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400 000 iPhone into the Chinese supply curve parallel imports mainly from the Shenzhen

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"Unlocked, can be directly network." I heard a reporter to buy iPhone, Wuhan Computown a parallel phone seller on the phone said: "are coming from Shenzhen, the quality is guaranteed and AD711JR datasheet and absolute American . "

Computown mobile phone market is well-known distribution center in Wuhan.

The seller also told reporters enthusiastic, "said," and AD711JR price and said: As with other electronic products, parallel imports, the domestic supply of many cities of the iPhone is largely from Shenzhen.

Parallel in the well-known mobile phone distribution center - Shenzhen Huaqiang North, the reporter saw many stalls placed on the counter printed with "Apple iPhone" the word "prototype" in order to solicit business from customers. Hand to see when the buyer is often found that this is just an empty box, the counter while the boss kept saying, "We do not take the prototype laid out, and AD711JR suppliers and if you really want, Ill go get the warehouse. "

Apple iPhone, China announced the current global sales reached 4,000,000, while the survey data show that the end of 2007, about 400,000 have cracked the iPhone in the countrys mobile phone networks. This means that if the data is true, iPhone mobile phones sold in the world, one into the into the Chinese market, but so far Apple has yet to start selling in China, iPhone.

Parallel path

Huaqiang North Metro Digital City, a stall owner himself, doing parallel phone business for many years, rarely found in recent years as the iPhone such a model can be sought, "in particular, had never been seen in the recently listed, many buyers would prefer to pay a deposit and asked me to order iPhone, so have Arranging. "

Told reporters, according to informed sources, a parallel iPhone, vendors in the terminal part of the profit of 200 yuan to 300 yuan, the profits of ordinary parallel phone "to do 100 even more." Market, the latter, profits and substantial, making parallel imports in the domestic market like gangbusters iPhone.

"Can say with certainty that most of the mainland city of Shenzhen parallel by the iPhone is out." Familiar with the situation of the mobile phone market in Shenzhen Qiang people in the industry (a pseudonym) told reporters that the general supply and Shenzhen from Hong Kong.

The number of people interviewed believe that, regardless of source from where the parallel in the whole industry chain iPhone, the iPhone is definitely the top of the bundle in the global partners, such as the U.S. telecom operator AT & T Corporation .

"A large number of mobile phone sales in the United States by carriers to complete the custom form." Qiang said that as iPhone sales limit at the Apple store, so there will be specifically responsible for the user to the acquisition of AT & T iPhone.

The Computown sellers told reporters, according to its knowledge, the first iPhone, the source of parallel imports, primarily organized to AT & T operator to buy sets of users. Similar to the domestic carriers to send phone calls kept, AT & T and other carriers, often taken in order to attract customers to send the stored mobile phone or preferential purchase cost of activities, just to provide a set of parallel channels for buying opportunities.

When AT & T users need stored calls, the parallel channels of trade associations and others to lobby, persuade users to buy iPhone, with its price higher than its purchase price to sell. Because AT & Ts users stored calls, are often able to buy a more favorable iPhone, Therefore, the parallel channel between the iPhone will offer the general market price and the price the user between the time of purchase. For example, in the Apple store sells for $ 400 the iPhone, parallel to the user sets the channel are generally slightly lower than the purchase price.

Industry believes that the link to buy the sets, both operators, users, or parallel channels, are not violations. However, the parallel channel will be set to buy accumulation iPhone supply, batch shipped to Hong Kong, the iPhone, which become a "parallel imports", the rapid penetration of the local markets.

"Channel of getting goods in Hong Kong than in mainland market price generally cost 700 yuan to 1,000 yuan." Zhang Qiang, told reporters projections to the original black-market price of 8,000 yuan for example, estimated that prices in Hong Kong is about 7,000 yuan, "plane to other costs, the upstream channel a peak profit to more than 3,000 yuan. "

Imitation "busy"

In addition, the user than to the set of operators to buy more primitive methods, but also through foreign friends, the tour with a cargo entry, insiders called the "ant" and related "ants" can earn from taking 200 about "transportation costs." However, these methods, a number of mobile phone industry are of the view is not mainstream, the iPhone can operate a limited number of "first the tariff, increased intangible costs; second mode of operation was too obvious and easily found."

"A matter of fact, including the smuggling of sets bought in the market over the iPhone is very limited, sources said China is a large number of iPhone from Apples assembly plant in the country." Sellers that a parallel phone.

Number of parallel phone seller told reporters that the contract manufacturers in Shenzhen is a well-known iPhone assembly plant. However, the relevant request for an interview for the journalists, the company asked the people concerned by the "superior" post reply said: "Apple is our customers, we inconvenient for this interview."

"We buy Apple products even have to go out and buy it." Said one person of the company, customer orders for products, the entire production process are subject to surveillance, "the outflow of products will definitely not happen the situation. "

Qiang also believes that "assembled in China factory direct from the Apple iPhone is unlikely to leak," the market should be a lot of iPhone imitation products - through imitation iPhone, molds, mass production of counterfeit mobile phone iPhone.

Qiang said that this imitation iPhone, in addition to some differences in hardware, the software functions is not much difference with the original iPhone, similar to the generic factory in Southeast Asia have, batch transferred to Hong Kong, and then illegal immigration.

Qiang that a mold iPhone, much higher than the general mobile phone development costs Die, "the high cost of imitation, mainly by taking the amount of profit."

Professional unlock

IPhone in the parallel chain, break the lock is operating the network compared to other parallel imports more a part of. Apple network lock is designated operator for the bundle and set up a "technical barriers", parallel use of iPhone in China, they must be cracked, and be finished and the software upgrade process.

In fact, Apples lock set on the network more complex, "break a certain degree of difficulty", but in sharp contrast, the advent of each version of the iPhone shortly after its "complementary" to unlock the latest Software is also followed.

"Unlock a professional team, all inside and outside." A parallel phone dealer told reporters that the teams job is to unlock customer needs, developed a variety of different models of mobile phone unlocking software. These unlock the team has identified customers generally, is generally difficult to close. The so-called customer is parallel to those on the scale of mobile phone channel.

"The whole team has a strict division of labor, was responsible for software testing, it was responsible for the writing process. Unlock the process of varying lengths." The source said.

"Developing a common charges to unlock the software from a few million to more than ten thousand dollars." Qiang said the phones have not unlocked all of the parallel needs, "After all, this is only the parallel chain a link. Only those who have special marketable mobile phone unlocking software, of course, iPhone is one of them. "

National Copyright Protection Center, a person legal department, told reporters by telephone, (unlock behavior) related to violation of Apples rights, should bear tort liability, and Apple has the right to pursue "unlock people" law responsibility. Previously, Apple had claimed that the sale unlocked iPhone to Singapore, the seller to court.

"In fact, iPhone is not parallel parallel with other brands so special about a lot of brands we are doing." Yuan Wang Digital Mall, Huaqiang North, a parallel phone seller "calm" manner with reporters, said In his view, the difference lies only in the sign of this phone is iPhone.

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