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In 2007 Chinas IC Market Review and Outlook

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Late 2006 and AD712JR datasheet and early 2007, although the major industry bodies and AD712JR price and organizations of the semiconductor market in 2007 has a relatively optimistic forecast, the general view that the global IC market in 2007 the growth rate will be between 5% and AD712JR suppliers and 10%, however, With the 2007 DRAM prices fell sharply and simulation IC market downturn, for now the global IC market growth in 2007 will be below 5%. Chinese market, although the 2007 International Electronics Manufacturing continued the shift to China has slowed, but the Chinese electronics manufacturing market continues to maintain a high growth rate, according to data from National Bureau of Statistics, communications equipment, calculators and other electronic equipment manufacturing growth in October as 20%, while the growth of electronics manufacturing market will directly stimulate the development of the upstream IC market.

Overall, Chinas IC market in 2007, 2006, will be relatively slow, the growth rate of 27.8% in 2006 based on the decline as a direct result mainly from two aspects, The first is the falling prices of integrated circuits, the most obvious is the decline in DRAM prices, the falling prices of integrated circuit simulation is also more evident, especially in the low-end simulation of integrated circuits; followed by a decline in growth rate of the downstream machine production in China in 2007 mobile phones, LCD TV and the output of LCD monitors and other electronic products have a certain growth rate declined compared to 2006, the decline in output growth downstream machine will directly lead to a decline in the amount of integrated circuits. For the IC market, the price and the amount of growth in some areas the decline was a direct result of 2007 IC market slowdown reasons.

IC market volatility has been the development is expected to IC market in 2008 will be a recovery, global perspective, the growth rate in 2008 will be higher than the IC market growth in 2007, while China IC market will remain above 20%. Future growth will come from the Chinese market the following areas, first, the structure of the downstream upgrading of various electronic products, such as automotive and various industrial equipment used in electronic components to increase the percentage, followed by driving the future of 3G applications; addition as well as from Olympic Games and World Expo and other major events on the consumer pull.

For the future IC market, it is worth mentioning that, although the Chinese government has always strongly supported the development of the integrated circuit industry, but the future is difficult to reproduce the Chinese IC market growth rate of more than 30%, the biggest factor is China International Electronic Manufacturing continued to shift more and more small-scale; followed by a variety of machine production in China has experienced many years of rapid growth, but also showing a saturation trend, although there is still some growth, but the growth rate gradually slow down; integrated circuit itself, the decline in prices will affect the future IC market growth is a major factor.

Although there are various constraints, but the future IC market will still maintain a growth engine of growth from the following three aspects, first, product upgrades, electronic product upgrade trend will remain down; second, promotion of new applications, the implementation of each new industry standards are a product replacement will be required, to a certain extent, the IC market will have a leading role; Third, the yield of growth, although this factor on the integration circuit driving the market will become increasingly weaker relative to the previous, but the next few years will still be the driving force to promote the development of IC market.

Overall, the integrated circuit industry, though far from the maturity of traditional industries, the growth rate will gradually slow down development, but also close to the speed will be slow the growth of the electronics industry, although highly cyclical strong volatility of long-term trend will continue, but the magnitude of future volatility will become increasingly smaller, in short, the IC industry is gradually becoming more mature.

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