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2007 Amoi huge loss of 800 million new coach Lu Zhenyu pushing the New Deal

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Mountain, another mountain. Shares in the waveguide (600130.SH) reported a nearly 6 billion a week after the huge loss of earnings, Amoi Electronics (600057.SH) also reported a huge loss of 802 million yuan for 2007 earnings.

4 30, 2007 Amoi Electronics reported a release in 2007, operating income of 3.452 billion yuan Amoi, compared with 5.427 billion yuan in 2006, down 36.39%, net loss of 8.029 billion.

Amoi released 2007 earnings at the same time, also issued a "risk on the stock exchange delisting notice warning special treatment" (the "Notice"), "announcement" that the company in 2007 annual audit report found that in 2007 net profit of Amoi is negative, while by the end of 2006 the profit after accounting corrections retroactive adjustment is negative. According to the "Stock Listing Rules", Amoi stock began to be implemented from today, warning of the special treatment the risk delisting, the stock referred to by the "Amoi" changed to "* ST Amoi."

A high level of domestic mobile phone manufacturers that poor Amoi business continuity, and KA7805 datasheet and ultimately Murder will, hidden problems two years ago focused on the 2007 outbreak, which is the root cause of the huge loss of Amoi Electronics .

Error adjustment in the past 15

reported a 2007 revenue of Amoi mobile phone business 2.325 billion yuan, a decrease of 40.33% compared to 2006, while operating margin was 13.37%, 9.08% decrease compared with 2006, while mobile phone revenue accounted for 86% of total revenue of Amoi Electronics.

Addition to mobile phones business, Amoi other businesses, including home systems category, portable systems, electronic equipment and KA7805 price and other products are not optimistic income, including income of 932,500 yuan portable system type, operating profit margin -152%, operating income decreased 98%.

Earnings may be the only bright spot in the proportion of overseas business further. Amoi 2007, the Internal Revenue 2.147 billion yuan, down 50.95%, overseas revenues 1.266 billion yuan, an increase of 23.59%.

Amoi Electronics said that while companies in high-end products in the second half made an adjustment strategy, the introduction of a variety of smart phones with GPS functionality and KA7805 suppliers and further expand the proportion of overseas sales, but not in time for the market changes Fixed sales model, the adjustment of product structure, optimize the internal organization of the high costs, the overall failure to achieve the desired level of profitability, coupled with continued loss of LCD TV business impact, full-year results of drastic decline.

However, in the earnings report was not surprising where the business decline Amoi figures, but the companys 2005 financial report for 2006, the retroactive adjustment.

Amoi earnings in 2007, a major error in the changes of the past as many as 15, after 15 errors in retrospective adjustments, Amoi Electronics net profit figures from the 2006 profit of 25.1763 million yuan, into a loss of 105 million.

Amoi Electronics said that the last two years of losses as the company, according to the "Stock Listing Rules", the company suspended on April 30 a day, the stock started from May 5 to be the delisting risks special treatment, the stock referred to by the "Amoi" changed to "* ST Amoi."

Coach Lu Zhenyu implementing the New Deal

"This is the status of the financial pressures forced the company made a quite upset." A high-level China-made mobile phone that, while through disclosure Amoi 2007 financial report clarifying the history of the old accounts, but this will not have the operation this year, Amoi bring any good information, because the company put "ST" after the hat, including bank loans and other means of external funding will be used up very difficult.

Clearly, took office last December 12, president of Lu Zhenyu Amoi all this well prepared.

Amoi Electronics said in the earnings, the company in 2008 as the "management innovation, solid foundation", the establishment of a comprehensive plan for the core financial and budget management system, establish and improve business management practices and processes. Full compression channel sales charges, in 2007, based on the reduction of 40%, make an inventory of existing raw materials, finished goods inventory and property and other assets around the office to supplement working capital. In product research and development adhere to the "fine" and "quasi" principle, enhance the efficiency of R & D resources to ensure the success rate of product planning.

A result, the industry as "turnaround expert" in Lu Zhenyu Amoi losses imposed on the 7 Big Deal also will surface, including the adoption of realization of non-production assets and other measures to increase the company liquidity; speed up the collection of receivables and inventory processing efforts; gradually transformed into branch offices, and the establishment of a comprehensive budget for the core financial management system.

Insiders pointed out, however, Amoi 2008, there are many difficulties. First, competition in the domestic mobile phone market is still locked in a "bad war" big as a regular hard; Secondly, Amoi TD under the re-injection of the business, because the current situation from the TD commercial trial it seems, 2008 TD TD volume of business will not have much chain pulling power; Third, Amois overseas operations will have to face ZTE, Huawei, TCL, Konka and other communications and competition in the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and these business situation of enterprises is far superior to Amoi Electronics

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