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Russia, 07 solar PV industry development trend and

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In the strong economic growth, stable political situation, rich university / state-funded projects, and MAX491CSD datasheet and increasing foreign investment, driven by Russias semiconductor industry is becoming more and MAX491CSD price and more powerful. Russia into this new era marked the recent commissioning of a series of semiconductor manufacturing process: from 130nm, 90nm up to 65nm, and MAX491CSD suppliers and 45nm technology projects also announced the start, in addition to the Russian nanotechnology industry irksome upgrades, and including 10 manufacturing projects, including polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic materials significant progress in the field.

Russias high level of education, academic research in the field of semiconductor physics history, precision applications (aviation, communications, etc.) in the manufacture of electronic systems and the rapid growth of industrial equipment and materials manufacturers to create a large number of new opportunities, coupled with a stable political environment and good business climate, Russias economy is prosperous development. 2006 the GDP grew by 6.8% growth in 2007 will be even greater. With the rapid expansion of IT-related markets, government and enterprises in information and communication technology infrastructure investment is increasing continuously. With the growth in consumer spending areas, the local semiconductor manufacturing has become the countrys priority development objectives, and Russias semiconductor manufacturing is also rising among the number of items.

Russian semiconductor manufacturing project

1. Russias largest manufacturer of semiconductor devices and its parent company, Mikron has been an Sitronics reached an agreement with STMicroelectronics. Under the agreement, Mikron technology roadmap will be the starting point from its 0.18-micron CMOS EEPROM process until the 65nm manufacturing technology. Although the implementation of the project affected by the export control issues delayed three months, but the project is still scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2008 (the first piece of silicon production.)

2. "Angstrem T" companies have been started with the AMD fab production in its 130nm CMOS process. This fab is set up purely for the global foundry market. Angstrem the production line program launched in late 2009, and intends to further expand production capacity in 2010, and the upgrade to 90nm ~ 65nm technology level. After the completion of the technology upgrade, Angstrem will begin cultivating the local market - increasing domestic market share.

3. 2007 Nian 8 end, Advanced Electronic Systems (AES) announced the company plans to acquire Altis, intends to produce customized products in the 200mm wafer supply the European and Russian markets. Headquartered in Moscow, a holding company, Global Information Services (GIS) is the parent company of AES. GIS by the Russian Ministry of Commerce and Industry jointly set up with the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Russian Development Bank Vnesheconombank and the Russian government. Altis acquisition shows the GIS through further acquisitions in the industry vendors and their production base, continue to promote technology transfer in the heating market.

4. 2007 Nian 10 months, Russias investment under the Ministry of Economic Development Commission approved the construction of a Sitronics Mikron technology to reach production of 65 ~ 45nm flash chip fab plan. Therefore, from now until 2009, Sitronics will invest 2.3 billion building the fab, plant construction will begin in 2008, and plans to put into operation in 2009. The new fab will serve as an independent business, estimated to hold 51% stake in Sitronics, and the remaining 49% of the shares held by the state. It is reported that capital investment will come from control of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development Investment Fund.

Investment bank Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse) were assessed for the project. According to the investment banks report said the discounted return on investment period of 10 years, the weighted average cost of capital is 8.64%. Wafer fab will reach 30,000 square meters of production area, of which 10,000 square meters of clean room area. The initial production capacity of 3,000 pieces per month, and further expand to 10,000 pieces per month. The new fab will have 1,700 employees.

This new fab production of semiconductor chips for the local market products, including digital TV, GLONAS system receiver, 3G mobile communication SIM cards and other consumer electronic products.

5.s Integral Belarus in the Russian region, a 100% funded by the state of semiconductor manufacturing projects being prepared. The project uses the 0.35 micron CMOS process, the wafer size is 200mm, the initial capacity of 1,000 wafers per month, and plans to further expand to 2,000 pieces per month. Products, including processors, memory, advanced logic chips and so on. The project is the general contractor M + W Zander, Fraunhofer Institute also Intecs and also to participate. Production line planned to put into operation in April 2008.

6. In addition, there are many Russian companies, research institutions, and IC design centers and regional projects received federal funding, these projects include:

● Zelenograd region MIET is setting up a mask center to design, manufacture and management of optical mask.

● Moscow company called "Pulsar" the company is concerned about the design and manufacture of microwave devices.

● area from Frvazino "Istok" is focused on applications in avionics, industrial automation and other fields of microwave devices and modules.

● Vladimir region Autopribor Plant is carrying out an OLED manufacturing project.

● St. Petersburgs "Svetlana" is focused on the development of photonics and other projects.

Nanotechnology development in Russia is making significant progress in nanotechnology. July 4, 2007, the Russian legislature approved the establishment of a states application of nanotechnology. President Putin has been upgraded to nano-technology research areas of national priority, and promised the state will provide up to 70 billion dollars in funding. Russian Nanotechnology is a non-profit Russian state-owned enterprises, the establishment of the purpose is to ensure that government, business community and scientists in the country for nanotechnology and nano-industry policy on the communication and interaction.

Putin of nanotechnology with the birth of Atomic Energy, said, when compared, nanotechnology is "the development of modern industry and science as a key direction."

As a national program in nanotechnology, a key ring, a nanotechnology center is famous Russian Science Center "Kurchatov Institute" in full swing construction. Currently the project is in the stadium design stage, is also responsible for the M + W Zander. At the same time, the centers co-operation with equipment suppliers have begun, and opening is scheduled for first half of 2009.

Solar and other semiconductor related industries

the beginning of 2007, Russia / CIS, including TCS, including in the development of polysilicon manufacturing project has made considerable progress. There are currently ten

polysilicon manufacturing project in progress:
● NITOL - beginning in 2009, the monthly capacity of 3,700 tons of
● Solar Export - 2009 annual capacity of 1,000 tons capacity each year increased to 2,500 tons
● Russian Silicon - 3,000 tons per year; the start of 2010
● Renova Orgsyntes - 2,000 per year beginning in 2009 to 4,000 tons
● Poldosky Plant - Capacity unknown
● Baltic Silicon Valley - to a capacity of 5,000-20,000 tons per year by 2012
● Zaporozhye - from 3,000 tons annually, beginning in 2010
● Kazakhstan LGK - 5,000 tonnes per year
● Kazakhstan TSK - 3,000 per year t
● Synthetic Technologies - 500 tons per year
all of the above projects main supplier of technology and equipment from GT Solar Incorporated United States and Germany SolMic.

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