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8 Olympic city of China Mobile 3G handset subsidy policy today disclosed Telephone Number

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Today, China Mobile will soon be in 8 cities Telephone Number TD-SCDMA, which means years of deliberation, the 3G standard of Chinas own finally coming into fruition. Deputy General Manager of China Mobiles general department

high Chung Ge said in Beijing yesterday, the current TD-SCDMA core network has been able to support 800 million users, optimize progress. TD commercial trial is currently testing and LTC1553CSW datasheet and at the same time, is two steps and LTC1553CSW price and for step, aimed at promoting the maturity of TD-SCDMA industry, TD-SCDMA also want to accept the market test.

Reporters yesterday also was informed from the relevant equipment manufacturers, TD-SCDMAs subsidy policy in fact has made it clear, TD-SCDMA terminal price has been released, 6 mobile retail prices to 3,800 yuan from 1,800 yuan range, two on the card retail price of 700 yuan and LTC1553CSW suppliers and 800 yuan.

Reporter was informed by advice from the three-, through its understanding of the relevant companies, China Mobile Telephone Number divided into two categories, in part, to invite the first batch of 20 000 different industries and sectors have a certain representation of clients involved in TD terminal, network, business and other full test. It is reported that 20,000 test users in the way of subsidies are: 2000-4000 RMB value free of test terminals and data cards, test free of charge to the customer terminal, giving a monthly subsidy of 800 yuan calls, require customers to feedback from the test every two weeks opinion, China Mobile arrange social authority to collect and analyze research institutions. The other part is the Telephone Number to the public, but also the appropriate incentives.

In addition, to mobilize the TD terminals and channel sales initiative USIM card, China Mobile to implement channel incentives. Telephone Number remuneration higher than the GSM channel twice, based on the stage but also to give additional incentives. Specifically, sales of payment of 80 yuan / number.

Earlier, China Mobile has Jicai 60,000 terminals, including 50,000 phones and 10,000 TD on the card. It is reported that the procurement part of the terminal with the TD Package, testing network in eight cities in all of its own city hall business, TD showroom to sell first. The procurement of handsets and data cards the whole network using uniform pricing, 100-200 yuan less than the price of the purchase price in its own sales channels.

According to industry consulting firm, "Three-consulting" experts said, the price of the terminal sections of baked TD. China Mobiles operating room in the TD mobile phone sales, the highest price is ZTEs U980, the retail price of 3,800 yuan. Lowest price of Lenovos TD800, the retail price of 1980 yuan.

In the subsidy policy, China introduced the domestic TD mobile phone subsidies and more, for example, ZTE U980 purchase price of 3980 yuan, the retail price of 3,800 yuan, 180 yuan subsidies for China Mobile; and for LG, Samsung L288 and KD876 , China Mobile to subsidize users and 92 respectively, 88 million; be subsidized up to a new email through N268, China Mobiles purchase price is 1999 yuan, the retail price of 1,800 yuan, China Mobile, the actual subsidy of 199 yuan.

Previously, Shanghai Securities News has disclosed the situation of the company won the bid, which, in the mobile phone, the new Post-pass first, access to 21,000 of the bid amount and 35% of the share.

Acquired under the purchase price, the manufacturers of the procurement value ranking released. Consultation under the three-disclosure of terms in the TD mobile phone, the first pass is still a new email, access to China Mobile, the amount of 41.979 million yuan purchase, although the new models each successful pass postal price is not high, but more than the number of Therefore, the total amount is still in the first place. Followed by ZTE, ZTE TD although only 9000 phone orders, but because of the successful high-end models, the price of up to 3980 yuan, which makes the successful bid amounted to 35.82 million yuan.

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