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78.9% of the total volume of complaints and then phone the quality of the pain of mortgage industry

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Recently, the China Consumer Association reported on the 2007 National Consumers Association received complaints of cell phone, statistics show that in 2007 mobile phone complaints complaint is still the largest single commodity, accounting for 12.3% of total complaints, of which the quality of accounting 78.9% of all mobile phone complaints. In the mobile phone manufacturers, the after-effects produced by the black phone on them still exist. Government officials said the deal with cell phone consumer issues, should not be blocked sparse, and HEF4011BT datasheet and the participation of the whole society.

Volume of complaints over phone 80000

Recently, the China Consumer Association held a mobile phone industry, "Consumption and HEF4011BT price and Responsibility" symposium, Nokia and HEF4011BT suppliers and other mobile phone brands known domestic and foreign manufacturers and vendors, maintenance providers, testing organizations and consumer representatives to participate in the discussion. At the meeting, in the associations informed received the 2007 National phone complaints of associations, statistics show that while 80,470 mobile phones in 2007 compared with 2006 complaints has dropped, the volume of complaints is still the largest single commodity, accounted for 12.3% of total complaints. In all cell phone complaints, quality complaints accounted for 78.9%, the problem mainly in poor call quality, with noise, small volume, auto off, black screen, crashes and so on. In addition, there appeared slow to respond because of some models, the key failure, standby time and publicity does not match the LCD display abnormal situation complaint.

In the associations, the official said, there is mainly due to these two aspects. On the one hand, some manufacturers high-tech concept of blind speculation, hype, consumers were misled; the other hand, some small-scale vendors Zhigu make a profit, rather than strict purchase channels, and some not qualified OEM machines, refurbished machines into the market. Regarding maintenance, there are also some fake factory authorized repair service point the situation points to the old part of these maintenance posing new parts, do not give consumers complete maintenance records, or provide a backup machine. In the after-sales services, some companies set up artificial barriers to the relevant provisions of distortion, no matter what happens phone failure, require consumers to identify, test certificate issued after the grant be returned to shirk its responsibility in this way.

In the associations also pointed out some of the new consumer rights issues. For example, as market competition intensifies, some manufacturers have production and sales of mobile phone service out of the market, leading to market emerging service no control of the "orphan" products, many vendors are not parts of funds supported the interests of consumers have not protected. Black mobile phone has become the black sheep

Despite the various mobile phone manufacturers

sales at home and abroad in different situations, but vendors have agreed that the current spread of the black phone has seriously disrupted the normal order of market competition, pollution, consumption of the mobile phone environment, to bring the interests of consumers very significant damage. It is reported that the black cell phone handsets usually parallel smuggling, counterfeit brand-name mobile phones and refurbished assembled three categories. These are often some small black cell phone plant, almost no testing on the factory sales, mobile phone radiation and the risk of battery explosion is very high, endangering consumer health or personal safety, but also because there is no formal marketing channels, and no after-sales service, these phones Once a quality problem can not repair, so that consumers suffer economic loss. In addition, the proliferation of black mobile phone is the biggest consequences of tax evasion and tax evasion. According to incomplete statistics, black mobile phone sales in more than 15 million, the total amount of annual sales of 300 billion -500 billion in annual state tax evasion nearly 100 billion yuan.

A domestic mobile phone sales manager told reporters that the rampant black cell phone handsets in large part to the domestic manufacturers a lot of trouble, made the phone itself is not much advantage in technology, the original price advantage because rampant black cell phone, is completely suppressed, along with the price of international mobile phone giants continue to press to make difficult the development of China-made mobile phone, most of the original blockbuster of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers are caught in huge losses. Even if the association of these rising star, has announced its withdrawal from the mobile phone market, showing how the white-hot competition in the industry.

Xizhimen and journalists in an interview Xidan and other places from time to time by some people asked whether the old phone to sell, which has made news on the whereabouts of interest in these old phones. A condition of anonymity to reporters broke the news industry, most of these phones are being refurbished repo, and then re-sell to the market. Currently on the market selling a variety of refurbished models are fire, such as the Motorola V3 and V3i, of which the majority of the black version of the renovation, followed by green and blue, the purchase price of this model of refurbished machines generally at 400 yuan, if the normal The parallel price to sell, you can sell for 700 yuan. In Nokia phones, to old section QD and 3250 models, and topped the list the top three best-selling cell phone of one of the most favored of the Nokia N73 refurbished model, which purchase price of N73 is generally parallel renovation of about 1,600 yuan, renovation of the purchase price for the 2,100 licensed about 1800-1900 yuan for the purchase price of parallel imports, and the current market price which is usually in the new licensed about 2,450 yuan.

Consumers Zhang told reporters, south of Beijing this year, he bought a cell phone in a store, purchase the same features found in first-line price of brand mobile phone for nearly 3,000 stores in the store to buy an unknown brand only to be 850 yuan, very cheap. However, after purchase, less than one week can not be normal call. Call answering phones, handset, a big noise, do not work properly, but business was not the time of purchase invoices, purchase cell phone service without the formal point of sale, purchase did not protect their rights .

Market discipline should not be blocked sparse

In the associations responsible person pointed out that with the rapid development of Chinas telecommunications industry and the general improvement in living standards, the phone has entered the household, the total number of users has been accounted for 41.6% of the population. As a new use of a huge consumer products, mobile phones bring convenience to people happy in the same time also brought some trouble, affecting the consumption of the mobile phone industry harmonious and healthy development, should cause cell phone business, industry and relevant government departments attention. Especially in mobile phone production, sales, maintenance companies must adhere to the consumer as the center, consumer demand, efforts to improve the quality of mobile phones and eliminate artificial barriers, credibility towards consumers, provide consumers with better service.

Ministry of Information Industry, said the Director of Economic Operation HJ, for the black phone and other issues, combat is not the ultimate solution should take legislative and standard-setting combination to regulate the market to a healthy direction. He disclosed that the Ministry of Information Industry is developing a consumer electronics service similar to the general rule standards, the standards are being developed to include the phone service work, including television, digital products. And the Consumers Association also recommends that the relevant state departments as soon as possible, "Mobile Telephone Repair, Replacement and Return liability" to modify, the establishment of third-party intermediaries, the quality of the mobile phone identification and assessment, and monitoring the institutional capacity to make consumers more convenient enjoy. At the same time in the associations also called on consumers not to covet a moment cheap, not only harm themselves, but also gave him the opportunity for many non-performing businesses, rights should be everyones responsibility.

Current cell phone service problems for the major companies has been positive. Like the Nokia customer service hotline 4008800123 open, the user can access a full range of customer service hotline phone pre and after sales service and support, customer service hotline can also help of original Nokia accessories online ordering. As of January this year, Nokia service network of over 600, small cities across the country.

The capitals largest mobile phone chain stores in operation and management of complex telecommunications Wang Hongyu, general manager, said in an interview, the complex telecommunications through a more favorable price and better service to customers on the phone to dispel prejudices consumption.

According to him, is currently in the re-assurance on the quality of telecommunications has been concentrating on three related, first of all purchase channels is very strict, to prevent illegal channels into the cell phone; secondly to strengthen the training of sales staff, and guide consumers to the proper use of phone; final consumption of each store will have set aside reserve funds in order to fully protect the interests of consumers.

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