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Chip components: the small 0402 size gradually into the mainstream

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Chip passive components with active components of electronic operation itself can not be initiated by the electron correlation
for starting, switching, speed and MAX232CPE datasheet and control. Currently, the dominant chip
passive components into multilayer ceramic capacitors, chip resistors, chip inductors three categories.
Chip passive component manufacturers mainly in Japan and MAX232CPE price and China-based Taiwanese companies, Chinas mainland-chip passive components
capacity also with Japan and MAX232CPE suppliers and Chinas Taiwan manufacturers shift production to mainland China is gradually increasing.

0402 sizing mainstream

2005 in the Three-chip passive components of the value of the average annual increase over 2004, passive components
industrial output value in 2005 was 32.8 billion, annual growth rate of 4.8%. In the resistor part,
due to product specifications and high technology is mature, easy mass production, so drop in the prices of products are also
larger in 2005 and lower its growth, annual production is 56 billion U.S. dollars, annual increase of 1.99%.
Part in the capacitor, due to rapid growth of portable devices, so small price declines,
2005 compared to 2004 annual growth rate of low volatility, annual output value of 15.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2005, the annual growth rate
2.5%. Part of the inductor, the inductors are mostly customized, so the product price decreases
small, three in 2005, the fastest annual growth rate of the global inductance value of 65 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 6.14% annual
. IEK predicted global passive components in 2006 will reach 35.3 billion U.S. dollars GDP,
7.6% annual increase.
Chip passive components as the development trend of downstream products that are light, thin, short, small,
the chip passive components sizes are also shrinking trend, following the 0603 specifications of the first in
1998 degree of over 0806, the 0402 is also the first time in 2005 than 0603 specifications, future
demand for 0402 will replace the specification requirement of 0603 to determine 0402
the mainstream. As for the 0201 product, the current penetration rate is not high, mainly used for 3G mobile phones and consumer electronics high
order now mainly rests in the hands of Japanese manufacturers. The head of Taiwans manufacturers
0805 and 0603 as the former still the main products, 0402 was a slight improvement products nearly two years, as 0201
products shipping companies now account for less than 1%.

MLCC prices will be long-term stability

capacitor main function is to store electrical energy, can be divided into aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors,
MLCC MLCC capacitors with plastic film, which MLCC is a chip component.
MLCC multilayer ceramic capacitors by the ceramic layer and internal electrode layers interleaved stack is made of metal, each of the upper and lower ceramic layers
two parallel electrodes were clamped to form a plate capacitor, and then by the internal electrode and Ministry of Foreign
linked electrode, a capacitor connected in parallel each. In recent years, the ceramic stack technology
progress, more and more high capacitance levels, and gradually to replace the low-capacity capacitor, and the emergence of electronic products with
a light, thin, short, small features, application, more is extensive, a cell phone uses about 150-300
MLCC, 300-350 desktop using a MLCC, laptop computers need to use the
500-600 a MLCC, addition, MP3/MP4 players, digital cameras, LCD
TV and other consumer electronics products are widely used MLCC.
MLCC are in oversupply in recent years, the state, although the demand has increased steadily, but have also increased for
to 2005, the supply / demand ratio is 120%, estimated production capacity expansion in party control
Zhang cases in 2006, the supply / demand ratio will drop to 108%, the pressure of excess supply
slow trend to the MLCC of Yageo price point of view, has been since 2005 since the third consecutive quarter in Q3 flat,
display industry maintain the improved state of supply and demand. Second half of the season are consumer electronics, the basic balance between supply and demand will
price is expected to continue to stabilize or slightly increase. Future market share concentration will
continue to increase the bargaining power of downstream manufacturers will continue to decrease, MLCC
price stability given the long-term future. Taiwanese manufacturers accounted for over half of

chip resistor market, showing areas of technology low, standard products, large shipments, price competition is intense and so excited
. Taiwanese firms in China has advantages in production cost situation, seize the day and gradually
business market. Current market share of Taiwanese manufacturers in China more than 50%, the giant was the first resistance of the global chip maker
, product market share of 30%. Yageo reportedly will merge Wang Quan, State
blockbuster resistance from the 25 billion monthly capacity of 8.6 billion increase, to 33.6 billion, ranking
continued leading position in the global chip resistor. In addition, China can produce new Section 8 billion, after the merger Kamaya
reach 13 billion per month, this year was 18 billion expansion. Tai Yi
15.0 billion pieces per month to end of the year to 18 billion expansion.
To chip resistance point of view of industrial growth, margin expansion in China than Taiwan companies seeking to be
growth rate of Taiwan companies in China to try to force Japanese firms gradually exit the market. Therefore,
chip resistor prices continued to decline in the future, once the Taiwanese firms in China accounted for more than 70% of the chip
resistor market, then price competition to a significant reduction in the need, the price will be stable.

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