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Experts say the popularity of Blu-ray faster than DVD

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Expert who asked not to be named the "China Electronics News" interview, the, said: "Blu-ray adoption rate in the Chinese market, it is faster than DVD."

Reason he gave expensive sources for little to promote the bottleneck in the DVD had also encountered the same problem, but the price of Blu-ray into the Chinese market over the last century 90s actually just in China DVD promotion when the lower prices. Meanwhile, DVD marketing in China, beginning in 1996, 1997, the Chinese VCD market is in a prosperous era, but by 1998, new subjects such as disk player giants began to stop VCD, DVD to do a single. The moment, Chinas red HD DVD VCD does not seem so active that year, although the development of many years, but has not yet been formed against the climate and AD620BR datasheet and Blu-ray.

Reporter access to the 1997 "China Electronics News," learned, VCD came in 1994, because of lower price, the disc won the rapid development of rich, from 1994 to 1996, its market size from 2 million to 20 million units, to 300 million to 400 million units, formed in 1997 to more than 1000 million units of large-scale, second only to TVs second largest consumer electronic products.

The same period, DVD prices high, the source of the few films to make VCD disc players became the market leader. DVD in October 1996 in Tokyo and AD620BR price and New York markets. To the mid-1997, prices are still up to 1000 dollars, in the U.S. market is only 15 million units sold, the disc is also $ 20 -30 dollars, and AD620BR suppliers and then with 16:9 widescreen HD DVD supporting the price of projection TV is Up to 3,000 U.S. dollars.

Blue face of DVD, just as after 1996, unified format VCD DVD face, faces price-chip source bottleneck. However, in terms of price, prior to BD and HDDVD Blu-ray because of fierce price war is more popular than the DVD to promote the early advantage, which for the popularity of Blu-ray faster than DVD has laid a good foundation.

"You will find that Blu-ray DVD to enter the Chinese market price, in fact, than the 90s of last century, DVD marketing in China just when prices are low. Especially the Toshiba HDDVD has dropped to the lowest price $ 99, to the BD format, players created a lot of pressure. "Toshiba Information Machine Co., Ltd. Design Department senior engineer Wu Yongming of Hangzhou in the" China Electronics News "reporter, said.

In fact, the first DVD player to market in 1997 prices, and BD player in 2006 as the time of listing price in 1000 dollars, while the BD players in the market after a year and a half to drop to a minimum of 300 dollars, this deceleration would be inconceivable in the DVD era.

But the industry also showed a different concern, BD do not have HDDVD the competitors, their prices will slow deceleration. Recently, Sony executives also say, as low as $ 200 during the year will not push the BD players, BD this year, will generally remain at around 500 dollars.

This, BDA China, Zhao Guizhi promote the chairman, said: "format after reunification, in fact, the format shifted to the competition from various manufacturers on price, market share, service strategy has made the greatest efforts, BDA between the manufacturers believe that The competition will be fierce. "

Now the Chinese market is the most expensive BD disk player market in January of this years Sony BDP-S300, priced at 4,990 yuan, and after August 2007, Pioneers first BD disc player in Chinas listed price is as high as 1.7 million. According to report, Panasonic BD disc player this year in Beijing before the Olympics in China market, but price information is still unknown.

BD universal disc player prices will continue to speed, it is still unknown, but the general manager of the Guangzhou East Gate electrical Xu Hongbo is optimistic that, in October 2009, BD disc players are expected to start rising scale of big bang, when the price than they are now listed in China, Sonys Blu-ray disc player 4990 yuan is about 50% cheaper to control the price level in 2000 yuan.

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