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6 major movie studios sued the U.S. tort claims more than 700 million Thunder

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Following the defeat of first instance

Shanghai Broadband Technology Co., Ltd., after goodness, p2p download services - Thunder Network Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City is facing an even bigger copyright lawsuit. February of this year, Warner Brothers, Disney and OPA4340UA datasheet and other U.S. Motion Picture Association of six film companies have joined forces to sue the Pudong New Area, Thunder Court, asked to immediately stop infringing Thunder "Da Vinci Code," "Charlies Angels 2", "Spider-Man 3 "and 32 movies, and OPA4340UA price and compensate for various types of economic losses amounting to 7,113,552 yuan. "Daily News" yesterday informed that the Court has received objections to the jurisdiction of Thunder companies to submit applications.

Prosecution: not allowed to openly "online viewing"

Warner Brothers, Disney, Columbia Pictures Industries, Paramount Pictures, Universal City Studios, Twentieth Century Fox and OPA4340UA suppliers and other major film companies under 6 "Protection of Literary and Artistic Works of the Berne Convention" and "Chinese people Republic of the Copyright Law, "prosecution of Thunder. Columbia Pictures only requires a 155 million yuan compensation Thunder.

6 major studios said in the complaint, the defendant is Thunder, "Thunder Online Website" and "dog video search site," the owner, but also the software copyright holder Thunder, Thunder on its Web site promotion is the largest resources of their own engine portal, covering nearly 145 million users, the monthly number of downloads of up to 1.73 billion times. In 2007, the film company that operates a Web site through the Thunder to the public, "The Da Vinci Code," "Stealth," "Charlies Angels 2" and many other large areas of introduction, preview, search and download link services, the defendant through Video information on the collection, collation, classification and presentation, according to the type of film, region, year, number of downloads and other standard production of "video download list," "Hot Movie," "box office" and other links to different categories for easy Internet users to download. The film company had to send lawyer letters Thunder, Thunder in the 24 hours required to delete infringing files, block or disconnect all links with the infringing files, but the Thunder has yet to do so. Since then, the film company also found that some large online column in flagrant Thunder "Watch."

Thunder: In the Pudong without any server

The face of domestic and foreign "besieged" Thunderbolt submitted to the court case is currently more than 30 objections to the application of all jurisdictions, courts have all been received. Thunder that the 6 major studios in the notary to identify the allegedly infringing book, IP address and nothing Thunder, Thunder without any server in Shanghai, and no Web site points to a server in Pudong area, which through the implementation of the IP address to be determined v. location network server violations, and thus there is no basis for determining jurisdiction.

Thunder that the alleged acts of infringement of the web server is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, and the Thunder is also the domicile of the companys Shenzhen City, so the relevant judicial interpretation under the Supreme Peoples Court shall be jurisdiction of the court, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City. Up to now, Pudong New District Courts jurisdiction has not Objection to the Thunder respond to the application.

News link Thunder

report infringement in favor of goodness

2006 Nian 12 28, goodness of audio and video products company and the China Film Media Asia Ltd., Beijing Poly-bona Film Distribution Co., Ltd. signed the film "Confession of Pain" network cooperation agreement. Agreement, goodness the company 60 million to obtain the high royalties, "Confession of Pain" video rights and benefits of network transmission right, in order to ensure the schedule of the film at the box office will not be affected, goodness will one month before the release the right to "Confession of Pain" on-line on your site. Goodness of the Internet company plans to film in a single download fee for RMB 2.

2007 Nian 1 month, Thunder found online goodness out there, "Confession of Pain" in the search link services. One day only on January 4, "Confession of Pain" in the Thunder site search up to 59,808 times the number of total downloads to reach 520,869 times surprisingly. Goodness company immediately issued quickly by the Thunderbolt, to stop infringement, Thunder has yet to reply, 5 months later, the Thunder goodness to court. February 3, 2008, the court of first instance verdict, the defendant company should compensate the plaintiff Thunder goodness the company 150,000 yuan economic loss. Thunder suit against an appeal, the case is the second instance.

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