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2007 Top Ten "cool" IC Chunghwa Cigarette!

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Through EEs website editors and LM2576S-ADJ datasheet and enthusiastic readers selected the positive vote, we named its 2007 semiconductor company introduced 10 unique chips, some of these products reflected in the related fields of technology and LM2576S-ADJ price and performance advantages, while others realized the application of innovation, hoping to give local engineers to provide a reference, also hope to provide a reference for the local IC manufacturers.

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2007 Top Ten analog mixed-signal IC and LM2576S-ADJ suppliers and digital IC selection

Analog / mixed-signal chips

Silicon Labs quad-band radio chip Si4734/35

Radio market has been the evergreen tree of the global electronics industry, but also a number of semiconductor companies can not give up a piece of the market. Silicon Labs released in 2007, covers short-wave and long wave Si4734/35 band is fully integrated AM / FM radio chip, Si4734/35 contain from antenna input to audio output and all other receiver functions, making the volume and the number of solution components less than existing products up to more than Jiucheng. Si4734/35 a compact 3 x 3 mm package, not only to simplify the existing SW and LW radio design, but also for mobile phones and MP3 players and other consumer electronic products to increase the existing short-wave and long wave reception, so that more consumers in China short and long-wave radio to receive the content. Si4734/35 with built-in DSPs patented digital low-IF architecture, it provides traditional analog-based products can not be done a variety of features and higher performance. The receiver chip can provide all the support band fully automated digital tuning capability, including 1kHz step frequency and selectable channel bandwidth filters for optimal audio quality.

ADI TD-SCDMA, direct conversion transceivers AD6552

Despite the Othello and SoftFone mobile phone product lines sold to MediaTek, but the Chinese 3G standard ADI companys support is obvious. Othello-3T AD6552 is ADI to support the 3G TD-SCDMA standard is designed second-generation RF transceiver, and is ADIs TD-SCDMA baseband chipsets (including SoftFone-LCR and SoftFone-LCR +) to add all the products. AD6552 transmit path typically by removing the surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters, simplifying the RF section of 3G wireless mobile phone R & D, thus saving cost and PCB area. In addition, the receiver section provides the error vector magnitude (EVM) performance of high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) requirements, and including automatic DC offset control. In addition, AD6552 integrates a variety of single-chip mobile phone all the required RF circuit design, including voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), energy storage circuits, loop filters and power management circuits. ST

axis MEMS sensor LIS331

LIS331 STMicroelectronics launched in 2007, "satisfied" sensor series, is a versatile low-power MEMS sensors, output interface, flexible configuration, built-in smart features to satisfy consumer and industrial market for micro- Movement of the explosive growth of sensor solutions needs. STs new three-axis motion sensors in the product line on the small a big step forward, the use of 3x3x0.9mm plastic package, which can effectively overcome the portable electronic devices for space and weight constraints. LIS331 very excellent performance while maintaining low power consumption, product design is very strong, anti-collision performance of seismic strong, can withstand up to 10,000 g of the vibration and shock. LIS331 for consumer and industrial markets with low g applications, including mobile phones and game user interface, hard disk protection feature in the white goods in the free-fall detection and vibration detection and correction.

TI TD-SCDMA infrastructure markets for the ADC ADS5517

TD-SCDMA in China in 2008 destined to be a hot local electronics industry, Texas Instruments, TD-SCDMA infrastructure for central office applications provide a comprehensive solution, which ADC is this the end of 2007 new products introduced, ADS5517 was the first space-saving 7 mm × 7 mm package of 11 200 MSPS ADC. ADS5517 is linearized digital pre-distortion (DPD) solution provides the necessary transmitter power amplifier performance of high bandwidth, so that OEM manufacturers can produce more efficient emission solutions. Another ADC ADS62C15 also introduced products to meet the cellular infrastructure market, the increasing bandwidth requirements, with the previous generation of 11 converters, the new product performance improved 7dB. ADS62C15 using TIs SNRBoost technology to reduce the noise floor and increased receiver sensitivity, for applications that require the application of signal bandwidth up to 20MHz.

Montage Technology DVB-S receiver front-end single-chip M88RS2000 Montage Technology M88RS2000

is integrated tuner and demodulator in one channel of satellite digital television receiver. DVB-S satellite TV set-top box shipments have been ranked first in worldwide shipments of set-top boxes, set-top box manufacturers for the export of local products provide a very large profit opportunities. M88RS2000 integrated on a single chip DVB-S tuner and demodulator to simplify PCB design, saving material costs, and accelerate the product development time.

Digital chips

Freescale Flexis QE128 Microcontrollers

QE128 family is Freescales new Flexis series of microcontrollers (MCU) in the first two products, in 8-bit and 32-bit compatibility between products made new breakthroughs. Based on the S08 core and the first paragraph MC9S08QE128 ColdFire V1 core-based devices MCF51QE128 is the industrys first pin-compatible 8-bit and 32 bit microcontrollers, and the same on-chip peripherals and development tools. Controller Continuum is Freescale Flexis series of 8-32 "connection point", Controller Continuum is the realization of the industrys only 8-bit and 32-bit architecture compatible product line. Flexis QE128 family enables developers with extraordinary ease of use, speed, cost-effective and ultra-low power at the low end and high-performance embedded designs with the flexibility of transplantation. Automotive

Fujitsu processor MB86R01

Fujitsu Microelectronics has developed for next-generation automotive devices a system LSI MB86R01, only one chip to integrate a variety of functions, such as two-dimensional / three-dimensional image, automotive communication control system, the program protection and multimedia interfaces. The product can handle from the car navigation device or digital dashboard network data and vehicle information to provide a comfortable driving environment at the same time, high-quality image display. In addition to these features integrated in a chip can also reduce system cost. This product uses a 90-nanometer technology, and integrated in a chip, various functions, such as "ARM9 core", "image display controller," USB Interface Multimedia Systems "," vehicle network controller CAN "and" hard drive Interface IDE66 (parallel -ATA/ATAPI-4) ".

Broadcom "3G mobile phone chip" program BCM21551

BCM21551 is the Broadcom introduced the worlds first "single-chip 3G cell phone" option. The device uses 65 nm CMOS process, in a single chip all the major 3G cellular and mobile technology, power consumption is extremely low. This "single-chip 3G cell phone" solution enables manufacturers to develop breakthrough capabilities, curvaceous and very long standby time of the next generation 3G HSUPA phones, than the cost of its mobile solutions using todays much lower. The new "single-chip 3G cell phone" program BCM21551 high-speed HSUPA 3G baseband, multi-band RF transceiver supports Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) technology, Bluetooth 2.1, FM radio receiver and FM radio transmitter (for car stereo music playback) rolled into one. The device also features advanced multimedia processing, support up to 500 million pixels camera and TV-OUT side with 30 frames per second video capability, and support HSUPA, HSDPA, WCDMA and EDGE cellular protocols.

Jade Microelectronics X900 Jade Microelectronics

X900 is launched in 2007, heavy products, the product is a hand-held information terminal specific (HIT) and Mobile TV, IPTV field of advanced mobile multimedia SoC. In addition to supporting MPEG-4 codec in addition, X900 also supports the H.264 and VC-1 Main Profile D1 decoding. As a result of the power of regional and multi-clock areas, to support part of the module is closed and have a normal, standby, hibernate and shut down four power modes, X900 is also very competitive in power consumption. 30mW can be completed only high-resolution H.264, VC-1, MPEG-4 decoding. In addition, in human-machine interfaces, X900 also has a STN / TFT LCD controller supports up to 1024X768 resolution, support for dual LCD display and keyboard at least 8X8 array.

Spreadtrum TD-SCDMA/GSM dual-mode baseband chip SC8800S

Spreadtrum Communications launched at the end of 2007 SC8800S chip is a data card market for the design and support HSDPA / EDGE dual-mode baseband chip for TD-SCDMA/GSM. SC8800S marks the development of 3G baseband chip information technology solutions, including the latest results, to meet the EDGE (EGPRS Class10) standard supports both HSDPA functions, the data transfer rate of up to 1.6Mbps. SC8800S chip ARM926EJ-S core, PS upload rate of 128kbps / downlink rate of 384kbps, supports HSDPA 1.6Mbps, to meet the GSM / GPRS standard (version V8.2.0 12/1999), GSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900, EGPRS Class10 and TD-SCDMA standards (3GPP release 5), 2010 ~ 2025Mhz. In such a data rate supported by SC8800S the data card can make your computer wireless Internet access, video on demand, video blog and other multimedia services to mobile communications and the Internet merging, but also for local design TD-SCDMA industry to explore the addition to the phone open market opportunities outside the market.

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