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DAB digital radio platform for Beijing to join the battle for the Olympic mobile TV

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During the Beijing Olympic Games, DAB audio broadcast will be available 16 sets, 6 sets of video multimedia broadcasting, and OP27G datasheet and 3 sets of data broadcasting, such as securities, transportation, music and OP27G price and other public service information.State Administration of Radio

support in mobile multimedia standards CMMB, and OP27G suppliers and based on the TD-SCDMA TD-MBMS mobile TV market both for the Olympic Games, when ready, the State Administration of Radio, another mobile phone support TV standard DAB has joined the high-profile battle.

Yesterday, the Beijing Peoples Broadcasting Station announced that during the Olympics, DAB digital multimedia broadcasting platform will be 4 sets of special Olympic broadcast TV channels and associated data services, Olympic TV channels will be completely free of charge.

Before this, CMMB has announced a mobile TV service during the Olympic Games free of charge, so the move and CMMB, DAB competition is obvious. However, under the Beijing Peoples Broadcasting Station, Beijing Jolon Digital Media Broadcasting Qinxue Gang, general manager of the "First Financial Daily" said, DAB hand in hand with the CMMB, DAB has been in operation at present, CMMB has plans before the official opening of the Olympic Games in Technically, the two compatibility can be achieved, there is no compatible product launch, just "waiting for the maturity of CMMB." (Ma Xiaofang)

Beijing Jolon Digital Media Broadcasting Corporation, Beijing Peoples Radio, a wholly owned subsidiary in Beijing solely responsible for the commercial DAB digital multimedia broadcasting and marketing operations. Qinxue Gang said that as early as 2006, SARFT CMMB and DAB had been carried out on different positioning and clear division: CMMB coverage via satellite to achieve national unity by a single operator operation; DAB focus on local multimedia services from different places operators were operating. He believes that "only one monopoly operator easy to form, a number of operators to participate, you can increase consumer choice."

2006 Nian 5 18, the State Administration of Radio DAB Digital Multimedia Broadcasting officially announced the industry standard; August 23, 2006, approved by the State Administration of Radio Beijing Peoples Broadcasting Station began broadcasting DAB digital multimedia broadcasting programs; the same year on November 1 , Beijing Peoples Broadcasting Station of the DAB digital multimedia broadcasting officially launched. According to Qin Xuegang

introduced, in order to complete the coverage of Beijing, the Beijing Peoples Broadcasting Station has invested 100 million yuan, the construction of five launch point, at present, including the Central Radio and television transmission towers, including the five emission points have all been built End, DAB signals completed the ground coverage of the whole Beijing.

Beijing during the Olympic Games, DAB audio broadcast will be available 16 sets, 6 sets of video multimedia broadcasting, including news channels and sports channel CCTV, Beijing TV, as well as three sets of data broadcasting, such as securities, transportation, music and other public service information. There will be 6 sets of 4 sets of video programming broadcast during the Olympic Games throughout China Central Television and Beijing Televisions Olympic program.

Qinxue Gang said that in the process of development of DAB, the full attention and cooperation of operators, to the end of February 2008, DAB has with China Mobile and China Unicom, the FBI completed technical tests, in addition to China Mobile signed a business cooperation agreement. DAB has the advantage: for the small screen broadcast; meet the needs of mobile watch; watch the results from bandwidth limitations, a personal look at the same time with 1,000 people watching the same effect; also can transmit traffic, stocks and other digital information.

Reporter learned that, in addition to Beijing, there are 4 to also get the approval of the State Administration of Radio DAB licensing operations, namely Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian and Henan Province, Guangzhou, which started commercial service in 2007 . According to Qin Xuegang introduced the DAB field in Beijing has reached 10 million or more users.

Yesterday, to participate in "DAB international exchange and the end product will be" the UK DAB radio operators CHANNEL 4 director Nathalie Schwarz said the London Olympics in 2012 has also included a formal communication plan DAB, the DAB Digital Beijing Olympic Games The addition of multimedia broadcasting them would be a good reference.

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