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Sabre-rattling washing machine and foreign brand high-end market in full swing

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Advance to high-end washing machine market trend intensified. The PRC, the data published recently show that from January to February this year, drum washing machines sold more than 25 million units, up 17.6% year over year; 2440 yuan more than the high end of Washing Machine 30% increase over last year.

Suning Appliance sales data also show that the first quarter of this year, the drum washing machine washing machine sales have accounted for 40% of the total sales amount, the base price of 5,000 yuan in the fastest growing high-end drum washing machine sales.

Industry believes that increased production costs, increased industry concentration, product structure is to promote industry upgrading, high-end corporate strategy shift to the main factors. Together to promote high-end due to internal and MAX231CWE datasheet and external

trend Transition to high-end business strategy

the one hand, increased market demand dictates, the other is the result of the development industry itself.

2008 Nian appliance industry for steel and MAX231CWE price and other raw material prices, labor costs brought about by factors such as rising production cost pressures, white household electrical appliance enterprises most affected. In addition, logistics, marketing costs are also rising, up and MAX231CWE suppliers and down the industrial chain by two "squeezed" manufacturers to seek novelty of the profit growth, the only way to improve product performance, take the high strategy.

The other hand, the industry environment, "tight" and also made some small, poorly managed enterprises gradually were eliminated, it has also become the industrial structure to promote the washing machine industry, the enormous power. Sino-monitoring data show that, as of October 2007, the domestic market, sales of the top ten brands of washing machines in the proportion of the total sales volume of up to 90.67%. This year, the washing machine market concentration will continue to increase. High-end market, foreign brands fighting

Times reporter visited the home appliance stores found that the performance of high-end products, the heavy volume in the drum washing machine, and large capacity, high performance washing and drying hot.

For high-end market, Haier introduced a "net community" washing machine, Siemens launched the "laundry" one machine, Whirlpool launched the "fiber Plaza" series of ultra-thin drum washing machines, Matsushita, introduced the inclined drum dryers α Alpha series, which use innovative light moving silver sterilization techniques, give full play to hydroxyl (-OH) + silver ions (Ag +) double sterilization power to make a more thorough sterilization.

"We do not do drum washing machine 3,000 yuan this year, product update rate to more than 90%", Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group, Chinas vice president, chief marketing officer Wu Division claims.

Whirlpool Greater China president Li Yan also said that every 30 days, Whirlpool washing machine will have new products to market. Panasonic aspects

called, drum washing machine sales in the first quarter of this year compared with an increase of 152% over the same period last year, the growth rate among all brands in the first, featuring high-end of an inclined drum dryers growth rate is much α Alpha series higher than the industry growth rate. These foreign predators

washing machines also said that "large capacity", "wash dry one" and so the proportion of high-end drum washing machine will continue to increase in the function is targeting the "low noise", "sterilization", "not to hurt clothes "and other health functions. Washing Machine

also seeking high-end way out

Drum washing machine is not just high-end, foreign manufacturers have begun to "wrestling" pulsator high-end market, because, despite rapid growth of Chinas washing machine market, but taking into account the long-term and consumption habits of Chinese consumers, will remain Washing Machine the mainstream of Chinas washing machine market.

Present, the Washing Machine on the market, controlled by a computer chip into the mainstream of intelligent washing machines, mixing high-end features intelligent washing machines sold with rapid growth in the proportion of smart washing machine market share rising.

The washing machine manufacturers have begun to different functions from the Washing Machine needs, take the road of product differentiation. April 18, Whirlpool introduced a high-end market for the impeller with its exclusive patent "Bionic spent waves wash" feature "flip power wave" series, and to achieve global synchronization market. This series of products successfully so that the winding Washing Machine rates for clothing and 50% lower, drum type washing machine to set the low wear, high-loading washing machine and wash in one degree, breaking a long-term plague Washing Machines " Coil "bottle fresh. In addition, the "flip force waves" have heated wash, transmission hydrolysis wash, double power wash and wool wash, Washing Machine features will also be upgraded to a professional fabric care level.

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