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Manufactured by Murata MLCC is the worlds largest manufacturer, has an absolute leading position, since the emergence since the
MLCC, Murata has been to maintain the status of the world, the global market share from
not less than 20%. In the high-end market, a higher share of Murata, such as micro-method
0402,100 large capacity MLCC market share of 40% or so. Murata is Nokias first-tier suppliers.
Currently, Beijing Murata is already well-known multi-layer ceramic capacitor manufacturer,
created a domestic market share of domestic market share of the first --- nearly 50% market share in the advantages and LM393N datasheet and good results
. Beijing Murata Electronics Co., Ltd. (BME) from Japan (strain) and LM393N price and Beijing Murata
798 state-owned joint venture to set up the first large-scale joint venture established in July 1994. In January 1997
into the Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone, the registered capital of $ 35,000,000, with a total investment of 5000
million. Design capacity of 3 to 3.5 million / month.

TDK: magnetic materials industry hegemony

TDK products distributed in the magnetic materials, electronic components, parts record, recording media and LM393N suppliers and semi-conductors and other fields
, and quality known to the world, magnet center and the current recording (video) tape, CD
materials related products first in the world, all kinds of passive component products are also third in the world for the sector of world famous enterprises
1995 in Xiamen City, Xiamen and Hong Kong jointly established TDK TDK Co., Ltd., now owned 1
million people, is our continents most important supplier of electronic information components.

Kyocera: Kyocera Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. started

is one of the worlds 500 largest companies, Kyocera
most products and telecommunication-related, including wireless handsets and network equipment , semiconductor devices, RF and microwave products
suite, passive electronic components, crystal oscillators and connectors and the use of the optical communication network
the photoelectric products. Kyocera is still the most good at the production of electronic components, precision ceramic
Kyocera ceramic started to, is the leading worldwide supplier of capacitors to provide to keep the small,
such large capacity of multi-direction layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) and tantalum capacitors and with a thin film of high
frequency, low inductance capacitor type, and other products.
Shanghai Kyocera Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai Electronics Development Holding Group and Japans Kyocera Corporation
set up a joint venture located in Shanghai Pudong Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, the total production in 1997, Multi-Health
films layer ceramic capacitors and chip resistors. Shanghai Kyocera production in addition to the production
MLCC chip resistors, and later in order to increase the competitiveness of the main business in October 1998 to stop production of chip-type electric

Taiyo Yuden:

leader in high-capacity MLCC Taiyo Yuden is the fourth largest MLCC factory in Japan in 1999 into the MLCC field, is the latest entry into the
field MLCC manufacturers, global market share of about 10.7%. However, the company
capacity greater than 1 micro-law has a dominant position on the MLCC market, global market share of up to 37%. Too
Yang Yuden in Japan, Malaysia, the United States has a production base. In Dongguan, Guangdong, China also has a large production base
Dongguan Co., Ltd. is Japans Taiyo Yuden Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. in Dongguan City, the town of Stone Scorpion
high-tech investment in wholly owned enterprises, but also the Corporations first investment in mainland China, a
companies, The main production of ceramic capacitors, cylindrical resistor, varistor varistors, inductors and other electronic products

Yageo: chip resistor chasing

Yageo Group was founded in 1977, is Chinas largest passive component manufacturers in Taiwan
business enterprises, in addition to chip resistance control field ranked outside the top spot in global markets, the giant company is the worlds second largest
magnetic (Magnetics) and the top three suppliers multilayer ceramic electronic
container manufacturers. Giant Group is the world
three countries to provide MLCC, chip inductors, chip resistors,
traditional resistors, electrolytic capacitors, magnetic materials, the large companies.
2006 first quarter, the National blockbuster Resistors (Chip-R) to produce 24.5 billion
the first highest in the world, accounting for about one-third of the world market. In 2005 the giant magnetic materials (Ferrites)
to 13,000 tons of hot pursuit of the Japanese TDK, finishing second in the world.
Attaches great importance to the giants investment in the mainland, since 1996, has established in Dongguan, Suzhou and
a world-class manufacturing base. The end of 2003, the giant factory in Suzhou of East China to
areas into multi-layer ceramic capacitors first production line of the whole process, can produce 1 billion. Article Suzhou second multi-layer ceramic capacitors
production line put into operation in 2004, the Suzhou plant in 2004 the total monthly production capacity of 20
MLCC billion units. Yageo currently in multi-layer ceramic capacitors mainland sales of over 4 billion monthly.

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