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First quarter of 2007 Top Ten logic devices and programmable logic devices New Comment

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APPLIED MICRO CIRCUITS CORP: scalable performance SATA RAID 6 controller
Editors: Applied Micro Circuits Corp (AMCC) introduced its series of high-performance AMCC 3ware 9650SE SATA RAID controller, the series controller from 2 to 24 ports The modules, designed to improve system performance RAID 6.
Reader Comments:
1. can and DS12C887 datasheet and Linux compatible.
2. not bad, but unfortunately only for PCI express architecture.
3. logical redundancy could be improved.
availability Ranking: 1
XILINX: Xilinx introduced the industrys largest 65nm FPGA gate count
Editors: Xilinx has introduced a 65nm FPGA - LX330, the logic gate count than the largest unit of 90nm FPGA products also produce more 65%. According to Xilinx said its foundry partner United Microelectronics (UMC) and DS12C887 price and Toshiba (Toshiba) in the 65nm process to enhance production capacity quickly, so that timely availability of its Xilinx Virtex-5 LX Series All products than its competitors, leading year to enter the market.
Reader Comments:
1. no one will care about is using 65nm production technology ...
availability Ranking: 2
AGERE: 1394B has dual PCIe connectivity and DS12C887 suppliers and the interface chip
Editor: I hope the system with more features designed to poor product differentiation will be PC, notebook computers and consumer electronics designers should look at the company from Agere Both IC. One model for the FW643 the chip integrated in a single chip, 1394B and PCI Express (PCIe) interface functions. This section for the Agere chip PCIe-394B company launched TrueFIRE one of the series. According to Agere, said, FW643 is the industrys first integrated PCI Express bus and 1394B single-chip solution. FW643 mainly for higher data transfer rate required to send large files solution.
availability Ranking: 3
SILICON IMAGE: for connection to PC, and HDTVs 340MHz HDMI transmitter chip
Editor: With more than industry-leading PC manufacturers and component manufacturers in the product design process using HDMI, High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) in the global PC market has been widely application. As the summary of the media center PC, ask to take integrated graphics chipset, laptop computer and digital graphics PC platform to support HDTV, and must have the HD and multimedia capabilities.
Reader Comments:
1. good product.
availability Ranking: 4
IDT: for I / O interconnect of PCIe switching products
Editors: IDT PRECISE has launched a series of PCI Express (PCIe) switching products formed by the 10 devices, designed to address high-end servers, storage, communications, industrial and consumer products exist in the system I / O interconnection.
availability Ranking: 5
ADAPTEC: support PCIe Serial ATA controllers each connected
Editors: Adaptec Introduces Serial Primary ATA (SATA) controllers. The series controller from Adaptec Serial ATA 1220SA and 1430SA HostRAID device components that can support the latest Intel PCI Express (PCIe) interconnect. Designed for desktop PC, workstation and low-end server low cost, high-effective RAID data protection.
availability ranking: 6
MATHSTAR: MathStar launched the second generation field programmable object array (FPOA)
Editor: MathStar Arrix launch the second generation of field programmable object array (FPOA). Allegedly, this fabless PLD vendors to develop this device at speeds up to 1GHz, the most advanced FPGA than the current rate of nearly four times faster. FPGA vendors estimate will bring a lot of the traditional pressures.
availability ranking: 7
AUSTRIA MICROSYSTEMS: support for FlexRay Automotive Network 10-Mbits / s bus transceiver
Editor: Austriamicrosystems has launched a high-speed automotive bus transceiver --- AS822, can support baud rates up to 10 Mbits / s, bandwidth of the network based on CAN bus 10 times . AS8221 also supports the protection bus interface can be used to achieve fault-tolerant and hard real-time solution.
availability rating: 8
CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR: Cypress introduced the peripheral controller for multimedia handsets
Editors: Cypress launched its West Bridge family of peripheral controllers first member --- Antioch. The controllers designed for mobile phones and portable media players and other consumer electronics products and design. West Bridge architecture using the controller embedded in the high-speed USB 2.0 and SD card, MMC card, HDD and NAND flash memory device between the latest mobile phones provide a direct channel. With Antioch controller, peripherals through USB interface to 480-Mbits / s data transfer rate, and the processor will not affect the phone system work.
Reader Comments:
1. This device should be able to get the Governments short-term support. Good luck.
2. price is too high. In terms of consumer products, such as software modem, no one will care about CPU load conditions.
availability Ranking: 9
MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS: designed for GSM / EDGE base station designed for high linearity chipset
Editor: Maxim designed for GSM / EDGE base station transmitter applications launched MAX2021/MAX2023 and MAX2058/MAX2059 designed chipsets. The chipset consists of a SiGe I / Q modulator (MAX2021/MAX2023) and highly integrated digital RF variable gain amplifier (VGA) (MAX2058/MAX2059) composition. Direct conversion of other competitors (zero IF) transmitter solutions than, MAX2021/MAX2023 I / Q modulators and MAX2058/MAX2059 VGA combination provides the lowest noise and highest linearity.
availability ranking: 10

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