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SSD is not enough life extension up to 100 times

In Electronic Infomation Category: R | on November   1, 2010

Hitachi ULSI Systems, a subsidiary of Hitachi, announced that it has developed similar products Endurance than 100 times the solid-state hard drive.

Called solid state drive SSD, and LM324DR datasheet and now GM has read and LM324DR price and write compared to hard disk speed, no mechanical structure, the operating temperature range, good stability, long MTBF advantage. But because the overall size of solid-state hard drive, now can not upgrade, so its current costs are still high.

Because SSD is a flash chips used, so its successor, the inherent defects of the flash chip.

Current MLC flash memory and LM324DR suppliers and there are two types of SLC, the difference between the following three:

1. Rewritable life issues. SLC flash is the number of each unit to withstand 10 times the MLC unit.

2. Transfer speed problem, technology is not optimized MLC SLC read and write speed is only 1/2-1/3.

3. Power consumption issues. MLC read and write the same institution under the production process more complicated, greater power consumption.

In summary, SLC flash memory in the power, speed, and has written on the life of a great advantage.

So we write life as an example to SLC, SLC can be written generally labeled as 10 million times, and now many of us use computers, often for the application of P2P, in particular, the application is similar to BT download.

So when we use solid-state hard drive for BT and other P2P applications, often in an area of a repeated reading and writing, in a
some extreme cases, this number can be read in 1 days up to 2000 times within such a high frequency of writes, will soon issue the life of flash memory, which will be increasing the number of bad blocks.

There are already proposed hybrid hard drive manufacturers to resolve the problem to write life.

Hybrid of traditional hard disk drives is actually a mixture of additional flash memory, this flash memory composed of hard disk storage space is mapped into the sectors most frequently used daily. Moreover, this mapping can be adjusted according to actual conditions in real time. If this space is large enough, shut down before the image can be written into the memory buffer where, when the time off to sleep directly, no need to spend time data written into the hard disk. Power system, due to the last sleep data is stored in the cache, the system will self-correct after the cache data can be read into memory, operating system boot is completed in seconds.

According to Microsoft is expected, the use of hybrid hard drives up to 80% savings in power consumption. The reason is that hybrid hard drive allows the use of traditional mechanical hard drives when you go to sleep, read and write and access data in non-volatile flash memory for. Hybrid hard drives can be special advantages of the platform is Windows Vista. Vista "ReadyDrive" feature that is designed for the hybrid drive technology, and this increased the cost of the hard disk will not let too much in the short term is expected to popularize the technology. This is mainly to solve the technical highlights of the SSD hard drive storage capacity increase, and the flash memory can significantly reduce the cost of the problem temporarily.

But even the design of hybrid hard drive is still not completely solve the problem of low life flash write. Hitachi

and brought us new solutions to solve this problem. Hitachi said the new development of solid-state hard drive is not in a particular material or technology to manufacture flash memory, but take a prediction mechanism, the data will be those frequently rewritten is stored in the DRAM cache, only those who do not often re- written data will be stored in flash memory, thereby reducing the frequency of flash erase data.

But just such a solution were written to enhance life, not completely resolve the impeding universal flash memory storage media category ills.

SSD hard drive is being pursued, including the Samsung, and Sandisk vendors and numerous flash memory giant, I believe that within the next few years, the cooperative development of these giants, there will be some flash read-write technology revolution, when flash memory type will really drive consumers into the computer.

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