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Digital power development cycle is shortened

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Digital power is an emerging product area, for the concept of digital power,The industry do not have a uniform definition. For TIs C2000 product is concerned, it supportsDigital Power is a fully digital solution: the power of real-time control and TL431 datasheet and system partsManagement, monitoring CPU completely digitized to achieve. Now, some of the core power productsThe control section uses simulation technology, but increased the number of monitoring or management functions, suchPower Products are sometimes referred to as digital power. Compared with the traditional program, full digital powerGreat changes, such as power load is very complex, with traditional analog power supplyDo require complex processing circuit, the digital control loop to achieve after the control sectionImplemented entirely in software instead of using analog circuits to implement, therefore, control strategyCan be very flexible. Of course, this requires the control of CPU speed to be very fast, which is TIsOne of the advantages C2000 controller, its current maximum operating speed of 150MHz.As a digital system power supply solutions platform, C2000 not only provide a richCommunication interfaces such as CAN, SCI, SPI, etc., is still a very high-performance chipThe A / D converter module and TL431 price and the PWM control module, C2000 in the chip A / D module, the maximum samplingConversion rate can reach 80nS, that is, within 1 second, it can complete the 12.5Trillion sampling. The on-chip PWM module is currently provided for in the most specialized power controlIndustry, digital control module, the AC / DC, DC / DC converter circuit of the various extensionFlutter-driven, such as multi-phase PFC, phase-shifted full bridge ZVS, ZCS of the PWM driver, can in thisModule is very easy to achieve. In addition, it provides high-precision PWM output function (HRPWM),Unique in the industry, and TL431 suppliers and its output resolution up to 150pS. This high-precisionLevel PWM feature can be up to 1MHz frequency switching power supply situation, for about 12.4Output accuracy. This technology is seen as analog to digital power supply bottlenecks in the transition of the giantBreakthrough.Power supply products from the current development trends, the current number of vendors have adopted TIs power supplyC2000 platform of digital power, the corresponding products is also growing rapidly.As more and more digital power products available, the advantages of digital power plant has had manyProviders and user acceptance, which also makes the development of digital power in recent years has been in the acceleration process.One of the main driving force behind it, is to use the software instead of hardware, to the power productsThe design, production, maintenance and other aspects of the unprecedented flexibility. Power productsDesign and production is complex, once the hardware to implement product features, change or extension to non-Often difficult, and very easy to use software. Based on a number of the application development platformPower suppliers in the shortest possible time to provide its customers with targeted solutions.Power is actually a high cost for special products. Figures we are seeing200W power supply are generally more powerful. In such a power level, with CPUReplace the traditional analog technology, its cost advantages will show up. At present, so in recent yearsDigital power has become a hot topic in the industry.Fields face of consumer applications, digital power supply also has application potential, eg forLarge-screen TV, digital power to an advantage. The cost, whether it is industry or consumerFee electronics, are more concerned about cost, time must enter the industry than the modelProposed technology and low cost, good performance, the market will have the opportunity to enter the consumer electronics industry is the sameLike. Digital power supply into the consumer electronics field, in fact, one of the difficulties is the human factor, afterAnalog technology, engineers, all of a sudden go to digital design, is not well adapted to the digital powerIndeed the source design threshold is relatively high, therefore, are more advanced in this field as a company,TI is also taking some measures designed to reduce the threshold, one of the ways that we specificallyCreation of a digital power web, to provide reference designs for engineers, including softwareAnd hardware, we are also pleased to see that digital power product development cycles are becoming shorter.    

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