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Daily News: Preparing for triple Huang 1.9 billion cash?

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Reverberations or triple from the climax of the battle group. "Daily News" yesterday was informed that Beijing Light Huatian Cheng Chu Lai, chairman of the auction option but promise to give up the desire to help back triple triple Group trading company the largest shareholder of the place, while Gome Huang Guangyu, the Placing Shares are emergency cash, the amount of nearly 1.9 billion yuan. Huang Guangyu in order to consolidate the industry speculation that the Group a controlling stake in the accumulation of triple fodder. Triple

reverberations from the trading company or the climax of the battle. "Daily News" yesterday was informed that Beijing Light Huatian Cheng Zhu, chairman of the Joint Rai auction trading company to give up equity, and MAX4541CSA datasheet and making remarks like to help take back triple triple Group trading company the largest shareholder of the place, while the emergency placement of Gome Huang Guangyu shares of cash, the amount of nearly 19 billion yuan. Consolidation of the industry speculation that Huang triple trading company for a controlling stake in the accumulation of forage. Nearly 1.9 billion cash target


4 On 20 April, a country the United States notice published in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. According to the disclosure notice, Gome Huang Guangyu, chairman of the April 18 and MAX4541CSA price and the Placing Agent GoldmanSachs (Asia) LLC entered into a placing agreement placing price of 17.00 Hong Kong dollars per share not less than placing a company wholly owned by Huang held ShinningCrown of 125,430,000 shares, the total amount of nearly 1.9 billion. Why suddenly

Huang cash it? He Yang Qing United States yesterday, a spokesman for the "Daily News" said that selling shares is mainly due to a major shareholder in view of the recent turbulence in international stock markets, stable operation only from the perspective of the Group sufficient cash reserves to meet contingencies. United States President Chen is repeatedly affirmed that the Placing Shares Huang acts are major shareholders of individual behavior, and MAX4541CSA suppliers and corporate decision-making has nothing to do.

Huang emergency cash, allegedly to help out with the Chu Lai, triple gang, to which country the United States high-level noncommittal. He Yang Qing to the "Daily Economic News" caution that the move, and Chu Lai, to help out triple group "may have little," while the country is the U.S. President Chen Chu Lai, to help out hard-line stance Sanlian Group as "a farce" United States will remain firmly declared major shareholder of triple trading company unswervingly. United executives have said the two countries would be highly concerned about triple trading company equity transactions.

Back to the second-largest shareholder of Sanlian Group

Notice in the States United States debut, April 21, triple hung out trading company shares in the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced the auction progress, formal confirmation "Haiya Ao Communications Limited officially given up on the looks of the Joint Group of 9.02% of the equity. " This means that 9.02% of the shares returned to the hands of Sanlian Group, Joint Group of triple trading company again become the second largest shareholder. Days of triple stop disk recovery disk yesterday trading company, fell 9.96% to close at 12.74 yuan.

It is understood that light Hua Tiancheng Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Chu Lai, 20, had announced in Jinan, in accordance with the Joint Group, a strategic cooperation agreement reached in the light of its control of the OCA Hua Tiancheng Communication whole (including its auction from 9.02% in the triple trading company shares) transferred to the Joint Group. In return, the Joint Group will support investment in the Pearl River, Pearl Group, Shandong, Zhu family business into the real estate market. Chu Lai, triple Group jointly

9.02% of the shares to regain control, the Joint Group and triple trading company is currently the largest shareholder of Gomes share accounted for (10.69%) gap between the less than 2 percentage points. Zhu Rai said he could not rule out equity holdings in the secondary market to help the Joint Group became the largest shareholder of triple trading company.

Said, according to insiders, before Chu Lai, and frequently met with triple trading company to seek co-chairman Zhang Jisheng, Joint Urban has a lot of land resources, Zhu family and interested in the real estate industry in Shandong Province as early as constantly looking for an entry point two hit it off, the depth of the real estate sector to seek cooperation is also expected. Meanwhile, Zhu Rais investment in the Pearl River, Pearl Group will use the distribution of many real estate projects across the country to support the Joint Group to expand in the consumer electronics market across the country and the construction of stores, to support Joint Group to create the well-known home appliance chain retailer .

2003 Nian 8 months, triple Zhengbaiwen achieve through the restructuring of listed trading company, becoming the first professional home appliance chain listed companies. Earlier this year, Gome through the "curve acquisition" means holders of shares of Restricted triple trading company shares outstanding 2700, becoming the largest shareholder. (Pastoral) States United States holding triple trading company


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