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Review Exclusive details: tell the truth about the meaning of Godson and SMIC

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Fu Long with the number of prototypes to test the computer by hand, Godson has recently become a topic of concern. Although a number of simple computers, but many users will undoubtedly achieved national innovation cheered.

a few days ago, the Godson processor, and PC817 datasheet and a comparison 2e sensational news. That is, STMicroelectronics Godson spent thirty million yuan to buy a five-year franchising 2e processor, the next five years, sales of one per chip, Godson also get two U.S. dollars royalties.Some reports said the domestic
, STMicroelectronics took the production and PC817 price and sales, marking the Godson into the global industrial chain. However, with SMIC Semiconductor Manufacturing, led by the rapid rise of Chinas IC industry chain, from design, OEM and PC817 suppliers and sales have been basically matured, Godson as the Central Government to support high-tech research projects, why not the nearest independent intellectual property rights into domestic industrial chain it?
Godson 2e
ninety-nanometer manufacturing process used, the general report is not available SMIC currently ninety-nanometer production technology. Situation in the end it like this? June 2006, SMIC Beijings chairman, Yang Yuan Wang Chinese Academy of Sciences, said the end of 2006, SMIC will use sample 90-nanometer manufacturing process, in addition, SMIC is developing 65-nanometer process, and the end of 2007 the formation of production capacity. Last September, Richard Chang, SMICs president and ceo of the "International Electronic Business," said the 90-nanometer production has been gradually, in the year after the 65-nanometer (ie, second half of 2007) production. Richard Chang of the original words: "We have been in Beijing, 12-inch plants successful second quarter of 2006 and begin production of 90nm certified our first 90-nanometer logic products."

The author is not the chip industry, the situation only from media reports to determine whether they have SMIC 90 nm microprocessor level. Richard Chang they can not directly talk about whether the production of logic chips, including microprocessors. However, we can make a judged that SMIC can produce either 90 nm microprocessors have been, or is not far off from actual production.

SMIC has one of the world the list of the top ten chip foundry in China, second only to TSMC and UMC. Therefore, the Godson If I have to "into the global industrial chain," in Beijing when the neighbors SMIC is very convenient. More importantly, Godson, and SMIC is the benchmark for independent innovation of domestic-type semiconductor products and businesses, the combination, the significance of the domestic high-tech innovation, "the banner of" meaning self-evident.

Therefore, I have no choice for the Godson SMIC, quite puzzled. If SMIC? 0 nm microprocessor technology still have questions, then, Godson and STMicroelectronics cooperation even if there is no need to look at signing a five-year contract. SMIC 65 nm into the end of the year should be, Do OEM Godson 2e also "get it working?"

and signed ST Godson another question is the pricing. Fu Long the computer press often referred to computer users believe that the pricing is high. According to reports, the Godson chip and chip set costs add up to nearly 50 U.S. dollars, nearly 400. CAS Institute of Computings leadership also stressed that the future will be crucial to reduce the chip cost. However, the production and sale to STMicroelectronics, the price will also be bound to ST to decide. Others are multinational corporations, should Godson "lavished on the" consumer electronics manufacturers around the world, that time, it will remember STMicroelectronics cheap Chinese Godson computer people eagerly looked forward to it? Can be a little assured that Fu Long computers by domestic production, they should be able to compare the expected benefits to the Godson 2e wholesale price of the chip.

Godson and ST modes of cooperation in todays semiconductor industry has been very rare. More common practice is to "fabless (no plant)," the company do the design and sales, chip production to foundries. Vimicro is one such example. If Godson and SMIC cooperation, Godson just need to pay the OEM cost of gold, sales of products to their own pricing. Then, if the Godson owner can not find customers in overseas markets, and then invited the "old partnership" to help too late ST.

course, Godson, and SMIC are already marketing the product, I do not "arbitrary point of Mandarin," meaning, but "Chinas first self-designed and manufactured by computer cpu chip" Five years after the news had to be published in the paper, this is a small regret.

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