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Baidu, is carrying dangerous "ferry"

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Network Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Baidu "PPC" event last erection storm - According to media reports, Hebei, a company recently had to apply to the State Administration for Industry Baidu abuse of "market dominance" anti-monopoly investigation.

In the public interest for search on Baidu, and LM3900N datasheet and Baidu also said large numbers to the rectification of the "sale of listening devices" "Ecstasy" black site links and LM3900N price and other issues, the reporter recently in a continuous search on Baidu, is surprised to find : Illegal websites and LM3900N suppliers and still full of false information, its search results page.

Dangerous "ferry" - who pay to many who rank on the search front

A business friend of vegetables and Baidu reporters about his "PPC" cooperative manner: whatever people use Baidu search click once his product, Baidu will be automatically recorded, he would pay for this 2 to Baidu dollars.

Amount paid because of his "green vegetables" in the keyword search ranking high, his products have been among the best in the keyword search. Baidu he would do this every year to pay six or seven million. A reporter asked him about his products Baidu whether the "green vegetables" standard audit conducted it? He replied: "I asked Baidu, whether or not to audit. Baidu answer is how busy that we have come."

Regardless of your product (service) is as good as you say, and regardless of your product (service) is leading in the industry, and even regardless of your product (service) is harmful to the public, as long as you pay enough money, your product (service) in Baidu, "PPC" search on the top-ranking. This is the danger of Baidu is implementing the "ferry" - "PPC" Search the basic model, is considered an open secret in the industry.

Worth noting: the United States, Europe, Japan and China, the vast majority of companies have followed the search results and advertisements to distinguish the principle manner prohibited PPC, except Baidu is an exception. In this regard, experts suggest that the domestic e-commerce, web promotion to avoid when ranked by bid, refused to search against and the prevention of non-performing "blackmail marketing" occurred.

Water heater manufacturers and then Secret: Baidu "PPC" top 25 service points are all fake

Some time ago, "PPC" lead consumers to medical information that Baidu has deceived a large number of false cases was traced to the light. Water heater manufacturers have recently re-Secret, they also suffer from Baidus illegal "ferry" the pain.

12 2 April, a well-known manufacturers of water heaters, customer service manager in Beijing Beijing Yong Cheng outside the police station received a call: "how can you cheat so that customers, repair water heater for only a small iron pieces to receive 300 yuan!"

Chengre confused, police said at the hearing, said after the contents of the specific repairs, such repairs only 70 yuan. Mr Cheng asked for the names of maintenance workers, the query to find out the maintenance man reported is simply not the name of the list of their employees. Finally, when police say it is the customer get through the Baidu search service point of the phone, Mr Cheng was suddenly realized.

"Im sorry, this phone is not our point of repair, this is a fake repair. Now use Baidu search keywords × × × water heater repair point, the 25 top-ranking are counterfeit, the first two Page not a maintenance point of our business. "Cheng says with resignation.

Mr Cheng told reporters: "This call we often receive complaints. We in the Beijing market with nearly 100 million users, every day, consumers are fake and maintenance point of deception." In addition to the enterprise where

Cheng, almost all the well-known water heater manufacturers are so fake and over the maintenance points. Reporter using the keyword "MACRO water heater maintenance" and "million and water heater repair," found in the Baidu search, ranking first in the maintenance of two different sites in addition to business description, other content is almost exactly the same, even the two unified phone company website are 4008-99-0000, prove that this is simply a company.

"Water heater repair the keyword bidding has now soared to 13 yuan more than one click, Baidu to dig our business 15 yuan, saying it could give us the first row." Cheng said, "This is not reality, we in the Beijing area has nearly 100 million users, the price for 15 yuan per click so that we can not afford. "

It is, therefore, many consumers put the blame on taken to the vendor after the head, seriously undermined the credibility of the brand manufacturer. Fellow Law School of China University of Political Science

Zhang Fan said this, said: "Baidu side of the holding of information to help SMEs make the banner, he has also hidden in the competitive position through false information within the enrichment, and threatened out of informal enterprises higher prices to top out. This not only damages the formal business of the operating system also harm the network information order. "

Currently, only the reporter learned, there are similar experiences of enterprises have more than 100.

Must stop dangerous "ferry" - on "PPC" advertising must control this hidden It can be seen from many examples

, "PPC" Search pattern not only caused havoc false information online, but also seriously disrupted the network information order.

Worse, most of the public is unaware of this. Web search engine out of the trust, the public generally that the use of keyword search, a search engine results automatically aggregated on the network does not know that the search results can be carried out human intervention. Therefore, the general public would mistakenly believe that the search must be a top-ranking similar products (services) in the best and most users.

Baidu reported a recently published, "PPC" the highest income accounted for the total income of more than Bacheng.

"PPC" search mode for Baidu is undoubtedly a money machine. But this would harm the public interest.

Because this model is actually a fake and shoddy products (services), and even a danger to society as a direct product (service) opened a public legal, unrestricted sale, display, dissemination channels, a large number of hazardous products and information entrainment where surging out from the channel, the production of public life a great negative impact.

More serious is that this model the negative impact on public perceptions are apparent, the integrity of peoples acceptance of the Internet down, then the integrity of social life, recognition decreased. Since the media, public exposure

Baidu "PPC" full of false information after the search, Baidu although publicly apologize to the community, taken from the "PPC" Search in the revocation of more than 1,000 false medical information, are thought to have fired two staff and other measures at fault, but their "PPC" This model has not touched all walks of life is still full of false information during. Baidu CEO Robin Li said, the law does not require paid search engine is responsible for the release of information, search engines may not be held responsible for the authenticity of network information.

This regard, Zhang Fan bears regulatory responsibility that the competent authorities should not be left unchecked, should take the responsibility to provide the public with as much as possible to create an honest, clean network information search environment, protect the health of Chinas information industry development. (Gu Honghong)

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