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Daily consumption: hardware and software industry, expand the LED a bright future for both

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LED GB basically completed the draft, dozens of companies involved in the development of 15 items. With the national standard sound, LED industry not only has seven in the hardware base, and MAX756CSA datasheet and software in the technical standards to be rich.

"LED industry is still in chaos, no standards, some companies are driven by interests, poor quality of the products produced." Zhongshan SkyMax Display Technologies Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu said in an interview, some companies a received the order to find some low-end material for the production, sale shipments received money trouble.

However, this situation is expected in the years to resolve. It is understood, LED formulation of national standards is well underway, now the standard of the draft has been completed.

There is a market without standards Huayi Lighting Group

LED general manager Chen Jiansheng that "the lack of standards, to bring the production problem, even in the 3C certification, the certification body can not do anything." Chen Jiansheng said, although the Honor of the LED Division Seventy people with six R & D team, but the new standard for LED, but also in the exploratory stage, a number of LED products can only refer to some of the traditional lamp standards, leading businesses to invest more, the effect is less.

Although the lighting industry as a new, LED with energy saving, long life, high efficiency, etc., but after all the lighting industry, "newborn" and MAX756CSA price and its problems become more apparent. National Standardization Technical Committee Lighting relevant responsible person said, LED product quality is the biggest bottleneck restricting development of the industry, coupled with the absence of awareness of business services and MAX756CSA suppliers and non-uniform product quality standards, some manufacturers there is dumping low-priced, leading to the development of LED industry is not speed in time. In addition, the LED has become expensive and even speed the development of universal access to the biggest "stumbling block."

Either government or business, the future for the LED industry, we have the same good. In the building conservation, environment-friendly society today, LED lighting industry to become the new darling. The sources, last month, held in Shenzhen International Exhibition on LED, LED new products emerging, from the original scope of the use of landscape lighting, decorative lighting, furniture, lighting and other areas of the field to penetrate slowly, and even appeared on the show LED lamp, LED smoking dome light, LED fluorescent lamp and so on. "In fact, LED lighting will be gradually to indoor lighting, outdoor lighting from the direction of advance for the full use of LED products, taken the crucial step, as has the significance of the revolution."

LED to broaden the use of, and ultimately into peoples dream, which will provide more development of LED industry world wide. "With lower costs, LED lighting into the field to the general can certainly be achieved." National Standardization Technical Committee Lighting experts said, "national standard" after the enterprise has the "chapter" to follow, will be mass production, lower prices , it will really dominate the market.

Standard setting time is ripe "LEDs standard-setting time is ripe." Chen Jiansheng respect, the healthy development of an industry, need to have a rules. Official launch of the relevant state departments LED standards, epoch-making significance. It is reported that participation in the LED "national standard" set up dozens of companies, a total of 15 items.

Reporter learned that participation in the "General lighting LED module safety requirements", "Road lighting LED lights," "decorative lighting LED lights" and five national standards Huayi Lighting Group has drafted the relevant standards to do the preparation work, and the formation of a preliminary draft of the draft by the authority of the department and leading enterprises discuss amendments, it will become a "national standard."

A mature industry chain, there must be a standard specification. The company walking in the "national standard" before the inevitable for the development of space more than others. LED is currently in the country with Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xiamen, Nanchang, Dalian and other seven industrial base. Each base has on the future development of planning goals and measures. Among them, the Shanghai bases future development goals is to establish and perfect the LED intellectual property system; in strengthening regional cooperation, improve the body of industrial innovation, and platform building to promote scientific and technological efforts.

Currently, the site of the industrys semiconductor lighting industry has become the largest and most concentrated areas, with a strong basis for industrial expansion. Conditions in scientific research, relying on the Institute of Optoelectronics, Shenzhen University, a number of photonics research.

Dalian base continue to increase efforts to attract foreign investment, strengthening industry leadership, strengthen intellectual property protection and management, development of intellectual property strategy semiconductor lighting industry in Dalian.

Nanchang base will continue to optimize the environment, do a good job promoting the industrialization of play base aggregation effect, good German, United States, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions to attract investment.

Xiamen base to actively promote the construction of two pilot area will be built in Xiamen, Taiwans semiconductor lighting industry cooperation experimental zones for the application and development, integration of resources, and concerted efforts to promote the innovation system, the formation of Industrial Technology Research Institute, to promote cross-strait industrial docking, exchange and cooperation.

Inevitable increase in costs

Although established a timetable for the introduction of LED standards have not really sure, but can be expected that after the introduction of national standard, LED industry will face a big reshuffle.

Industry believes that if the formal implementation of the national standard, there will be 5 percent or so of the enterprises were eliminated. Some business owners said that after the implementation of national standards, each of LED lighting products will increase the cost of 8-10 million, and the current LED market is not perfect, some of the products the profit is only 3 yuan, or even less. Even so, there must be half of the enterprises are facing reshuffle.

National Standardization Technical Committee Lighting said that the introduction of national standards are still to enterprise completely still buffer time, talent and technology is imperative to strengthen the reserves, until the real time implementation of the national standard only stabilize the pace.

"LED standards after the introduction of LED industry will promote further standardization, lead the industry by the disorder, non-standard state into order, a standard way to enter the market." The official said.

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