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Semiconductor industry in China, driven by rapid growth in recent years, Taiwans semiconductor industry has considerable support
materials development, have made significant progress. In the IC CHINA 2006
period, the domestic semiconductor companies supporting materials are mainly concentrated on displaying their latest results and MAX3232CSE datasheet and their latest release
and MAX3232CSE price and strategies.

A study of silicon stocks:
into 12-inch polished silicon

pilot line into the 21st century, the International IC manufacturing technology has entered a new a period of rapid development of hair
,0.13-0.10-micron diameter of 12 inch integrated circuit technology on the market,
diameter of 12 inch silicon wafers on the demand for technology research and MAX3232CSE suppliers and development into reality by the market demand. To meet the
international semiconductor industry, there is research silicon Science and Technology and Beijing Municipal Government shares in the joint support of
, the capture of large diameter silicon crystal growth, large-diameter silicon wafer processing, analysis and a series of test
technical difficulties and successfully developed a full set of production technology, 22 patents, and have built one of the first
10,000 per month, 12-inch diameter silicon single crystal polished wafer pilot production line.
Technical personnel in the "863" strategic, forward, forward-looking positioning requirements
, in less than 5 years time, come from the large diameter crystal growth to a polished finished product < BR> nearly 30 key process of technology design, equipment selection, process of the whole process; cross
more key technology from research to pilot production of a continuous production line imported change; experienced
from research and development of product samples to customers in volume production testing and the difficult process of supplier evaluation,
realized my 12-inch diameter polished silicon single crystal produced a breakthrough.

Branch, microelectronic materials:
are about to build a hundred-ton production line of plastic

Microelectronics Materials Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, was incorporated in August 2004
Sino-US joint venture enterprise, mainly engaged in large scale integrated circuits, discrete devices and liquid crystal display production
photoresist and ancillary reagents with the production and research and development, is currently the same set of photoresist development and Health < BR> production and sales in a professional high-tech enterprises. The company has a well-known photoresist with
years experience in R & D team of experts, highly qualified management team and the international advanced level of analysis and application
test equipment. The company has been put into production base in Beijing Yanshan
, the photoresist in the United States R & D labs in Boston and is currently under construction in Beijing Tianzhu light
engraved plastic and ancillary reagents production base. The company will soon build Beijing Tianzhu Export Processing Zone
tons per production line is plastic.

Huayi Microelectronic Material:
built 15,000-ton project of electronic chemicals

Shanghai Huayi Group Company in the "fifth" commitment to the country during the successful "863" large-scale integrated circuits
major projects supporting materials technology research and development of ultra pure reagents task.
Industry in the production process of building official with the Taiwan Electronic Chemical Material Co., Ltd. together with the 50% stake in a joint venture
Shanghai Huayi Microelectronic Material Co., Ltd. (Huayi Microelectronic). Chemical products company set
purification, purity analysis and detection of high net, packaging and after-sales service as a whole.
After a year of construction, Huayi Microelectronic Microelectronics annual output of 15,000 tons of chemical items
projects have been built, and was held on September 8 opening ceremony. VLSI systems include manufacturing process needs
sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, ammonium fluoride, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid,
BOE and other major varieties, the product quality to meet international SEMIC12 standards meet the 12-inch
chip manufacturing process requirements. Construction of the project will change our domestic manufacturing ultra-pure VLSI
chemical reagents of high net imports situation. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Huayi
microelectronics has been built in the micro-ton chemical plants, based on the quality continues to improve product
to meet the needs of the semiconductor manufacturing industry, to better serve provide high quality services.

Crystal Swiss Chemical:
100ppt grade hydrogen peroxide project will be put into

Suzhou Crystal Chemical Co., Ltd. is a development, production, marketing, micro-electronics with high-purity
tech chemicals enterprise. Products include hydrofluoric acid, hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, ammonia, sulfur
acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonium fluoride, anhydrous ethanol, acetone, mixed acid etching and so on. Products are widely used in VLSI
pan and TFT-LCD panel manufacturing process of etching and
cleaning. Been put into use an engineering, construction area of 3,200 square meters, ten thousand (hundred
local level) purification plant 400 square meters. Annual output of 5,000 tons of various ultra-high pure chemical reagents. 2006 2
Solvay of Belgium on the company established a joint venture in Suzhou Electronic Materials Limited
Suri Division (Interox-SEM Co., Ltd), focused on the development, production, marketing ultra-high pure double
oxygen in water, designed capacity of 4000 tons 100ppt grade hydrogen peroxide, the product specifications to meet the 8 -
12 Ying Cun IC chip production process requirements, is expected to be fully operational in October 2006. Chemical Engineering Research and Design Institute

electron gas engineering research center established

With the rapid development of Chinas IC industry, IC industry, high purity electronic materials, key support the demand for gas
showed significant growth. Electron gas has been reduced domestic IC manufacturing costs,
enhance its international competitiveness and achieve the healthy development of Chinas IC industry inevitable. Guangming Chemical Research Institute, formerly located
count bright Ministry of Chemical Industry Institute of Chemical Engineering, is a special gas (including electron gas) as the dominant direction of scientific research institutions
. After forty years of development, light Institute has formed a special gas
body, microelectronics, optoelectronics --- key support materials for the electronic chemicals industry led the coexistence of a variety of professionals
, scientific research and development, engineering design, production management, technical services, quality inspection
as one of the comprehensive scientific research institutions. Chemical Industry (National) Gas Quality Supervision and Inspection Center,
National Information Center of specialty gases located in the light of Hospitals. Court has determined
bright electron gas formed Engineering Research Center, Engineering Center will be a bright homes
for technical support, "science and technology achievements in industry, enterprise operational mechanism, the development direction of the market
" as the core, mechanism innovation and technological innovation to achieve the combination of the electron gas into high-level body
research and development, technical innovation and industrial base.

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