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Consumer IC Design "veteran" for steady growth

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Contrast Chinas semiconductor (CSIA) Association released in 2004 and LM324N datasheet and 2005 China top ten enterprises IC
design, you will find the main products in the consumer IC design company performance as a
. For example, Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. from 2004 to the first two dropped the first
4 last name; Valley Technology Co., Ltd. Shaoxing core 6 from falling to 8, Wuxi China Resources Semico micro
Electronics Co., Ltd. slipped from 8 to 10.


By contrast highlights the problems is that in multimedia chip design and LM324N price and Actions
table of Vimicro is strong, respectively, in 2004 and LM324N suppliers and the first 3 rose to No. 5 last year, the first one and two.
Consumer IC design companies slipped reflects the intense market competition, falling product prices
, product homogeneity serious problems.
In the interview, Shaoxing, China Resources Semico core Valley and have said that "there is nothing to say,"
Shao Xing Hua core unit in charge of the valley, a person is more Microelectronics, said Googles ranking of Shaoxing core
years even decline, indeed nothing to say. In the "nothing to say," Behind the bright spot is the
small businesses, not very optimistic about the prospects due.
Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Xiangdong in the "China Electronics News" interview, recorded
who expressed the hope that as soon as possible around the IC design industry to support the implementation of relevant policies.
Support the different governments will result in unfair business competition. In fact, the same withstand
"high-tech enterprises," the hat, Vimicro and the consumer IC design industry has been the enterprises
and local government support or there are some differences.

Seize new market opportunities

vast majority of Chinas IC design companies are starting from a low-end product design, therefore,
can say is Chinas low-end IC products design enterprise, the bedrock. No matter what
for product design, the key is to find a suitable product applications. Chen Xiangdong, said the explosive growth in the market can not find opportunities
circumstances, sustained growth for the companys non-
often important. Although there appears to be relatively outdated VCD products, but in fact, each of the VCD on demand
a few millions is huge.
Homogenization of the product is quite serious, many IC design companies can be said to be in the "Red Sea"
in the shopping, how to find their own "Blue Ocean" is a corporate decision makers must consider. Chen
east that the country should strengthen basic research for enterprise support, and only if
this, in order to improve the companys sustainable development. At the same time, to a certain extent, involved in chip
manufacturing, packaging and testing is the key to the further development of the company.
3G and digital TV era is bound to the domestic IC design companies enormous business opportunities,
although everyone can see, but how to seize the opportunity will have gone through quite some contemplate. Targeting the next generation of technology
, walk in front of the market may well be a way out. Chen Xiangdong, said the company will
DVD and Blu-ray high definition DVD chips, one of the priorities for future research.
Do not currently have the ability to create the market situation, market opportunities is a good second best choice.

Silan: OEM Sipex expand business

Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. specializes in integrated circuits and semiconductor micro-electronic related products
design, production and sales, the companys main product is now integrated
and related application systems and programs. Hangzhou Silan
current products focus on three areas: the consumer digital audio and video applications targeted
IC products, including CD-ROM-based chip
server and system, for example, single-chip system, CD player, VCD single-chip system, MP3/WMA
decoding digital audio systems and products; towers, consumer IC products, and Silan-based investment
bipolar integrated circuit chip production line, BiCMOS and BCD
technology-based analog and digital hybrid integrated circuit products; Silan-based investment special
chip production line of semiconductor discrete devices, such as switching diodes, stability pressure tube, Short
base pipe, MOS power transistors and other products.
Perseverance to focus on skills enhancement, team building, management improvement, the market
the development, operation mode of innovation, thanks to the rapid development of electronic information industry, 2003
3 months, who Lan microelectronics at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first board in the country listed on the main
IC design companies.
Earlier this year, the U.S. analog IC supplier Sipex Corporation and Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics
said its subsidiary signed a definitive Hangzhou Silan IC foundry services agreement. Sipex
company said the agreement covers foundry manufacturing, product licensing, technology transfer and
manufacturing equipment sales. Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Xiangdong that from
engaged in the manufacture and packaging and testing services for IC design companies business development is not without benefits. Friends of

Hangzhou Wang: 8% of revenues in R & D

Hangzhou Friends of the Friends of Mong Electronics Co., Ltd. from Taiwan Shun Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Shi Lan
Microelectronics Co., Ltd. established a joint venture, specializing in the semiconductor integrated circuits, discrete devices
pieces of the design, production and sales. Friends of Mong Hangzhou inception in 1994, has been committed into a circuit design set
industry. Friends of Mong
current IC Hangzhou products include power management circuits, operational amplifiers power
Road, audio power amplifier, audio processing circuits, telephone circuits, the motor steady speed circuit wire microphone circuits without
, TV Electrical and Mechanical Road, leakage protection circuit, auto meter circuit, and other consumer
fee kind of circuit and so on. Products include low-power discrete transistor chip, medium voltage, medium power transistor chip in
pressure, high transistor chip, low power chip, high-frequency low-power chips,
pressure in the power of the chip, and so Darlington . Products output has risen to 6.5
billion pieces all kinds of integrated circuits, discrete devices chip 2.5 billion.
Proud that the Friends of Hangzhou Wang has a high level of technical R & D team, and a
consistently adhere to the more than 8% of sales revenue into research and development of products to a large number of R & D resources
into the next generation of semiconductor product design and technology development areas. Company has 5-inch chip production line
, developed similar products in the domestic leading level in the A680, A690 and
D550 VLSI test system and three generations of automatic test manipulator.

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