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Q1 LCD high-definition LCD, plasma TV has great potential go hand in hand

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Olympic countdown

coming golden week makes flat-panel TV sales were generally optimistic about the industry from the recently issued the first quarter of 2008, color TV industry data show that domestic consumption of flat-panel TVs continue to maintain growth momentum in the first quarter of domestic market sales of 2.1 million flat-panel TV sets, over the same period in 2007 increased 26%. In addition to stunning high-definition LCD TV demand outside the plasma and MC33035P datasheet and an increase of 189.2 percent last year, has become the new growth the first quarter of this years highlights.

Great potential for high-definition LCD

Domestic flat-panel TV market, the popularity of the city has entered a new phase, LCD TV "HD" direction becomes more obvious, the market demand for high-definition TV was significantly increased, consumers are expected to buy high-definition flat-panel TVs rose from 18.7 in 2006 % to 51%.

By the Ministry of Information Industry and MC33035P price and the China Video Industry Association released the first quarter of 2008, color TV industry data show that in the first quarter sales of flat-panel TV specifications of the proportion of full HD over 20%. The survey of consumers showed that 50% of the respondents are more inclined to buy full HD flat panel TV specifications.

Headquarters of Samsung Electronics in South China sales director of marketing for Lu Zurong AV, in an interview bluntly definition of the domestic market penetration amazing. He said Samsung HD in 2007, less than 10% of the domestic market, but the 2008 New Years Day, accounted for 30% of the share of full HD. Expected to account for the proportion of high-end of the year will be 60 to 70%, far exceeding the expected 50%.

According to reports, the brand at home and MC33035P suppliers and abroad before the New Labour have introduced the basic, Samsung also has three new series of flat before the sale in May. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce

Lu Ren Bo Deputy Secretary-General pointed out that the Beijing Olympics just around the corner, will also be the urban market consumer popularity of flat-panel TVs leading into the sprint. For flat-panel TV and foreign enterprises, the first full high definition broadcast of the Olympic Games, China to fast-track into the digital TV industry, consumer demand for high-definition TV market growth momentum evident.

Regain all manufacturers of plasma

"Samsung from the beginning of this year in China to gradually push the plasma TV, and expand the plasma propaganda." Luzu Rong said that Samsung plasma around the world share and not much less, but in China, this particular market will weaken some, but After do not want children in China and other markets where Samsung can not hear the sound. In addition, it has the latest news that Japans Panasonic and Pioneer Corporation (worlds sixth-largest plasma TV maker) in 2009 to two plasma display development and production operations combined, Matsushita will further expand its presence in the plasma field map.

Thus, once the industry as "obsolete" plasma TV, by a good performance over the first quarter, but also more and more attention by the industry. Data show that in 2008 the market size of the plasma will be further expanded to 200 million units.

"In the 32-inch television in the lead, and other fast-growing demand for plasma TVs, plasma TV screens is expected to made the second half of heavy volume." Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division WANG Bing, deputy director of the view that the domestic market, pushing the main business of plasma , together with the joint venture does not exceed 10, the main push on the market there are hundreds of LCD TVs, which is not as good as LCD, plasma development of the main reasons, however, has begun to change the current situation, many domestic brands but also to restore plasma TV, Changhong, Hisense, Prima, Skyworth and other market share began to exceed foreign brands. Some experts said it expects the second half of this year, with Changhongs production of plasma screens, plasma screen, abundant resources, LCD, plasma market structure will be stirred again.

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