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Smart cards design company diversified to survive

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Among IC design companies in China, the smart card IC design houses like an important proportion,
output value of Chinas integrated circuit made important contributions. However, as technology continues to provide
high and LM358 datasheet and production costs continue to decline, more and LM358 price and more smart card products with low profit margins, forcing China
the smart card as the main product of the IC design companies change to survive. In recent years, the smart card IC products
as the main two-line development design company, on the one hand improve the technological level and LM358 suppliers and increase value-added products
products; on the other hand to open up other markets.

Chip card in accordance with the reading and writing can be divided into contact and non-contact two, according to the different functional
can be divided into two types of CPU card and memory card. The most widely used mobile phone IC card and SIM card
is one of the large family, our first batch of IC design companies are almost as many
started. However, with other similar international companies to enter Chinas market,
Chinas IC card market, declining profit margins, forcing Chinas IC design companies have to find business opportunities
breakthroughs. A lot of public transportation card, social security card, water table cards and other products came into being,
government support for enterprise development as a major effective measure, which also includes the largest non-touch access
CPU card project: the second generation of the smart ID card project.
Of the second generation ID card project can be said for the smart card IC design companies the opportunity to bring a new
, as many contactless smart card applications in the model. Datang Microelectronics, CLP China
big, Shanghai Hua Hong IC Design and Beijing Tsinghua Microelectronics in the same side of the project-based,
further expansion of smart card applications.
DMT is still focused mobile communications market and the smart card terminal market, but also concerned about
controlled markets, such as ID card market, such as cable TV conditional access card market,
the product from customize the system to replace imported product conversion. DMT is the most
enter the mobile phone SIM card market as early as the IC design company, but is now not confined to the field of smart cards
, focusing on the development of SoC core, the COMIP SoC platform as DMT
to end the important part.
CLP Chinese products are currently concentrated in the large smart card chip, wireless chip and EDA workers
with other fields. UW and the path of development is very similar to Tang, the same high-end market in the impact,
The difference is in the electrical products focus on UW wireless LAN chip market. WLAN standard by the time preceding the war
impact, CLP UW WLAN chips in the domestic market there is no problem,
but is required to observe the impact of the global market. Shanghai Hua Hong Integrated Circuit
mainly engaged in the smart card chip, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other advanced IC
independent research and development for enterprises and government agencies in the field of electronic information technology
provide a range of high security and high reliability of products and services.
Shanghai Hua Hong is currently in transition, the company of all future plans are kept secret, how the future product plans have not yet
Tongfang Microelectronics products are currently the main contact with IC card chip, contactless IC card chip,
ASIC second generation ID card, contactless card reader solutions, UHF RFID electronic
child tag chip and reader solutions. Tongfang Microelectronics is entirely in our core intellectual
to card design companies, to the impact of IC design into the top ten list of reasons not
just pull the second-generation ID card project, more importantly, the victory in a "wide" word.
Tongfang product categories, including contact, non-contact, CPU cards and memory cards, and all classes
other, and develop a variety of different categories according to applications.
The core of the smart card IC design companies started to take the strategy is to diversify business
operators are only in the expansion of new areas and expand into new markets there are different between. In any case,
diversity has been based on smart card-based IC design companies to develop way of existence.

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