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Bacheng enterprises are worried that potential Internet click fraud credit crisis

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Construction of the network environment of good faith by the parties are attention, but the current credit system is not fully Internet.

Taobao announced in the near future implementation of the "leave a fine three", "7 days no reason to Return" and ULN2804A datasheet and recharge cards, "Lightning delivery," the three major initiatives to further ensure that consumers have access to quality online shopping experience, while continuing to uphold the integrity of the boot sellers based business principles. China Electronic Commerce Association of Enterprise Network has also launched to promote the work of the Commission. "Chinese e-commerce Pokka integrity" selection activities.

No doubt, the Internet will cause the existing acts of dishonesty in the credit crisis throughout the Internet industry, and ULN2804A price and even become an obstacle to further economic development of the Internet bottleneck. How to overcome the integrity of the Internet industry, short board, to Chinas Internet to create a harmonious and ULN2804A suppliers and healthy credit environment is placed in the Internet in China before the regulatory authorities and Internet companies a serious issue.

Credit crisis lurking Internet

Today, the growing influence of the virtual community is copied without reservation in the real world credibility. These problems are mainly embodied in e-commerce, online advertising and Internet culture. According to China Association for Quality Promotion

data published in e-commerce, online shopping complaints alone, nearly 17% of the consumers and paid for online ordering, but did not receive the goods, delivery delay is more; 33% of the site does not return description; 39% of the sites have no privacy protection measures and so on. Problems affecting the healthy growth of electronic commerce.

And false Internet advertising also allows customers to fraud daunting. By Ali recently released a mother, "China Online Advertising satisfaction survey" shows that 82% of business executives worried that "Internet advertising click fraud." Some SMEs have started to give up running and even Internet advertising.

Addition, due to lack of supervision, the current Internet is also filled with a lot of vulgar entertainment, sex and violence and other undesirable network information. With the network of credit and citizens involved in the case of gradually increased privacy, social network information security concerns and panic is now spreading.

Can be said that the current credit environment internet disorder, anomie, distortion, very urgent problem has been placed in front of us. "Chinas lack of integrity of the Internet, which has become an obstacle to the further development of Chinas biggest obstacle to the Internet." Hu Qiheng Internet Association pointed out sharply that the obstacle to the development of the Internet.

Promises of economic development of the Internet

Internet Society of China released "Netguide2008 China Internet Survey Report" shows that Chinas Internet consumption in 2007 reached 398.8 billion yuan total size, growth rate is expected to reach 45.8% in 2008, to 581.5 billion yuan. If this development trend, the Internets economic future in the national economy is bound to occupy an important position. But if the Internet is not a good solution to credit problems, but also bound to affect the further development of the Internet economy.

"The current network economic losses caused by acts of dishonesty is growing, the establishment of an integrity of the Internet is not just a moral appeal, it is a major event related to the development of the Internet economy." Alipay President LU Zhao-Xi said.

Not only that, integrity is related to the determinants of success or failure of Internet companies. In 2007, Alibabas four network operators online, just rely on "network integrity" unprecedented access to the China Construction Bank "e Loan" 120 million in loans, this is the first batch of credibility to the corporate network as an important basis unsecured loans. After four years of development, to pay the accumulated treasure of online transactions, it also caused interest in a number of banking institutions, ICBC, China Construction Bank are as provided credit facilities to the business reference.

Allowing more and more people realize that on the Internet, and ultimately decide the outcome is not money or technology, but how to solve the issue of integrity. Improve the integrity of the enterprise network to enhance business, the mutual trust between users, create a trust environment, the Internet has become the ongoing online marketing and e-commerce enterprises urgently need to address the problem. Since last August

Alibaba Alipay credit system accelerates the pace of building the network. Following the "Internet Alipay trust scheme" after, it launched a public marketing strategy. Not long ago, Ali, her mother started online advertising "three guarantees" policy to support the integrity of sites.

These are Internet companies to protect their own interests, improve user stickiness, but also business users in order to enhance the creditworthiness of the Internet industry, to create a better environment for Chinas Internet credit taken effective measures. The interests of strengthening the network integrity

binding mechanism construction

In Alibaba, Alipay, represented the efforts of the industry leader in the Chinese Internet has been continually improved credit environment, but the current credit environment, the construction of the Internet still exist many problems. From a personal point of view, Chinas personal credit system is in its infancy stage, many people are not true, complete files, system is still not very sound. From the business perspective, our long-standing business credit information distributed in the banking, commerce, tax and other government departments and various trade organizations in the hands, and the flow of credit information resource integration difficult.

Therefore, from a long-term development, in order to create trust in the Internet environment, every business, every person living in a main body of the Internet economy, we need a "credit tag" to reflect the credit standing of the economic agents. But how to encourage Internet economy of the main self labeled "credit tag"?

Internet Association, Hu applied that in the future to strengthen the domestic network integrity mechanism, promote the integrity and interests of the bundle is the measure must be implemented. In China, some companies introduced the integrity of the binding mechanism also implies a relationship of honesty and interests of the bundle. For example: business transaction records Alipay will affect the ability of the business to obtain bank financing, the difference between the comments of Taobao sellers directly determine how much the quantity of goods sold.

With the establishment of support system before they can enter a virtuous integrity steering the development of the Internet channel.

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