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Concerns about the way the Chinese three Blu-ray may not be smooth

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After defeating HDDV D, BD promotion in the Chinese market may not be short-term win. One month before the end of the Blu-ray format war, does not mean that the winner BD (Blue-rayDisc Blu-ray Disc from Sony, Panasonic and CD4052BE datasheet and other leading manufacturers specifications) already dominate the political arena, on the contrary, BD market has only just war start. BD Blu-ray disc player makers in China that there are still too expensive, uncertain royalties and CD4052BE price and other issues, in addition, in the Chinese market in addition to DVD, the still developing EVD, NVD and CD4052BE suppliers and other red HD DVD and CHDVD (the Chinese version of the HDDVD). Blu-ray BD in the Chinese market to promote the road may not be plain sailing.

"Red and blue" struggle will be protracted

2 19, Toshiba HDDVD led ultimately to the specifications of Sony, Panasonic and other leading of the BD specification bow, does not mean that BD from the field in the disc player dominate the political arena, on the contrary, BD market battle has just begun. "The original BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association) around the main work between BD and HDDVD format competition in, and now the focus is to promote Blu-ray technology to consumers." BDA China to promote the chairman Zhao Guizhi the "China Electronics News" interview, said.

For the use of the BD blue laser technology, the rival Blu-ray format is obviously not have withdrawn the dispute HDDVD, instead of using red laser technology, DVD, and the latter technology is relatively backward, but the product is more mature and affordable low.

DVD format unification in 1995 as in 1996, the first DVD player available, but DVD was around 2000, showing only replace the VCD of the Pa-phase, as the industry believe that in the Chinese market, BD and DVD will certainly be a period of not less than the "red and blue," co-existence of, are more likely to put on a fierce and protracted. "Blu-ray DVD prices relative to prices is still very high, Blu-ray DVD now quickly down to the price level, will take time, cheap red high-definition still have three to five years in the market." China Electronics Technology Group III Institute senior Tianyu Jing "China Electronics News" interview, pointed out.

Despite the identity development of Blu-ray has become the ultimate optical storage format, the future is bound to become the mainstream, but the complexity of the Chinese market, but also determines the Blu-ray BD represent the promotion in the Chinese market will have a timetable.

In Tian Yujing view, this complexity is reflected in: China disc player market is very large, very diverse needs, for the small screen of television users, the red HD DVD audio to meet the demand, while and blue can only reflect light with a sense of the big-screen high-definition HDTV, universal access to take some time. There are three major concerns of Chinese manufacturers

Vast majority of our washer in VCD and DVD manufacturers cashing in fat times, and then because of "technical constraints, disorderly competition" into a career low. According to report, rise and fall, they for high-definition Blu-ray disc player and the red DVD, now most are not real productive move, but only "abnormal concern" to the sidelines.

"HD DVD is for the domestic red light, there is now more fake and shoddy products, so enterprises on the amount of hard. We expect to launch in 2009 BD Blu-ray high-definition disc players, this is only for small batch production trying. "electrical, general manager of the Guangzhou East Gate Xu Hongbo" China Electronics News "interview, said.

According to report, our vendors for Blu-ray disc player BD There are three main concerns: First, the price of your current Blu-ray disc player, new sources for less when the market demand for large-scale heavy volume, it is still uncertain; the second is in DVD Times royalties encountered difficulties, so that they receive royalties Blu-ray BD pay special attention to the situation; Third, China is now the disc player market, in addition to DVD, still in the development of EVD, NVD and other red HD DVD, and CHDVD.

Royalties are still highly concerned about

Price, source of the bottleneck does not seem to chip manufacturers in China are most concerned about the problem disc player, lie in their hearts red patent issues and the development of HD or Blu-ray, it is the biggest mystery.

For the Chinese manufacturers are generally concerned about royalties and licensing issues, Zhao Guizhi said that the issue will be MEPGLA (well-known U.S. patent licensing company) devoted to the explanation. BD currently has 18 patents in the patent pool has been established enterprises.

Expert who requested anonymity told reporters, to pay a reasonable royalty, the obligation of the vendor. Now Blu-ray patent how to collect, is still discussion among specific age is the same as the DVD manufacturers in the whole collection, or like color TV, as in the components part of the collection, and now remained open. But one thing common is that both the washer manufacturer or patent holder, would like to avoid a charge the new era of DVD royalties charged chaos.

The current development of the Chinese market is still red high-definition Blu-ray, are now unknown. Can understand that, EVD, NVD is considering the integration of high-definition and other red, the collective force, but no substantial progress, and this month, CHDVD to mass production. Blu-ray are two factions in the Chinese market, is to BD and HDDVD in the form of the Chinese version, there are still competitive.

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