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Packaging technology advances continue to follow up on educational research

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Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and IRF740 datasheet and Information Technology, Law Professor, Institute of Music

Package technology development and IRF740 price and progress, to some extent and IRF740 suppliers and the level of research and development personnel and packaging industry has a close relationship. At present, China in the electronic packaging research and development and personnel training institutions broadly as research institutes, universities and some R & D services. Chinas research institutes engaged in electronic packaging technology is also starting the development of electronic components, with the technology, electronic components, electronic packaging technology in parallel. In particular the development of integrated circuit technology, and promote the rapid changes in electronic packaging technology.

Efforts to train personnel and increase the breadth

Package of research, development and service organizations focused on "Yangtze River Delta region", there is more than a dozen, mainly in the electronic packaging research, development, components, modules and system-level reliability test, with the quality and reliability testing, failure analysis, consulting, training, testing and related elements such as lead-free, and some can be prepared by low-volume products such as: CerDIP, SOIC, MCM, Flipchip and so on. Packaging industry is currently engaged in preliminary studies of all 33 research centers, personnel training institutions in the 25 home development services have a 11. Scale packaging technology education, research level packaging technology of electronic packaging from there is great demand for manufacturing space.

Packaging industry to invest in small, low risk, short construction period, effective, and conducive to the development and unanimously approved. Many developing countries and regions are asked to accumulate funds for the development of packaging industry, the accumulation of market and technology, and then develop design and wafer manufacturing industry. Packaging industry to a certain extent, there will be transfer of funds to the wafer and the design of this phenomenon, from the packaging industry in recent years, the output value of IC industry in the declining proportion of the clues can be seen.

India and some other recent Southeast Asian countries and regions are vigorously to attract foreign investment to the ground and set up factories in Japan, several companies have begun brewing in Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City invest in packaging production lines. So the current situation on the packaging industry is grim. Packaging industry to continue to maintain the momentum of rapid development, in addition to adjusting the industrial structure, but to focus on improving the technological content of products, attention to research and development and technological upgrading, attention to personnel training, in particular attention to college personnel training, personnel training to increase strength and breadth, and gradually the level of integration with the international advanced packaging.

Packaging technology research institutes over 30

Present, engaged in the packaging technology for all the 33 research centers, primarily engaged in: ceramic package, plastic packaging, optoelectronics packaging, hybrid circuit packaging, shell development, development of packaging equipment, packaging material, lead frame, packaging technology and services, testing, research and services.

In packaging development and training of research centers all the CAS Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, the CAS Institute of Electronics and so on. In packaging technology research centers all the twenty-fourth of China Electronics Technology Group Research Institute, China Electronics Technology Group, Institute of Forty-seventh, fifty-eighth of China Electronics Technology Group Research Institute. Research centers in the packaging equipment, all the forty-fifth of China Electronics Technology Group Research Institute, Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, the second and so on. Packaging materials research in all the Kunming Institute of Precious Metals Research Institute, Wuxi Chemical Industry Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Metal Research, Shenyang, Beijing Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals and Rare Earth. Engaged in packaging and testing of the research centers all Beijing Microelectronics Technology Institute, Xian Microelectronics Testing Center, Beijing Institute of Automatic Test Technology, Guangzhou IC testing center.

Been involved with many universities and technical education package

Domestic packaging and technical education has received national attention and the relevant ministries, colleges and universities already founded several independent electronic packaging technology or microelectronics manufacturing. Many colleges and universities

materials science, materials processing, machinery manufacturing area but also gradually to electronic packaging materials, technology and equipment transfer. Have at least more than 25 colleges and universities to carry out the electronic packaging technology education and research.

Huazhong University of Science in 2007 in a separate material processing engineering of electronic packaging technology professional, Harbin Institute of Technology was established in 2007, "Electronic Packaging Technology Professional (lines)", Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Mechanical Engineering in the creation of the microelectronics manufacturing and equipment, specialty, Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology set up a "Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering", Beijing Institute of Technology University of Technology in electronic packaging applications expertise started from 2008 enrollment.

So far, China has five undergraduate level university began a large-scale, systematic electronic packaging technical expertise to start the training. This can be in a certain extent, ease the problem of the lack of domestic expertise.

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