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Domestic semiconductor equipment: solar market accounts for half of

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In the semiconductor equipment field, is almost dominated by large foreign companies, and LM339N datasheet and as foreign second-hand equipment in China
the "rocks" and LM339N price and the solar cell industry, the rapid rise of the domestic semiconductor equipment manufacturers to
and LM339N suppliers and opportunities.

Breakthrough in domestic equipment should be in the low-end high-end equipment in the field of

, domestic manufacturers can not technically competing against foreign manufacturers,
and with the tariffs gradually reduced in the past The price advantage has gradually narrowed. However, the gap in technology
little low-end market, through market segmentation, most domestic manufacturers
has a stable customer base, but also relatively significant market advantage. China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Institute of forty-five
of domestic director of marketing Hu Baoping the advantages of semiconductor devices was construed
release, he said, prices in the same technical level, domestic equipment
price of imported equipment usually less than 1 / 2, cost-effective and high return on capital to attract most of the domestic buyers;
geographically close to markets, technology exchange and is conducive to pre-process units with in close cooperation with
, tailored products for users, but also conducive to after-sale service and long-term supply of spare parts
; in the service, to sharpen the market mature domestic producers from a market-oriented to
user-oriented, from the "price to win" to "services to keep people" turn the concept of local business services
changed dramatically increase the domestic user confidence in the use of domestic equipment.
Fact, made from low-end semiconductor equipment industry breakthrough has been reached. North
Beijing Sevenstar Electronics Co., Ltd. Sheng Jinlong, general manager of microelectronic devices in mind
tell, we state the main equipment, semiconductor equipment, particularly, not only in such exposure, etching
and key equipment such as ion implantation to achieve a breakthrough, but also concerned about the proliferation of devices such as oxidation, corrosion of
school equipment, wafer cleaning equipment. In a sense, the latter is more sudden
the first to achieve the conditions for breaking, because over the years we precipitate a solid technology, have a broad customer base.
Its own technical difficulty but also with respect to exposure, etching and ion implantation and other key equipment is slightly smaller
, IC line is a huge amount of used equipment types. He stressed that countries and companies in these products
should strengthen their efforts on the field, these types of equipment required for large-scale industrialization
resources should be much less than several other, to achieve a breakthrough better prospects. China Electronics Technology Group Corporation
forty-eighth Wang Jun, deputy director of the Institute, said the DPRK, IC production in the low-end devices
industry, solar cell manufacturing equipment, LED and LCD part of the process before and after the key process equipment located
equipment and other basic domestic equipment in areas already well-made equipment is still the market should choose elected
breakthrough. Ion implantation, etching machines, lithography, MOCVD and other key equipment should be made based
technological breakthrough equipment selection.

Solar equipment accounted for half of the

the surge in foreign demand for solar cells, solar cells so that the domestic industry also showed a jump
hop development, and therefore greatly facilitated by solar cells growth of semiconductor devices based
long, making it this year, a major component of semiconductor devices. According to the China Semiconductor Industry Association of Equipment
statistics, during the first half of this year sales of solar equipment has reached 3 billion,
has accounted for more than half of semiconductor equipment sales.
China Electronic Production Equipment Industry Association, said the Secretary-General Kim Cunzhong as
domestic semiconductor integrated circuit device is difficult to enter the production line, therefore, the enterprise in order to survive, only to find the product
market prospects. Relatively low solar equipment prices, foreign firms not involved,
and its technical difficulty is much smaller than the IC devices, combined with domestic market-driven, therefore, present before the solar cell equipment
have broad market prospects, Sevenstar, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation 48
the other well-known semiconductor equipment manufacturers have made impressive achievements in this field.
Wang Jun told the China Electronics News, North Korea, since 2002, by and for first-class business combination
and introduce advanced technology, technical updating and upgrading several times, made the key film solar cell production equipment
such as the system of cashmere, wafer cleaning machines, 8-inch diffusion furnace, etching
machine, PSG eliminate the machine, low temperature drying furnace, sintering furnace, wire brush machines have a large
production line in China replace the imported equipment, and broad application. Especially in 2003 Sevenstar
and 2004, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No. 48 Research Institute successfully developed the solar cell manufacturing equipment
one of the most critical production --- hot wall PECVD equipment, so our equipment industry
has basically met the solar cell manufacturing equipment, ability to supply the entire line.
Nevertheless, we must recognize that foreign semiconductor equipment giants such as Applied Materials Company
Division, is also coveted by the market, and now they are about co-operation and domestic manufacturers, but once they are involved in this
area and it will bring great impact on domestic manufacturers. Therefore, the domestic manufacturers should pay close attention to the hands of
resources, using their own prices, geographic and service advantages in the field of solar cells a stable foothold
equipment. Used Semiconductor Equipment killed

title a hot frying for the previous period of second-hand semiconductor equipment industry scholars have said,
used equipment is just a passer, and ultimately to the development of China-made to implement onto the semiconductor equipment industry.
Gold Cunzhong told reporters that the used equipment is currently experiencing a lot of problems, mainly financial and technical issues
problems. Used equipment upgrades and spare parts supply, after-sales service can not keep up, limiting the development of second-hand equipment
industry, and, second-hand equipment is mainly concentrated in the 8-inch production line, internationally renowned company
12-inch production lines gradually increased, the further limit the development of second-hand equipment.
Sheng Jinlong said that second-hand equipment is the product of IC development time, it was a certainty, in the short span of time
shortage of production line equipment, but not the permanent solution. On the other side of the
side note, Chinas semiconductor equipment industry too far behind, FAB too need support. Therefore, the progress of China-made equipment
only faster than the old line out of the international FAB speed, used a line to
useless. FAB is not willing to use second-hand equipment, but because the new line of investment
too overwhelmed they had to do, fundamentally speaking, is not kept pace with domestic equipment brought
Hubao Ping told reporters that realistically speaking, the last century, 90 years ago, the level of semiconductor devices with foreign
larger gap, and even reach the level of foreign second-hand equipment, which makes semiconductor production
large number of enterprises in China import of used equipment, but in recent years, domestic semiconductor
equipment has been improved overall, some equipment has reached or exceeded the level of new equipment abroad,
many semiconductor companies (especially private enterprises) have a large number of purchases made Semiconductor Equipment and
has tasted the sweetness. In addition, in recent years more and more foreign second-hand equipment market confusion, there
many users have suffered suffered second-hand foreign garbage. Therefore, the state government should introduce some policy restrictions
imported second-hand equipment, support domestic growth and development of semiconductor devices.


technical level of Chinas solar cell devices

First, wet etching and cleaning equipment, the main is an automated system for suede equipment, moving from
cleaning equipment, automatic PSG eliminate equipment, domestic manufacturers have been able to, and has reached world advanced level
Second, the diffusion furnace and international middle level has been considerable, and the cost advantages are clear.
Third, etching machines from the big gap between the international advanced level, but the cost advantage is obvious.
Fourth, the domestic PECVD process results have been close to the world advanced level, this is the advantage of this
equipment. But its degree of automation than imported equipment, and the device is mainly to promote the bottleneck
continuous production of flat panel equipment and imported large gap.
Fifth, the domestic screen printing and drying / sintering furnace with basic functions, but the gap into the
mouth is in the automatic product handling pieces (robots) and the means of automatic detection.
Sixth sub-file auto-detection equipment currently under development in the works.

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