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IDC said that despite the economic turmoil, the global mobile phone market is still up 14.3%

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A busy holiday quarter in the past, the global handset market shipments are expected to decrease from the previous quarter. According to IDCs "Worldwide mobile phone tracking quarterly" Survey of the first quarter of 2008, vendors shipped 291.6 million for the previous quarter to 330.8 million decreased 11.6% compared to the first quarter of 2007 increased 14.3 255 000 000 %. Although the results of the first quarter of 2008, consistent with IDCs forecast, but economic problems may have a negative impact mobile phone sales this year.

IDCs mobile devices technology and OPA548T datasheet and trends team, senior research analyst Ramon ? La Masi (Ramon T. Llamas), said: "affected by many factors, the growing mobile phone market is facing numerous pressures, including the users attention and OPA548T price and stimulate purchase For. gradually rising food and OPA548T suppliers and fuel prices continued to erode disposable income. In view of the global financial market development and economic concerns about slower growth, the prospect of the next few months we have adopted a cautious attitude. Despite the adverse effects of these factors many emerging markets continue to show great potential for growth. IDC expects competitive pricing and innovative service plans to help the overall mobile phone market this year, to maintain healthy development. "

2008, a number of low-cost handsets in emerging markets still needs to promote the growing volume of global shipments. In contrast, the renovation of the mobile phone market is full of competition and relatively lower growth rate of shipments has become increasingly obvious in mature market area characteristics.

IDCs "Worldwide mobile phone Quarterly follow-up survey," said Ryan Reith, senior research analyst: "scheduled expected, first quarter of 2008, in addition to LG mobile phone supplier other than the most mediocre. Low-cost market continued to grow, suggesting Overall average selling price (ASP) will be lower than in the past. but as a collection of some mobile devices or smart phone for further growth, particularly growth in mature markets, mobile phone average selling prices will enter a stable period. "

Business Overview Nokia once again led the mobile phone market

, delivery, after more than three suppliers combined shipments. Entry-level penetration of mobile phones in emerging markets, including the great success of the Nokia 1100 and 1200 series phones, helping to maintain a high level of shipments of the Nokia. Such as 5310,5610 and 6500 series and Nseries and more full-featured mobile phone, Nokia has created the most lucrative revenue and profits. Nokia has a strong emerging market share, so their full advantage of these market demand for refurbished cell phone ready.

As the worlds second-largest mobile phone supplier, Samsung further widened the gap with other competitors to win an unprecedented advantage was Motorola. Although shipments were flat with the holiday quarter, but Samsungs position in key emerging markets increase, to overcome the weak demand in Europe and North America. Meanwhile, Samsung continued to reduce marketing expenses, for its double-digit profit margins may be created. Samsung this years goal of achieving 200 million shipments still Rao Youxin heart, and look forward to the coming months the release of more full-featured mobile phone.

Motorolas disappointing performance in the quarter, far behind the Samsung, and shipments fell into the second half of 2004, the lowest since. Due to improved product mix, resulting in the company fragile, especially in the music, touch, and messaging areas. By contrast, other vendors are emerging in these areas to launch new products. During the quarter, Motorola once again suffered an operating loss, and reduced operating profit was aggravated. Although these results reflect the current dilemma of Motorola, but it is trying to turn around, and plans to spin off mobile division, improved silicon and software platform to launch later this year in new products.

LG Electronics defeated Sony Ericsson ranked fourth back. This is the LG since the early 2006 debut this location. Because including the Viewty, Voyager and LG Venus, including its flagship feature phones continue to gain market demand, therefore, LG overcome the seasonal factors, the market generally reduced shipments of industry trends. In addition, LG resume double-digit margins. Looking ahead, LG plans to continue expanding its market share in emerging and in the next quarter to send more high-end products.

Earlier this year, Sony faced its shipments performance of a number of challenges, including: reduced demand for high-end product, channel inventory buildup, component shortages, and the Asia Pacific low-cost mobile phones get more attention. Among them, the Sony Ericssons market share in the Asia Pacific region is not. Despite these challenges, the company still hopes to W350, W760, Z555 and XPeria renewed focus on the North American market and worldwide launch of a number of "Cybershot", "Walkman" and networking products in order to create success in the rest of the year.

Phone is battery powered and to voice-oriented small-scale equipment, the use by the operator to provide cellular / personal communications system (PCS) air interface for voice communications. They mainly form factor and feature set two designs to provide excellent mobile phone experience and text messaging capabilities. Some set up a cell phone headset jack, hands-free calls; and includes such personal information management, multimedia, gaming or office applications and other rich features. Phones with different form factor, price point and feature set. Of voice communications and pen or keyboard handheld data features in one phone, is "integrated device."

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