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2008 Who Controls the Asian electronic test equipment

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autumn season, is the harvest time. Recently, the local leader of electronic test equipment manufacturers RIGOL one after another in Beijing, Shanghai and MAX3243CAI datasheet and Shenzhen, held in 29 cities nationwide roadshow to introduce the companys flagship products, including the DG3000 series function / arbitrary waveform generator and MAX3243CAI price and DM3000 series digital multimeter, digital oscilloscope together with the original constitute the basic scheme of electronic testing. RIGOL can be said that "decades sword", profound knowledge, years of research and MAX3243CAI suppliers and development, the accumulation of technology and market, and finally improve the product line, became the first to provide fully independent research and development of electronic test equipment manufacturers.

Start talking about the hardships of the past decade, RIGOL, vice president of marketing at Weisen Li Fundamental very frustrating. Since the company was officially founded at the beginning of 2000, has been committed to monitoring and control system research, development and manufacturing. From the initial life experiences into the virtual instrument market, RIGOL recognized only for the local business needs, into the mainstream market is the enterprise fast development.

Market is the deciding factor

RIGOL discussed the development process, Mr. Li believes that Chinas rapid economic development provides business growth development opportunities, particularly in the electronics, communications and other fields, the gap between China and foreign countries getting smaller and smaller, more applications as well as product development & production are gradually transferred to China, which is the development of electronic test equipment, a broad market prospects. In addition, Mr. Lee also pointed out that digital has created an opportunity: "domestic manufacturers can and foreign manufacturers of basic standing on a starting point, although the foreign are digital or have digital, and domestic slightly behind, but if that towards digital intelligence, regard to the development of small series, the starting point of fact, almost everyone. "

the same time, RIGOL very wise choice of a market segment: that is the field of low-end test. Because of the high-end market has been occupied by the Agilent and other large foreign companies, by virtue of their many years of R & D and technology accumulation, especially in this market for many years steeped firmly in the grasp of the share. RIGOL as the later and the new force, there is no hard touch, but choose something like "rural defend the city" strategy, specializing in low-end market.

Because in this area, Lee RIGOL as a local vendor and believe that there are inherent advantages: 1, close to the user, can satisfy the requirements of the market, it is very important ; of course, the quality of our products is no problem, but also on this basis, take customers really want, really care about performance and functional requirements. 2, at the same time, RIGOL localization services, including response time is difficult to match foreign manufacturers. 3, there is a great concern to Chinese users is this: our comprehensive higher price of similar products, the price of similar foreign products almost equivalent to 1 / 3 level.

Huge market potential and accurate market positioning, RIGOL to win the market, but also won the respect of customers. Even won the competition recognition. Currently, RIGOL has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Agilent, Agilent offers low-end products for the OEM service. This is a very significant result, indicating RIGOL product quality has reached the level of first-class foreign companies. In addition, RIGOL also with Agilents brand to promote its own brand, and slowly established itself in the low-end market.

For Lee always said that the "fiscal year 2008, we will be Asias largest equipment manufacturers," the goal of laying a good foundation.

Opportunities and challenges

"the best opportunity is that China is a big market, a huge and diverse market demand. It is because the Chinese is a big market, it allows companies to rapid growth. I believe that the great market the birth of a great enterprise. For example, HP from the United States started, it is because America is a big market. If you do not have a huge home market, it is difficult to produce a large the manufacturers. "General Lee on the electronic test industry opportunities and challenges deeply mixed feelings.

"Of course, we still have gaps and foreign companies, mainly reflected in three aspects: First, the concept, the second is talent and the third is technology." He further said.

Most foreign firms are concentrated in the United States, they have a long history of practitioners, for the test and measurement industry, history, development, trends and techniques and products have a good understanding of . Such as previous HP, now Agilent, Tektronix, there are some in Europe, such as the RS. Chinas test and measurement industry in the sixties and seventies is leading, but then did not develop. To 90, with economic development, we may focus more on consumer electronics and the development of network economy, the instrument is not much development of this industry, there are many users still used the fifties and sixties of the instrument products. Talents, the old equipment manufacturers in the past R & D capability is weak, the brain drain is very serious, no one can engage in research and development, resulting in no new products. Technically, they have relatively strong accumulation of technology, this is not available in local firms. Again, from the market capacity for the operation of their international market experience, RIGOL currently lacking.

New Profile

DS1000 is the first compact, mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO), which integrates many of the features to meet the integration development trend. DS1000 Series digital oscilloscopes primarily to measure the low-cost-oriented users, such as: large-scale production of consumer electronics manufacturing, communications and radio and television installation and maintenance, and the teaching of science and engineering laboratories, universities, bandwidth, coverage from 100 MHz to 25MHz. DS1000 not only has the compact size, can greatly reduce the desktop footprint, saving space, and comes with 16-channel logic analyzer and a lot of unique features, making it a low-end digital oscilloscopes currently on the market a rare quality. Coupled with very competitive prices, DS1000 become a truly cost-effective digital oscilloscope.

DG3000 Series is a high performance function / arbitrary waveform generator. It has a built-in arbitrary waveform and pulse capabilities. DG3000 series uses direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology, can generate stable, accurate, clean and low distortion sinusoidal output signal. It also provides up to 120MHz, with fast rise and fall of the square wave. The same table with the features and system features to meet the needs of current and future multi-purpose testing solution.

DS5000 Series Digital Oscilloscope is a remarkable performance of the product. Not only in performance overall than similar foreign products, while the number of its own unique features such as filtering and frequency meter, which is more convenient to analyze and test the circuit. In performance, DS5000 series with high-resolution color LCD display system, 1GSa / s real time sampling and 50GSa / s equivalent sampling, 4K memory depth, 2mV ~ 5V vertical sensitivity, 1ns ~ 50s time base range and edge, video and pulse width triggering; function, DS5000 series embedded digital filtering, failure detection, waveform recording, FFT spectrum analysis and other unique features.

DM3000 series for high precision digital multimeter is a functional, automatic measuring user demand for products, set 6 1 / 2 meter, high-speed data acquisition, automatic measurement, inspection, features a variety of mathematical transformation, arbitrary functions in one sensor. The interface to support RS-232, USB, LAN and GPIB interfaces, and support U disk storage and direct printing. In performance, DM3000 has a high-resolution monochrome LCD display system, support simple waveform display and data recording waveform display; easy to operate and clear the keyboard layout and operation of the backlight key tips to make it more flexible, user-friendly operation characteristics; up to 50k / s data sampling rate, can be used to capture fast-changing high-precision audio waveform data, etc.; internal storage depth 2Mbyte, external storage can be of any depth; with true RMS AC voltage and current measurement; support for virtual terminal display and control, and remote network access, in fact, a rare high-cost equipment.

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