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2007 China Communications Power Supply Market: 3G power structure and stability

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2007 Nian communication power supply market benefited from the development of the four elements: TD-SCDMA commercial trial, 2G expansion, service outsourcing, overseas-scale breakthrough. The communications equipment industry have a certain seasonal, usually 1,3-quarter low season, and 74HC373D datasheet and 2,4-quarter high season, so communications with the seasonal fluctuations in power are also characteristic. Overall, sales of communication power in 2007 is expected to reach 296,000 units, sales reached 4.04 billion yuan. Year 2006, sales increased 8.9%, sales grew by 10.3%.

On the communication power supply market in China in 2007, is still a mainstream product-48V, +24 V products followed, the main reason for the now-48V telecom equipment products mainly, +24 V products are mainly for maintenance and 74HC373D price and fixed line users in the use of small devices, integrated resulting in smaller increments of +24 V products. From the momentum of development, even more secure, more energy-efficient product market prospect is more worth the wait.

From the regional market structure, East Chinas telecommunications market has become the focus of power sales. East, north, south three regions was significantly higher than other regions, Chinas consumer market engine. Northeast, central, northwest, southwest Although there are four places higher growth, but the growth rate is lower than the national average. This phenomenon is all over the economic level, IT penetration, user awareness, consumption and 74HC373D suppliers and other factors highly positive correlation between expected short-term phenomenon will remain.

2008 years of Chinas communication power supply market, we can predict the following salient features:

1, telecommunications network to all IP, broadband and mobile technology direction, determines the rapid development of communication power.

From the telecommunications network of technology changes and customer needs change trends, technology evolution trends of the telecommunications network will be to all IP, broadband, mobile direction. IP based telecommunications network is the telecommunications industry recognized technology trends, all IP telecom network is becoming the development direction of the current equipment providers and operators are actively promoting the telecommunications network to all IP of the process. Conform to the user while growth in demand for high bandwidth services, especially broadband access network for broadband is becoming a key investment in telecom operators, both fixed-line technology or mobile technology to the next generation into the Peugeot network is higher bandwidth and enhanced service support capabilities. Meanwhile, in order to satisfy the business user experience anytime, anywhere, mobile networking, mobile and fixed network convergence is inevitable direction of development. Technological change from the telecommunications industry trend, mobile devices and data communications equipment, IMS system will be increased focus on the future of communications equipment in the IP network equipment and mobile device industry has been a good niche that the company will be from the evolution of telecommunications networks, given the opportunity.

2, the development of full service carriers is an inevitable trend of development, domestic carriers are bound to this direction, will drive the rapid growth of communication power supply market.

Telecom industry from the developed countries the development process point of view, all business operations in the direction of the telecommunications industry, all business operations of existing technological changes driving the telecommunications industry factors, but also the telecommunications industry drivers of change control policies. The development of the domestic telecommunications industry will follow this trend, including operators, including China Mobile, the future will be full-service operation license. In addition to the current domestic carrier China Unicom has a full-service operation license, the other operators do not have full-service operation license. The full-service operation, you need full-service network support, Telecom and China Netcom will increase the future mobile network investment, while China Mobile will increase investment in broadband access networks. So that the communication power supply and other equipment will have a good future development opportunities.

3, transformation of the telecommunications industry and the triple play.

Global fixed network market in recent years are in stagnation, fixed network operators have to face from the mobile operators, VoIP, Cable TV, instant messaging services and other competitive pressures alternative, in response to this kinds of challenges, the domestic fixed-line, led by China Telecom operators have proposed restructuring goals, the current transformation of income has more than 20%. The transformation of telecom operators strategic goal is to transition to an integrated information service provider. Operator for the proposed transition strategy for the network transformation, business transformation and organizational restructuring, the content of the concrete implementation. In the transformation process is the basis for network transformation, network transformation to meet the needs of business transformation. The direction is to achieve network transformation to IP-based broadband, mobile converged network. China Telecom, a network strategy of gradual integration, network implementation based on "light into the copper," the IP broadband strategy. Telecommunications goal is to achieve the transformation of a triple play, including business integration and network integration, at present most of the developed countries have already achieved the first triple play services, IPTV business is typical triple play service, the domestic industry due to management system the impact of the current obstacles to the development of triple play services more, but we expect in the "Telecommunications Act" after the introduction of triple play services will be legal recognition, "Telecommunications Law" after the introduction of triple play services are expected to will enter the period of rapid growth. The impact of communication power supply are affected by this boom. For the next 5 years

communication power supply market in China, CCID Consulting holds a positive and optimistic attitude. Benefit from the increase in the national economy entered a new round of supply capacity of the upstream gradually improved, Chinas communication power supply market, the favorable external environment will be further direction. CCID Consulting predicts that by 2012, communication power supply market will reach 40 million units, sales reached 50 billion yuan. The important technical aspects, is also expected to have made important progress, thus promoting the development of Chinas communication power supply market.

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