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Half of 2007 MLCC market inventory

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With China becoming the worlds largest manufacturing base of electronic terminals, electronic components market in China also showed the trend of booming demand and AMS1117-3.3 datasheet and supply. Among them, multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC, also known as monolithic capacitors) is the amount of the largest and AMS1117-3.3 price and fastest growing component of the chip. Downstream supply chain from the terminal market, the demand for electronic products MLCC geometric showing rapid growth in domestic and AMS1117-3.3 suppliers and foreign MLCC manufacturers to bring a good opportunity for development.

"Inside every week into the new equipment, also have a day out to sign a new contract." From the Technology Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Yu Yang, General Manager Liu Jie MLCC business description, we can easily Glimpse MLCC market booming level. China Electronic Components Industry Association Information Center recently released the "2007 China Electronic Components hundred twentieth" ranking, Yu Sun Technology ranked No. 52, annual sales reached 49,768 million. First half of 2007, Yu Yang shipment growth of technology has reached 30%, and for industry, August is the beginning of the year season, so the performance of the market outlook is very worth the wait.

But also on the list, another manufacturer of ceramic capacitors Chaozhou ring (Group) Co., Ltd., followed at No. 56 with sales of 50,139 million. Capacitance of the company sales market, said Mok Minister Zhu Rui, China capacitor fully benefit from market development of China electronics industrys rapid expansion, especially in electronic export processing, used to be so in the future as well. With the RMB appreciation and the gradual increase in domestic labor costs, the domestic electronics manufacturing industry will also increase manufacturing costs, which will promote the domestic electronics production and processing enterprises have gradually eliminate low-tech, low-margin product processing (eg, DVD, set-top boxes, monitors, etc.), turn to high-tech, high-profit products processing (such as PC, mobile phone, etc.). Thus, the domestic industry MLCC manufacturers must keep pace with the changes, efforts to improve their level of product technology to meet the domestic electronics manufacturers make higher demands on the MLCC. As electronic products become more

small and thin, small size to become the main direction of development of MLCC.

At the same time, Japan, Korea, Taiwan-funded enterprises, such as MLCC Kyocera (AVX / KYOCERA), Murata (Murata), Holy Stone, the giant, also eager to China as a major production base and important market, have increased their investment in China and market expansion efforts. Global sales of Kyocera Communications Director Craig Hunter said: "Fiscal 2006 AVX 34% of the total global sales come from sales of ceramic capacitors and tantalum capacitors. As many of these new products are manufactured in China, for example, China is now the worlds most important mobile phone manufacturing base, so accordingly, many new components are a large number of products are purchased and used in China. "

MLCC is the Holy Stone in the main body of the passive components sales, 85% of total sales. Director of the companys passive component Ye Associate, said: "This year the global demand for MLCC growth rate remained at 15%, 0402,0603 small, low-volume product supply and demand ratio is about 1.07; high-volume products in the supply and demand ratio is about 0.97 0.98, a slight deficiency. from the current situation of the market, in August the entire electronics industry into the season, high-volume products, there have been some of the specifications tight supply. "

Ye Associate In particular, the last Holy Stone MLCC customers mainly in the Taiwan-funded enterprises, foreign-based, but last year, the proportion of the needs of Chinese companies gradually rise. From the applications point of view, a few years ago mainly MP3, PMP, digital camera, LCD television-based communications equipment market this year (including mobile phones and base stations) and demand growth is very fast, especially ZTE and Huawei, some time ago frequency by the largest single foreign telecommunications markets, thus stimulating demand for their products, the rapid expansion of capacitance, so the proportion of relatively high growth this year, I believe the next growth will be faster. Therefore, adjustment of marketing strategy this year, Holy Stone, the gradual increase in the proportion of customer sales in China, "China is now the Holy Stone is very optimistic about our customers in a market." He stressed.

MLCC continued to advance to the small size, 0402 to occupy the market mainstream

MLCC can be widely used in mobile communications, personal computers, automotive electronics, motherboards, monitors and flat panel TV, home DVD and mobile DVD, computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard) and other electronic devices. As these electronic products continue to become smaller and thinner, smaller size is a major MLCC technology direction. Murata is currently available, such as ultra-compact single-chip capacitors GRP03, size is only 0.6 × 0.3 × 0.3mm. Although small MLCC

can do the minimum has been 0201, or even 01005, but due to technical limitations, the yield is not high, and capacity is limited; Mounter customers higher performance requirements; so in addition to high-end mobile phones application market beyond the narrow, overall shipments are not high, a corresponding higher cost pressures. 0201 Wo Shentang said the companys total shipments currently only 5 to 10%.

Capacitor distributor Youren Zhang Junfeng Technology Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager, said: "The current mainstream of the global market, or 0402, and in the Chinese market, or even 0603 to 0402 is still in the transition stage." Youren Technology was established in 2000 years, agents from the Samsung high-capacity high-voltage chip capacitors started in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, South Korea has offices, the main agent of South Korea SAMSUNG, SAMWHA, KORCHIP, SEJIN, SAMWOO, Panasonic capacitor products.

Liao Jie: We developed a ceramic material can be less than half the cost of foreign material to achieve twice the performance.

Technology Liao Jie Yu Yang also confirmed the company is now best-selling capacity 0.1μF/1μF 0402 and 0603 products.

Decreasing the overall size specifications at the same time, some MLCC manufacturers also strive to reduce product thickness. To 0603 1μ 16V specifications, for example, Yu Yang already done 0.55mm, 0.8mm, compared with the typical reduced by 30%. Kyocera is also placed on the chip for the location and the memory card under the application of thin introduced MLCC - LT series, the maximum thickness of 0402 of which only 0.356mm.

High-capacity MLCC in short supply, public companies active expansion Amusement

2006 ~ 2007, LCD TV, laptop computer, mobile phone market continues to expand, especially with the speed of data transfer of digital products increased gradually, the memory capacity and function of the increasing type, particularly for high-capacity capacitor type capacitor rapidly expanding demand for the product. Zhang Junfeng

Youren technology that, with the supply pressure, since last year, the market delivery from the past 3 months extension to the current six months or even longer. Although the second half of last year, Japan and South Korea, Taiwan, Department of the domestic manufacturers have expansion, the current global production capacity is expected to have reached more than 15,000 million units, but some of the high capacity is still in short supply. Associate

leaves, said the current high-capacity MLCC Holy Stone dielectric layer can be done 3μm, the electrode thickness can be 1.2 ~ 1.3μm, the average temperature is 85 ℃. Different specifications, the company can provide high-capacity products were 0402/2.2μF, 0603/10μF, 0805/22μF, 1206/47μF, 1210/100μF.

Japanese manufacturers such as TDK, Murata and so has even introduced a maximum capacity of 220μF of products, but is still dominated 10μF ceramic capacitors, there will be more next 100μF products.

According to reports, Yu Yang technologies are now on a volume of about 30 billion or so, 0402 could be the biggest 1μF, accounting for more than 70% of shipments, followed by 0603, the maximum can be done 4.7μF, other limited to high-volume part of 0805, the maximum can be 10μF, these products are available in volume.

Liao Jie said that as the MLCC market, a huge room for growth, and Yu Yang of the market share of less than 5%, so the company is actively preparing for the market to bring in funds for further expansion of production capacity, a conservative estimate that next year will expand to 400 million or more. He believes that after a few years ago, after the volatility, MLCC prices are now stable, there will be no big ups and downs, but some of the high capacity of a gradual downward trend in prices.

And Yu Yang mainly focused on small-size high-capacity product different is that large-scale high-volume products are Holy Stone is another important direction of development. 1808,1812,2220 can be done now, even more than one centimeter length and width, mainly for the bureau central office equipment, industrial equipment, high reliability requirements on the performance of the application, as well as special customized high-end products (including high-pressure , special sizes, to meet specific safety certification, etc.). Wang

end product needs, and promote dance MLCC vast Hunter

Kyocera 2007 cell phone that global shipments are expected to more than one billion, the average amount of a cell phone in the MLCC 150 ~ 250 to 200 mobile phones per MLCC estimates, mobile phone MLCC The demand was 2,000 million, the market is huge. In addition, with the increase in phone features, and the popularity of 3G mobile phone, handheld television, feature real-time video signal will drive the increase in shipments of high-capacity devices increase the number of stand-alone use of MLCC will also increase the market demand is expected that this will sustained growth exponentially. Associate leaf

Holy Stone pointed out that the 2007 global LCD TV market growth rate of 75% of global shipments reached 7,600 million units shipped last year, the mainstream 26-inch size, rapidly this year due to falling prices, 32-inch more mainstream needs. With the larger sizes, LCD TV uses a lot of high-capacity X7R products, including operating voltage 16V/25V/35V, 1206 2.2μF/4.7μF/10μF capacity for the market mainstream. As a key development goal, Holy Stone has launched the market for operating temperature of 125 degrees in the X7R products. In addition, the high-voltage capacitor is an important component LCD TV, inverter / converter mainly used in high-voltage capacitors 6KV 3KV and products, Holy Stone is currently a major supplier in the market, said to reach 40% market share . Chaozhou sales market for ring capacitors Mo Zhu Rui Minister also believes that the current market performance from 2007, MLCC applications is the best flat-panel TVs, in addition to Chinese companies, digital set-top boxes but also the future development potential of the areas most one.

Become the worlds automotive electronics market is also another new product needs of capacitor area. Murata said the company has now introduced for the automotive electronics market MLCC products, with consumer electronics than the harsh environment of automotive technology and performance of MLCC put forward higher requirements, including security and power systems for application of body capacitor products also need to ISO/TS16949 international automotive quality system standard strictly certification, but the cost of the request and no less stringent consumer electronics. Holy Stone also said it will launch this year for the automotive temperature range of new products in the -55-150 ℃ X8, its hot and cold cycle test up to 3,000 times, with high reliability, TS16949 certification to be adopted, the fourth quarter is expected to provides for mass production.

Capacitive touch screen because of its stable performance and rapid expansion, due to its oscillator and calculators are used to the MLCC, so the expansion will also increase the demand for MLCC. Rui Zhu Mo said: "As the use of touch screen sensors are relatively harsh environment (outdoor or industrial environment), so demanding performance requirements of the capacitor, the capacitor performance requirements in different environments should have high stability. Only with such products will be stable NPO performance, we believe that NPO products in the largest use of sensors. "

Addition to the market, Kyocera Hunter also pointed out that multi-core MPU in the computer market will contribute to the growth in demand for low-inductance capacitors, while the console market for the higher demand for image processing technology, but also further drive the latest capacitor products.

Local price advantage the challenges of international manufacturers, domestic Chinese companies to explore business opportunities in depth

Capacitor market in the world has experienced from 2000 to 2004, after the ice age, a strong rebound in 2005, in particular, due to expanding demand, raw material supply, production capacity and other factors, MLCC market suffered last year large area out of embarrassment. Youren technology Zhang Junfeng states that "The greatest feature of this market is compared to last years Cheung Wong, from the market in May this year, the beginning of a turning point, 5,6,7 months continued to go down, missing the market this time last year goods has been very serious. "In his view, due to the global energy shortage, supply of raw materials must exist for a long, but after adjusting last years shortage, coupled with the dielectric layer gradually replaced by nickel and copper and other base metals, raw material supply to the MLCC impact has been not too much.

"Can no longer be used as raw materials to pay does not ship the excuse of." Yang Yu and technology, said Liu Jie, "The current raw material side, in addition to high-end materials, a little tight, smooth overall basic supply . production is limited mainly due to the level of technology and equipment. "

The one hand, thinner materials, processing more difficult; the other hand, higher capacity, higher number of layers, which are a challenge for manufacturers. International companies with a solid technical foundation to continue to lead the market. For example, Kyocera demand for high-speed data processing applications, introduced the LGA low-inductance capacitor series, another series of FLEXITERM can withstand more than the traditional MLCC 2 times the curvature by external force and therefore not easily occur in the tear. Zhu Rui

Mo Chaozhou ring that capacitor manufacturers in China is the biggest challenge facing the foreign price of capacitor manufacturers Shining pressing offensive, Japanese, Korean series such as Taiwan-based MLCC manufacturers and to reduce labor costs, have to take his MLCC production moved to the mainland, or even to move over the whole process, so the Chinese mainland in terms of MLCC manufacturers no longer have the advantage of labor costs, domestic enterprises can only improve the efficiency of production management, materials and equipment to achieve the localization of local resource advantages into full play in order to compete with foreign manufacturers MLCC. Liao Jie

that international manufacturers, the Chinese capacitor manufacturers competitive advantage lies in the grasp of the local market, with a better distribution network to provide close and efficient service. In addition, the company is also actively committed to achieving the material supply and the localization of human resources to further enhance the cost advantage. According to Liao Jie introduced, Yu-Sun Technology is now actively cooperate with domestic universities, to jointly develop its own ceramic materials, to less than half the cost of foreign material, achieving twice the performance.

Traditional application barriers have been broken, competition in the coexistence of a variety of capacitor products,

Is worth noting that, as technology continues to improve, MLCC as low ESR, mass production, high-capacity characteristics, both in cost and performance accounted for a considerable advantage. In addition to internal applications in a large number of ceramic capacitors, chip capacitors instead of the traditional addition, MLCC capacitor has begun eating into other markets. Zhang Junfeng technology such as Youren pointed out, MLCC is gradually to replace the tantalum capacitor, a small amount of alternative chip aluminum capacitors. In the phone, MLCC chip can already completely replace film capacitors. Kyocera Hunter

But that compared with the MLCC and tantalum electrolytic capacitors with high volumetric efficiency, small size specifications under the higher capacity, free from influence of piezoelectric effect, more sizes to choose from, lower prices and other advantages, "This year, the market demand for tantalum capacitors has reached a peak, so I believe the short term will not completely replace MLCC tantalum electrolytic capacitors." 1812 220μF capacitor at Japan for example, because the product volume is too large, the yield is not high, higher price, compared with the tantalum capacitor is not competitive.

MLCC is not to sit back and relax, but, as Kyocera has introduced the OxiCap capacitor with no burning smoke-free, low ESR characteristics. In addition, piezoelectric noise reduction in audio product design, an important consideration, because without the piezoelectric effect of capacitance OxiCap We believe that in many audio applications, the threat MLCC class status.

In fact, each capacitor all have their own characteristics and shortcomings, although in some low-end market can be a partial substitute, but not in any part of any application can be replaced, so ceramic capacitors, electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors will be in a very long period of time down there continue to coexist. At the same time, high-capacitance technology will continue developing into a new design application, create new demand.

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