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Taiwan PCB makers began to decline

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Global economic weakness, the Christmas selling season has not been expected, the semiconductor industry for the control of inventory, slow orders strength. Printed circuit board (PCB) industry, said orders from the rapid decline since October, customers delayed shipment popular demand, the economy is only the 4th quarter of PCB "bleak" to describe even the most promising performance notebook computer (NB ) board industry, including HannStar Board, Golden Tripod Technology such as electronics and MAX942CSA datasheet and also the 4th quarter operating under the revised target, the flat growth into recession, the rate of about 5-10%.

Than expected Q4 economy, customers are not slowing down under the single strength, is to ask the delayed shipments, orders the PCB industry, as expected. Rise of the Netbook NB replace the traditional desktop (DT) under the wave, NB board manufacturers 4th quarter results relative to other ethnic groups have support PCB meeting, but by the bad economy, industry generally under the revised Q4 outlook. In addition, some PCB plant overall capacity utilization approaching 60%, or even order products online without the operation, almost suspended, did not have PCB industry into the CCL (CCL) of the goods. To differentiate between product lines, storage and MAX942CSA price and panel production line needs related to the most weak Q4 orders for photovoltaic panels decreased by 20% quarter on quarter and MAX942CSA suppliers and is not surprising.

Part of the phone board, China white box handset demand is not bad, but in the international brand handset makers, in addition to Motorola (Motolora) in Q3 to 4 in the early season rush orders there, other Nokia (Nokia ), Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics), step 4 quarter orders are declining. However, the industry pointed out that Motorolas orders will be reduced from November to show phone board industry overall weak performance in November.

Tripod pointed out that in late October, the customers are in urgent reduction orders, mainly the future is uncertain, customers reduce inventory, shorten order times, Tripod had expected Q4 revenue could single-season record with the previous quarter, unchanged, However, according to the present situation seems to orders, the company operating the single-season speculation slip, one quarter capacity utilization in the previous quarters 85% to 80%. Q4 revenue forecast corporate decline rate of about 5%.

Tripod said that in the five major items of the product structure, in addition to the memory module board, photoelectric board, and other demand continued to weaken, the support orders in Q3 NB plates and high-density interconnect (HDI) needs are in the 4th quarter a decline in the situation, especially the former is more obvious, the latter decline was not significant, depending on the needs of the mainland white-box handset market conditions, it will affect Q4 revenue decline Tripod size range of the key. In addition, visibility does not compete with, Tripod In addition to freeze capital spending, personnel control, the company launched a more positive acceptance strategy, which is seeking a more low-cost material sources, reduce costs, cut prices to grab a single customer to through this cold spell.

Gold, like electricity, said in mid-October after the demand has obviously slowed, display customer expectations for the Christmas shopping season reduced. Customer orders in accordance with the present situation, the original forecast Q4 over Q3 revenue showed a median decline of about magnitude, it now appears likely to expand to 10%.

HannStar Board, said that since late October after slowing down the strength of customer orders, while orders from the original lead time reduced to 3 weeks for 4 weeks, visibility greatly reduced and December orders are still unable to grasp Therefore, the 4th quarter 3rd quarter growth of 0-5% of the original objectives of fear will not be able to reach, at most, showing flat, there may be in recession. Corporation believes that threatens to decline over the first 3 quarters of about 10%.

The global downturn, NB customer shipments have been revised down, with mobile phone manufacturers with high inventory levels, and actively adjust the inventory, the current market sentiment is not good, 4th quarter, lower than expected shipment status, It also shows that the 1 st quarter of 2009 the situation will continue shrouded haze, PCB industry is expected to reach bottom in February, when the capacity utilization does not rule out approaching 50%.

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