlds largest online mall Dangdang announced that the Chinese mobile channel also began trial operation. Dangdang after on-line channel include a phone number of the mainstream of popular mobile phone brands, including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Philips brands. Different from the line mobile phone shops, mobile phone Dangdang phone manufacturers directly from the upstream supplier, less the wholesale stores, retail and other intermediaries, while subtracting the high cost of shop rental and sales staff, great price advantage .

Not only that, at present, including Motorola, Nokia, Haier and other brands have established an online store or online store, specializing in selling their related mobile phone. For example, the Motorola online store not only the details related to mobile phone, as well as "todays special phone", "promotional information" and other related column. Nokia opened the Chinese for Chinese users online store, consumers can order online or telephone ordering and free delivery service.

Traditional stores still have the edge

Recent years, with booming mobile phone market, mobile phone sales channels have also been great changes. For a time, TV shopping has become a hot cell phone sales channels. In 2007, mobile phone sales but also quietly a new revolution, that is transferred from the traditional channels to the TV Zhixiao Demian again after transfer to the Internet, and through this new channel of sales in 2007 reached 20 billion yuan . Well-known brands in the Chinese mobile phone market enterprises, has been using the Internet sales of companies, including Nokia, Motorola, Lenovo, CECT and Jin and other domestic and foreign manufacturers. In these enterprises, the use of Internet marketing methods rely on traditional businesses in addition to third-party internet marketing business, most companies have started or about to start self marketing websites, marketing and sales.

However, consumers buy mobile phones from the Internet, the biggest concern is quality problems, such as the purchased product is not genuine, defective and so on. The above problems, Xiao Honghua, general manager of Dangdang department said sales of mobile phones in Dangdang that they will strictly ensure that suppliers have a legitimate supplier qualification, and without this qualification shall not purchase, will not allow piracy, defective exist. Dangdang cash on delivery service also eliminates the worries of consumers. Very concerned about the after-sales service for consumer questions, Xiaohong Hua said: "Dangdang and the countrys largest chain of mobile phone - mobile phone chain alliance agreement Hang, Hang by the Society solely responsible for mobile phone chain mobile phone users Dangdang service, strict implementation of State of the three packs, one year warranty, Genius. "Dangdang has prompted consumers in the purchase of mobile phones, be sure to choose a credit guarantee of the cell phone store, purchase through normal channels, to guard against shoddy, stolen for parts, and other malicious cheap price trap.

This regard, the capitals largest mobile phone chain stores in the complex telecommunications, chairman of Tai Wu Chun said that the emergence of various forms of mobile phone sales model, is itself a reflection of the mobile phone market boom. TV shopping and online but can not sell mobile phones pose a threat to traditional sales channels, as the price of these models vary widely, and some do not make consumers fully trusted information. Therefore, consumers still prefer to shop mobile phone sales experience and products of these functions, which is the biggest advantage of traditional channels.

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