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Adequate on-site break the iphone cell phone spot "gray market" strong

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"IPhone, buy now no longer need a reservation." Located near the Shanghai Railway Station in the city of a communication, dyed his hair yellow hair of the small river is one of many in the iPhone, a member of the seller. He is to see customers to buy iPhone, crack brush site, the reporters identity will be to purchase, and MAX483ESA datasheet and his conversation. Statement by a small river, although the iPhone, not yet officially entered the mainland market, but now the gray supply channels have been strong enough to "as long as people want to buy, have enough stock." IPhone sellers of digital stores everywhere

Huaihai Zhong Road, located in Plaza Cyber Digital, a company authorized access to Apple products Apple store. Yesterday afternoon, a reporter asked whether to go there to sell iPhone, sales staff hurriedly waved, said, "We do not sell. IPhone mobile phone has not officially entered the mainland market."

Authorized stores can not buy in the i-Phone, does not mean that a small exaggeration to say that Jiang would like to buy the iPhone in the digital store is so convenient. Out of the store, you can see on the shelves of nearby shops stocked with the iPhone. Reporter only in cyberspace on the first floor in a circle, to find no fewer than 10 shops in the sale of iPhone. A main MP3, MP4 shops before, around the circle of people, the reporter went closer only to find the original premises of the two sales staff are laptop computers using the 2-site for the purchase of i-Phone mobile phone customers Brush. "8G of 3,800 yuan, 16G of 4,800 yuan, a spot, brush at no additional money." See the press are interested in, the sales staff casually reported out of the market.

"Can be cheaper?" The reporter asked. "Price not negotiable, we sell one, but three yards of the machine, the original unopened package from the United States over the." Sales staff to answer without looking up.

Reporter and MAX483ESA price and later in the day head on the road to the city that never sleeps communications market, and MAX483ESA suppliers and is located in Xujiahui Square, Pacific and other digital Buynow site visits, found that there is also a popular iPhone, goods, many shops are selling some stores To attract customers, simply put the iPhone in the box on the counter.

User base is increasing

"Friend came to me carrying his cell phone to see him for my photos, and then lying down the phone 90 degrees, the photo on the screen can actually follow the rotation." Recently, a dinner, Ms. Huangs friends dig the iPhone, so only a small show, the will "capture" the heart of Miss Wong, she soon also bought a i-Phone mobile phone. Wong this resigned as outdated, like the trendy, fashionable people chasing more and more become a iPhone mobile phone users.

Small Jiangjie Shao said, with the iPhone, in the United States last year, I started a small number of machines into the mainland. Because a limited number, in addition to the crack was more primitive way, people who bought iPhone, limited to players, Apples die-hard fans and some small groups. Today, iPhone mobile phone penetration has already begun to ordinary users, the obvious example is the use of iPhone mobile phone around more and more people. Mainland iPhone

Although the number of mobile phone users can not be specific statistics, but the small river assure reporters that the Shanghai area alone, the number is quite considerable. Reporter noted that in many subway stations in the mobile phone casing, jacket accessories store, iPhone cell phone jacket are hanging in the striking position. "Accessory shop owner very high market sensitivity, which provides a mobile phone accessories to show the phone hot, popular, users maintain large." Xiao Jiang explained.

City Consumer Protection Committee: easy to buy mobile phones, accessories, Hard to Find

Because it is parallel to buy iPhone service consumers have to face the problem of vacancies.

Reporters in an interview that, in order to lift as much as possible the concerns of buyers and sellers are trying to find a remedy. An Taobao seller, told reporters from his cell phone to buy iPhone to provide one year of the "software warranty." The iPhone, and operators in the United States AT & T exclusive bundle, so when it into the mainland market, China Unicom does not support the move or the card number, you must break through the software can be used only after, when the crack of the software failure , the "Software Warranty" promised on behalf of troubleshooting. If the hardware can be a fault it? Im sorry, "three" not applicable you, you are responsible for no one.

"As a parallel phone has not obtained access permits issued by Ministry of Information Industry, so there is no legal status." IPhone, large inflows for the mainland market, City Consumer Protection Committee, Ministry of Law and the relevant theoretical research head Tang Jiansheng said that as consumer rights can not be fully guaranteed, the consumer should be careful buy parallel imports.

Fact, apart from iPhone, trading in the gray areas of the cracking in the product also includes Microsofts XBOX, Nintendo WII, Sony PSP and so on. Reporter noted that in some cracking products forum users complain that they have been purchased after the emergence of the "consequences", the screen is broken, or whatever hardware is a problem, even if willing to pay someone to repair, parts can not be assigned to. How

iPhone into the mainland market? Jiang claimed to be earlier

small "shift the" iPhone business group of people. After obtaining the trust of a reporter, revealed to reporters a small river into the mainland market iPhone, the "gray channels."

"In general, the size of a small amount of the seller, the goods may be bought by a friend in the United States and the Post back to the country, it may be asked relatives and friends of the United States purchasing travel around." It is a small Jiangjie Shao, he knew an iPhone, the seller, to use his own work, a certain airline flight attendants, took to buy iPhone, and then changed hands for sale.

According to reports, it was also a large number of smuggled goods into the hands of hoarding, the most downstream sellers can purchase from him. However, smuggling is often a large number of machines and the iPhone, separate from the box into the mainland in batches, and then re-packaging, then, becomes a "shrink-wrap machine", and therefore difficult to guarantee the string of code on the box and the body consistent with the string of code. As the market has refurbished machines exist, consumers, "opened machine" misgivings about the current market conditions, the most downstream, the smaller sellers usually do not buy from the smugglers there, "Unpacking machine" , but by way of direct mail or get purchasing "original unopened packaging machine."

IPhone why not openly enter the Mainland?

For this problem, Apple China-related public relations person in charge, said in an interview: "At present we do not have iPhone department, so we will not make any comments on this."

It is understood that China Mobile and China Unicom intends to do iPhone introduction of mainland China. However, as of January this year, the latest news shows, China Mobile and Apple negotiations on the introduction of iPhone, was temporarily interrupted.

Both Apple and co-operator model is this: iPhone carrier is carrying voice and data service providers, consumer spending is hosted on Apples carrier network services, operators backspace for Apple service access, while Apple is like a mobile phone manufacturers, mobile software vendors and Internet service providers combined, the value of the entire value chain in the center of the high-end, while the operators were placed in a more awkward position --- and even Apple would also like to share with operators voice charges. If Apple is the complete copy of this model the head of China Mobile, which can be naturally difficult to accept.

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