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IBM openly challenge the Microsoft unified communications market will be staged Union Dispute

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Undoubtedly is the most unified communications technologies Sunburn one hand, whether the field of communications and NJM3414AM datasheet and software giants have released all their core technology based unified communications platform. A few days ago as 10 billion dollars IBM strike out, the signs point directly to Microsoft, which also staged the industry, led by Talia battle for unified communications alliance.

IBM10 million strike out

IBM recently said that the next three years, IBM will invest in the unified communications market, more than one billion U.S. dollars. IBM will further strengthen this area of competition with rival Microsoft.

According to foreign media reports, IBM unified communications and NJM3414AM price and collaboration Wells, vice president, said Bruce Simo, IBM established the strategic goal is the field of communication and NJM3414AM suppliers and collaboration products for more revenue, including its Lotus Sametime instant messaging and collaboration suite. He said the next three years to invest over 1 billion U.S. dollars, which means the level of investment in the existing IBM will show substantial growth, but also means that the entire market in rapid development. This huge investment will be used to expand IBMs product development and related consulting services.

IBM Software Group vice president Steve Mills said that the main target for this strategy is the demand and profits are larger commercial areas, especially in large enterprises.

The current real-time collaboration IBM already has 20 million Taiwan business vertical devices Sametime, and extended to the video conferencing, Internet telephony and third party applications and so on. But, said Steve Mills, a separate point of view, IBM unified communications products seem less dramatic, it is because that if the IBM back-end data sources and other information and products into existing business applications seem to be more potential.

Traditional vendors competing finalists

The concept of unified communications has been made since 2006, has become the meat and potatoes of the manufacturers, the first to enter not only such traditional networking vendors Cisco, but also IBM, Microsoft and other office software vendors, more Siemens, Ericsson, etc. communications firms.

Microsofts unified communications capabilities rooted in its desktop and server operating systems, Outlook, Windows Messenger, WindowsMobile in software and The September 18 last year, IBM launched Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino8 (ND8), the collaboration, Web 2.0, e-mail, unified communications, application integration, full integration. Clearly, Microsoft and IBM are in the desktop software has its own advantages and huge user base. The more the war in unified communications

burn more prosperous, showed an obvious trend: more and more communications equipment manufacturers such as Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola, not only with Microsoft, but also with the IBM alliance. Obviously, these companies are aware of communications equipment is the future of unified communications software company a dominant force, as both Microsoft and IBM has the largest user base.

Actually, Microsoft and IBM-led alliance of the two unified communications does not produce diametrically opposed to the competition, which is the communications equipment company that can "foot in both camps" reasons. Microsoft users are more concentrated in low-end, IBM is able to cover other high-end large enterprise customers. On communications equipment companies, with the cooperation of the two can be full-service users.

The domestic market has yet to be nurturing Although

unified communications has been widely in the international deployment, but the information is subject to the level of uneven, in the Chinese market is still in cultivation period.

Larger state-owned enterprises in the enterprise information construction has been well-established, the business leaders will realize the importance of cost and efficiency. At this time, unified communications superiority in this area will be corporate attention. And more information technology SMEs, the main focus put on the full utilization of information resources. For them, the unified communications investment and reward is unclear, although currently on the market provides a number of unified communications vendor data and cost-efficient method, but this is only one side of the story, but also difficult to gain the trust of SMEs.

Addition to restricting the level of domestic enterprises unified communications market development in China, the unified communications standards between the various manufacturers immature and different understanding of unified communications also affected the speed of unified communications market forward. Companies now flocking in from various quarters, princes melee stage.

But, after all, a unified communications technologies and concepts on the nature, although it is in the domestic market is still in cultivation period, but in the next few years, is still optimistic about the prospects. According to IDC, the data show that in 2006 Chinas enterprise-class IP voice equipment market was $ 160,000,000, IDC expects the market size in 2011 will reach 680 million U.S. dollars over the next five years, 33.3% achieved a compound annual average growth rate ( CAGR), and into the growth stage.

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