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OEM notebook the first time in 10 years, prices will retail market prices?

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Decades are in a "downward spiral" in prices of computer products would be "stabilized rebound"?

Manufacturers will benefit from European, American and AD584JH datasheet and Japanese manufacturing outsourcing, especially the Younger of the electronic OEM industry prosperity, IT products, especially computers and AD584JH price and cell phones continue to cut prices, while costs continue to rise, but companies are still not Stop " price war. " But this year, the face of computer components out of stock and AD584JH suppliers and prices, together with RMB appreciation, rising labor costs of the factors, struggled foundry industry in Taiwan Province alone, I am afraid it difficult to digest the pressure of rising costs facing the first 10 years upward pressure.

Recently, Taiwans second-largest notebook manufacturer Compal first to call for raising the price of the notebook OEM price signals, and has been peer recognition. Taiwan notebook makers in Taiwan and produced more than 95% of global notebook computer, if they unite and collectively to raise prices, probably will affect the notebook products in the retail market price.

The first to call the second largest foundry up

In the foundry industry, the first call for prices is Taiwans second-largest notebook maker Compal Electronics, Compal, general manager Ray Chen recently pointed out, finds it difficult to digest Q2 production cost pressures, coordination with the OEM customers OEM price hike plan, if the customer does not agree, its notebook shipments in 2008 will be reduced.

According to market research firm estimated in 2008, the global notebook shipments will reach 130 million -1.4 million units, of which 95% of the products from major PC makers outsourcing to Taiwan Province of Quanta, Compal, Wei Chong and other OEM manufacturers. Annual output of more than 25 million units as the second-largest notebook computer maker, Compal call prices will inevitably affect the upstream and downstream industries notebook products.

Compal explained, although the size of the notebook market is still substantial growth, but because of the metal, plastic, petroleum raw materials, wages and other costs continue to rise, with NB Changshang 2008 for components such as batteries, stock prices, Jen Po finds it difficult to appease the supply of plant cost pressures, if not adjust the price, the supplier is no longer able to meet the supply of upstream components, notebooks will be forced to reduce output.

"No way means being"

"Plastic, metal, oil, wages, what have risen this year, LCD panels, batteries, hard drives, case, motherboard, or they are out of stock prices. All walks of life and even food prices to the prices of IT products are continuing to drop, IT industry is very poor! "BenQ notebooks Chih-Hao Chang, Senior Manager, said the face of rising costs of various factors, prices of notebook makers call it is" no way into the approach. "

"Compal This should be a signal to the foundry industry, or appeal to take the opportunity to form a price alliance foundry industry." Most of the industry believes that this is a tentative move Compal present other including the first large contract manufacturers are waiting to see among Quanta, Quanta will not stand to follow the price increases, but expressed optimism about the move of Compal.

The worlds largest notebook PCB plant spokesman beams glitter in HannStar Board believes that if we are looking at prices Compal successful, whether the loss of orders, but if successful price increases without the loss of Compal order, will cause a chain reaction foundry industry.

Chih-Hao Chang believes that if Quanta, Wistron also say prices or other foundries will have to follow, then, the price of OEM prices of notebook computers will be a foregone conclusion, "The current rise in the cost factors point of view, OEM price increase is likely to be as high as 8% -10 %."

PC manufacturers will not rush prices

If, as the people in the industry expect prices once Compal get peer support and follow, the OEM price of notebook computers rose nearly 10% of notebook computers in the market prices of a few hundred dollars would not have?

This issue, the reporter interviewed Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Sony and other notebook manufacturers representatives, most of the manufacturers that although the IT industry is facing price pressure, but PC makers still have ability to digest costs, try not to will be passed on to consumers. Manufacturers have pointed out that the upper parts of products are generally seasonal supply and price fluctuations do not believe that would have been out of stock and computer parts prices, consumers do not have to worry too much.

"Current computer product to sell, the price factor is too important to everyone in the bargain with each other, who would rush blatant price? Even if the upstream OEM prices, manufacturers can only be overcome on their own, or want to better ways to cope. "A universal computer dealers Orient manager told reporters that from past experience it seems, because the computer very quickly update the product, manufacturers are likely to use a flexible strategy to" disguised price hikes, "including reduced price promotions, the introduction of higher priced new products

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