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New technologies, new applications every corner of the sensor in-depth car

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Todays cars, has more than just a means of transport, it is also responsible for significant improvement in quality of life. Now in addition to fuel saving vehicle, but also more secure, comfortable and AD826AR datasheet and user-friendly, these properties all rely on good sensor applications. For this reason, it is increasing the importance of sensor technology, and AD826AR price and the market growth rate is astonishing.

StrategyAnalytics forecast from 2004 to 2009, the global automotive sensors will show a growth rate of 9% in 2008, market demand is estimated to reach 1.487 billion. China is a hotbed of automotive sensor development, CCW Research (CCWResearch) latest survey data show that in 2006 China sales of automotive sensor market reached 3.9 billion dollars, up 42.8% growth in 2007 during China -2010 sales of automotive sensor market compound annual growth rate of more than 35%. Market sales in 2007 reached 5.4 billion U.S. dollars, the growth rate of 36.3% year on year; market sales in 2009 is expected to be close to 1.05 billion U.S. dollars, the growth rate of 40.5% year on year; market sales in 2010 will be more than 1.32 billion dollars, the growth rate of 35.2% year on year.

Automotive electronics involved in a wide variety of sensors, we will provide you analyze the most representative within the meaning of the Chinese market Sensor Technology Development, for your inspiration on the work related to the design.

Into the main security, innovative applications continue to emerge

With the increasing popularity of cars, people on the vehicle safety performance, comfort, performance requirements have been increasing in many countries and AD826AR suppliers and even the development of relevant standards to conduct a standardized management. Infineon Technologies North America Automotive, Industrial and Multimarket segment ChristopherCook general manager, said: "The U.S. automobile industry required the use of wheel tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to meet the relevant safety regulations. Our goal is to develop more intelligent of the sensor, making driving safer, to further reduce fuel consumption and pollution emissions in the engine management play an increasingly important role. "and other regions, particularly in Europe, TPMS also is becoming popular. People the importance of the degree of vehicle safety is evident. To help customers improve the competitiveness of automotive products, all sensor manufacturers in the technical development of special care, in addition to taking intelligence, integration, and the line outside the small, innovative application of the sensor model is also emerging. Infineon

Convergence2006 show late last year launched the SP35 tire pressure sensor, which is the first to TPMS modules into a single package all the features of the device. This highly integrated device installed on the printed circuit board (PCB) on the battery and the antenna together form a complete TPMS module, so that automotive suppliers can be cost-effectively meet the requirements of U.S. safety regulations. The independent package device integrates a microcontroller with 8-bit micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) pressure, acceleration and temperature sensors, TPMS module and the electronic control unit via an AM / FM (AM / FM), radio frequency (RF) transmission devices and low-frequency (LF) receiver for wireless communications. MCU chip with memory, battery voltage monitor, and advanced power control unit. TPMS module by removing the independence of communications chips, SP35 module is designed to reduce complexity and costs about 10%. Single-chip with Infineon SP35

TPMS solution echoes, Freescales 8-pin tire pressure monitoring sensor MPXY8020A is a highly integrated products. It consists of a variable capacitance pressure sensor element, a temperature sensing element and an interface circuit (with a wake-up function), with all three components are on a single chip (Figure 1). MPXY8020A with Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) system, used in combination to provide a highly integrated, low-cost system.

MEMS for automotive safety applications in sensor technology, a bright spot. Experts put forward a new car "black box" concept, the "black box" to monitor vehicle speed, seat belt usage, and the car sharp turn, brake hard, driving instability and insecurity in reversing abnormal deceleration caused by other reasons gravity driving for drivers to help provide guidance and early warning. These systems are equipped with acceleration sensors and rotary sensors, the use of MEMS technology to reduce device size and cost, and gained market recognition. Memsics North American sales director JohnP.Pyle said: "The black box of the market throughout the world, we expect all future auto maker will install some form of black box. This will result in MEMS sensor and acceleration sensor market share rapid expansion. We estimated that by 2007, MEMS sensors in automotive sales volume will reach 15 billion U.S. dollars, which includes all of the MEMS sensor and acceleration sensor, speed sensor which accounted for 70%. "

In the high-end vehicles, people often use the smart image sensor to aid in driving. Since the sensor is expensive, has not been universal, but in recent days, the Swiss CSEM company claims to use ViSe smart image sensor design, real-time visual system, can the cost of automotive vision systems from thousands of dollars down to hundreds of dollars. CSEM uses a dual-chip solution, which the companys proprietary vision sensor with ADI companies are not expensive BlackfinDSP. CSEM is the next step to a proprietary DSP chip and its graphics chip integrated together to provide single-chip solution.

Reversing system for the application of sensor technology is currently the most popular one. Murata introduced a series of ultrasonic sensors for parking systems. Its MA40MF14-5B, for example, the product not only has a small size, waterproof, narrow range of detection, ring time is short and so on, the most special feature of the product using 110 ° × 50 ° of the asymmetric grating to improve the detection accuracy and avoid misuse.

The core technology of a vehicle, engine control systems and chassis control system sensors requires high precision and high reliability has been based. Such sensor technology is already very mature, and its market mainly in North America and European. In this application area, in order to further enhance the added value of the car, the sensor manufacturers in the precise place in a lot of effort, such as the use of advanced sensors to enhance battery efficiency.

Recently launched by Delphi IVT battery sensor, for example, as more and more vehicle electronics that provide electricity for the battery and AC motor workload is increasing, so the battery state of charge (SOC) for accurately calculate the battery for optimum performance to ensure that the importance of also becoming increasingly prominent. Delphis Battery IVT Sensor helps achieve the best performance of the battery, using the IVT sensor, each gallon of fuel to support more cars to run 0.5 miles. The Battery IVT Sensor can accurately measure for determining the status of three key parameters of battery current (I), voltage (V) and temperature (T). Delphis innovative and electronic / electrical systems DaveWright global director, said "the battery is fully charged state, Delphis Battery IVT Sensor reduces the power output of the alternator, which reduces the mechanical load of the engine and achieve improved fuel efficiency purposes.

Chinas current production of automotive engine and chassis control system vendors are not many, so in the Chinese market, few of sensors for such applications. And for the body control and infotainment systems The market is very large, emerging market, a large number of mature technology products. how these excellent products to innovative applications, it is the first car makers are facing the issue, but also Jueding automotive "grade" the key issue.

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