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Supporting the semiconductor industry: The night is long, long way is also

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Rapid growth in China driven by the semiconductor industry, the "fifth" period
of the semiconductor materials industry has also been considerable support for the development, but in terms of the current status quo, but also far enough over the domestic semiconductor
industry needs, from general, self-sufficiency of the semiconductor material
level of support less than 10% of the semiconductor industry is still a huge bottleneck. Our reporter has
to support the semiconductor industry, current situation and LM358N datasheet and hot issues of concern to the industry, an exclusive interview with Chinas Semiconductor Industry Association support
branch chairman Zhou Qi steel industry.

A serious shortage of domestic supply of polysilicon and LM358N price and other
silicon, plastic materials such obvious progress

Reporter: At present, the owners of the semiconductor material to support product development status categories How? Flag Steel
week: first look at the case of polysilicon. Domestic supply of polysilicon has been irresolute
figure hovering at about 100 tons this year, the supply level should be at 400 tons. If the demand for computing single-crystal silicon
, China now has more than 1,000 single-crystal furnace, open enough, then we should eat 1
million tons a year of polysilicon material. Customs statistics show that in the first half of 2500 tons of various forms of national import
polysilicon material, the second half of this figure there may be 2,500 tons, which means that more than half of a single crystal furnace
underemployment. Accordingly, calculation of self-production capacity of 400 tons (perhaps this is
overestimated the number), only self-sufficiency rate of polysilicon to 3% to 4%, far short of meeting the domestic semi-conductor and LM358N suppliers and solar photovoltaic
industry needs.
"Fifth" period, the output of silicon to achieve a 30% growth, the end of 2005,
Chinese silicon production reached 2,700 tons, of which about 700 tonnes of semiconductor, solar
by 2000 tons. In the polished wafers, the average of polished silicon wafers for semiconductor growth of more than 15%,
the total amount reached 200 million square inches. It is worth mentioning that 4 inches -6 inches of polished
film quality has markedly improved, largely has reached the level of similar foreign products in the domestic market
market has become mainstream. 8-inch polished silicon wafers only small batch production, the local level in the silicon
whole, surface particles, metal contamination and consistency in the parameters are to be further improved. In
12-inch silicon wafers polished and epitaxial wafers for the development area, currently has a pilot production capacity,
trying to start for the film.
View from the electronic chemical materials, high purity chemical reagents technology can achieve SEMI C8
level, domestic 4-inch, 5 inch, 6-inch polished wafers are made in the trial of chemical reagents, manufacturers of our materials through
recommendation, the domestic device manufacturers have begun to trial. Materials and device manufacturers in
support of the domestic high-purity chemical reagents move went fairly quickly; photoresist compared to high-purity chemical reagents
is weaker, only discrete devices in China and TFT- LCD on the large-scale use.
And copper lead frame material is also used for discrete devices, into the IC production line is difficult.
Basic framework of the domestic lead occupy the mainstream of foreign products, domestic manufacturers still in the stage of imitation
. Moreover, the IC lead frame materials used in copper dependent on imports, the domestic supply of copper material
discrete devices are basically stuck in the level of self-sufficiency level of lead frame and polysilicon
is very similar. Most of the domestic gas market by foreign electronics a few large companies account.
Epoxy molding compound that is also great progress in recent years, support the industry in the overall performance of a relatively sudden
. Epoxy molding compounds to meet the national mainstream market SOP, QFP, BGA and other products cover the needs of
installed, MCM, 3D, SIP, MEMS, and other new packaging materials are under development.
Domestic IC production lines with more than 95% bonding wires are made of.

2008 the basic balance between supply and demand of polysilicon
risk of domestic investment boom in polysilicon

Reporter: Chinas semiconductor industry from the current development needs to analyze the development of support material in the industry
outstanding issues? Flag Steel
week: First, the polysilicon supply, soaring prices; Second, the 8-inch polished
mainly rely on imports more than, half of 6-inch polished also dependent on imports; Third, lithography
plastic , ultra-clean high-end products of chemical reagents can not meet domestic needs. In short, the domestic supply of high-end products
support is almost blank.
Reporter: Facing the shortage of polysilicon materials market, prices soaring, a new round of domestic investment boom polysilicon
What is your view? When the polysilicon supply situation can be alleviated
Zhou Qi steel: the emerging wave of current domestic investment boom of polysilicon, a number of projects launched in the preparation
, we repeat the construction of this simple situation is very worrying. This does not mean,
market need, China is currently really need tons of polysilicon plant, but the problem is that we
current level of technology, management level and a great variety of conditions, lack of comprehensive. Once launched strong
line, after five or six years, when the polysilicon market balance, most likely will result in a new
a waste of resources.
2008 or 2009 about the global demand for polysilicon in the 70,000 to 80,000 tons, while the top five from
polysilicon plants and five small polysilicon plant expansion plan view, the basic can achieve this
volume, perhaps the market will have 5% to 10% of the gap, but if China launched two or three tons of
project, it is probably because of the time and cost of high quality, but off and no one cares.
Some people may think, should not miss the polysilicon market opportunities, but if it is to be launched
, maybe earn money for a year or two, but the risk is still very behind. By law in terms of,
experienced polysilicon plant still need to expand the scale of 18-24 months, let alone the new fledgling launched and
factory. Further still, if built in 12 months, really, debugging and running about a year needed to
, and product quality and indicators has yet to be verified.
Polysilicon plant by the majority of domestic situation, after two years of construction, commissioning and then after a year of exploration began to enter the trial run, but after three years of market conditions
who can not grasp, but it is certain that the capacity of foreign has been available to basically meet the market demand
Polysilicon domestic market really need, not need 2 million tons, but the 1 million tons, but if you really want to
do need good technology, but also have a strong endurance, to withstand the economic costs
the test of market price fluctuations. Polysilicon project to succeed, there must be a mature technology and perfect
facilities, excellent construction conditions, these factors are indispensable.
Polysilicon is not highly difficult, and cutting-edge technology, but the economic control of operating costs and much more complex than the technical difficulties,
polysilicon still have to do now the first to face this problem, not a hot market to be
not consider the risk, and this risk is persistent. If you consider the long term, the domestic
should be located in the semiconductor grade polycrystalline silicon and technically do not have the pursuit of novelty, can better the improvement over the most popular
Siemens to meet it.

8-inch silicon wafers to support prices plummeted

Reporter: In recent years a number of 8-inch production of domestic production, the demand for 8-inch silicon wafers
volume is large, but most of the current 8-inch silicon wafers is also dependent on imports, the main reason for that? Flag Steel
Week: 8-inch wafers situation is more complicated. View from abroad, in 1998 the British
8-inch rise of the market, the 8-inch wafers per unit price of 100 dollars, and then entered the semiconductor market cycle
low, the price all the way 8-inch wafers decline. 2001 became U.S.
dollars -70 60 dollars, 50 dollars in 2003, declined in 2004 to $ 38 -40 dollars, the foreign head
not make money the first 8-inch silicon wafers, the main suppliers of silicon shift 12 inches. Plus 12-inch polished
film can be sold for $ 300 extension now, to sell at least 1 square inch $ 2.65, while
8 Ying Cun polished if calculated according to the price of 50 dollars per square inch to sell $ 1 .
Terms of the total, with 12-inch technology matures, even if the 8-inch wafer line width has been able to extend to the 0.13 micron
ago, its competitiveness has been damaged.
Look at the domestic, even if the construction of a number of 8-inch IC production line, but the 8-inch silicon wafers
the price will not rise to 100 dollars. In fact, the first two years, shares the 8-inch silicon research
silicon chip has been certified by a domestic fab, both hardware and software research
complete all-silicon stocks to meet domestic demand strength . However, if in accordance with market conditions and customer requirements
the price grid, then forced delivery, will definitely lead to huge losses. So two years later, all the support
conditions will show a negative effect, a hundred million dollars of assets of enterprises will face bankruptcy.
Supporting the market premise that better life downstream and upstream support in order to live, if you really want to
domestic 8-inch IC package, it should also consider the domestic several of these 8-inch IC line is not
to several years of living and operating conditions. In the current domestic market conditions, how to put 8-inch
matching is a difficult problem in front of us.
Chinas semiconductor industry as a whole is still in the stage of laying the foundation, the domestic enterprises should be based on supporting
companys current level of technology and assets to determine the ability to supply products
species, thus ensuring the stability of the team, and the formation of long-term supply capacity, the real push
progress and growth of dynamic enterprises.

Caught between supporting industry to survive
should strengthen cooperation between upstream and downstream

Reporter: speeding up the development of supporting industry, the semiconductor industry in China What is the significance? How
enhance cooperation in upstream and downstream industry chain? Flag Steel
week: whether technology or material technology devices are all kinds of advanced technology into a comprehensive set of
results, details decide success or failure. If we are in every part of the gap with foreign
a little, that the level of the total backward down very far. Chain from an industry point of view, in order to make
quality products, not only their own control of process steps to be done every sound, even the upper reaches of the material support
support have to do every step of the process carefully. Therefore, we support not only from the
material industry has done, can provide good material, but also to guide the device manufacturers with a good material; the other hand, device manufacturers will have to be able
requests for materials to guide us to the material of good.
Upstream and downstream of the cooperation is very important, a variety of ways, whether joint venture and cooperation are the risks of anti-
refused to upgrade the level of the important aspects. However, as device manufacturers, we hope to support the upstream vendors
more help, more support, there must be a long-term vision. Because if compared with the device manufacturers,
material manufacturers is still growing.
Reporter: Facing the strong competition of foreign manufacturers, semiconductor companies how to find support from
own unique positioning, form their own core competencies?
Zhou Qi steel: to enable businesses to maintain long-term stability of competitive advantage, different from other companies is their unique ability to
core competitiveness. Enterprises have the ability to pursue high value-added products,
must also have master the ability to manage high-value-added products. Chinese enterprises on the scale of production and R & D capabilities are
have a certain gap with foreign countries. Our advantage is the rapid growth of Chinas semiconductor market
and localization, although the cracks in order to survive, but also focuses on the cracks development. State enterprises should conform to the
the general trend of rapid economic development and do their own strategic planning, to seize the opportunity to actively
development, the development of Chinas semiconductor industry to contribute.

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