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Saman 149 million days of backdoor Yi S * ST Main Face

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Mountain heavy water was the S * ST days Yi (600703.SH) restructuring, after all, a way out. June 2008 27, S * ST day of aging-related sources, companies and MAX708TESA datasheet and intermediaries in accordance with the requirements of the SSE inquiry letter to provide further supplementary information has been submitted, it is estimated early July to mid-market transactions will be restored.

The same day, S * ST days Yi announced that the board of directors by three wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen City, An Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to three safety photoelectric technology) capital increase 10 million yuan, and MAX708TESA price and three An optical technology used 345 million of equity shares of the motion. Previously, S * ST Yee has decided to-day security Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. changed its name to three (the three security photovoltaic), and MAX708TESA suppliers and issued shares to buy Xiamen Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Saman E) involved in the production and sale of LED epitaxy chip and chip-related assets by the close, all three safety photoelectric technology transfer under the name. This indicates that, due to 3 consecutive years of losses, on May 25 last year suspended the listing Yi S * ST days, its main business has been the traditional oil industry, transformed into a high-tech LED industry, the production base from Jingzhou into Xiamen.

Backdoor cost 149 million

Data shows that the three recombinant On Group into backdoor yi S * ST-day funds 149,781,000 yuan, of which, for the acquisition of S * ST days to dispose of assets in bankruptcy and reorganization Yi 100,000,000 yuan, 16,781,000 yuan share purchase money, donated 33 million yuan to repay the debt.

2007 Nian 10 On 20 April, three Security Group, 45.43% obtained by judicial sale of the shares, as S * ST day of aging potential controlling shareholder. November 1, 2007, S * ST day of aging to assess the value of the main assets of 4,655,880 yuan higher than the transfer of three security groups, and in January 17, 2008 a resolution, a major asset restructuring and the implementation of the share reform .

The backdoor restructuring, S * ST 20 trading days before Yi average turnover of 100% of the stock price of 4.33 yuan per share to three safety issue 11494.5392 electronic shares, purchase of three electronic safety net assessed million in total asset value of 50045.6626 LED operating assets.

The number of issued shares as determined by the corresponding purchase of assets, net assets amounted to 49,771.3547 million for guaranteed placement Yi S * ST day of the integrity of the assets, the three security electronic consent to this by the assessment of all the LED epitaxial wafers and chip assets to S * ST day of aging, in which part of 274.3078 million yuan of assets beyond the direct grant Yi S * ST days.

The same time, the three security groups committed to ensuring that after the reorganization, S * ST day of aging in 2008 -2010 profit after deducting non-recurring net profit, respectively, not less than 800 yuan, 121,814,700 yuan and 15,000 yuan, if the lower than the number of these commitments will make up the difference with cash. This time, before the reorganization, S * ST day of aging through bankruptcy reorganization, the existing assets and liabilities have been disposing of as a zero assets and zero debt company.

After this release, three security electronic security group and three total days held by Yi 16924.2392 S * ST shares, the total share capital of 72.19%, and the three controlling shareholders of the actual security for the three electronic security group.

Official said, three safety group The original plan was to seek listing on the SME board last July to three security funded the establishment of electronic assets as a security Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Xiamen, found S * ST day yi Shell Resources, will be set up only 3 months in the year the three Security Photoelectric dissolved by the end of October, An electronic merger of three.

Interestingly, the three security after the success of the Group of backdoor reorganization, S * ST Tin-yee to be renamed for the three safety optoelectronics, and by S * ST days Yi in Xiamen, a wholly owned subsidiary set up three security photovoltaic technology, all receiving S * ST days Yi An electronic purchases to the third class operating assets LED.

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