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Taiwans optoelectronics industry breaking high-growth industrial scale two trillion in 2007

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Taiwans optoelectronics industry output value of scale in the second in 2006 after breaking the record trillion, 32% in 2007 and LXT905PC datasheet and wrote the high-growth success. According to Photonics Industry & Technology Association (PIDA) in the statistics, in 2007 Taiwans optoelectronics output of about 63.3 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to two trillion NT dollars, 32% growth over last year; the next few years is still expected to maintain growth rates of more than 17% , 2011 exceeded 1 billion dollars when the scale size of hitting another 3 trillion NT dollar milestone. According to data

PIDA, with the flat panel display (FPD) market continues to grow, solar photovoltaic rise, high-brightness white LED applications was extended, and LXT905PC price and the application of photovoltaic technology, driven by diverse factors such as the 2007 global PV market value of about 3,780 billion U.S. dollars, growing 14%. Taiwan optical output accounts for about 17% of the global market; include LED packaging, TFT LCD materials and LXT905PC suppliers and components, TFT LCD panel, scanners, digital cameras (OEM), information with CD-ROM, CD-ROM chip and optical lenses and other optical products share of all the worlds top three.

PIDA Linying Yi Industry and Technology Group Manager, said: "Taiwans optoelectronics industry in the years after the growth slowed down 04-06 after the FPD to benefit from growth in the second half of 2007, driven by the overall PV market last year, has become a three-Cheng; pre- estimated output value of Taiwan this year is expected to reach 2.4 trillion optical NT, the growth rate was more than 15%. "In addition, the growth of Taiwans overall PV market is still mainly focused on specific products, the top ten high value of optical products accounted for more market growth Jiucheng.

Terms of the application of face, LED, solar cells, displays, and so are the hot field of optoelectronic industries. Among them, the flat panel display is still the proportion of Taiwans optoelectronics industry accounted for the highest (76%) of the area. PIDA pointed out that in 2007 Taiwan TFT LCD panel makers and the module package (excluding the key equipments and component) value of 1,073 billion Taiwan dollars to 1 trillion, accounting for the global TFT panel with 42% module package, for the first time South Koreas 39 more in one fell swoop %. Therefore, both in terms of shipments or value, Taiwan has become the worlds first.

The photovoltaic industry, the overall production value of Taiwans solar cell plant of about 40.3 billion NT dollars, is already the worlds fourth largest producer of solar power, PIDA estimates that Taiwans solar cell production in 2008 will grow to 1,148 MW, the output value is expected to exceed 88 billion Taiwan dollars, the overall solar industry (including wafers, cells and modules) output value will exceed 1 billion.

Is worth noting that the PV industry has high growth for five consecutive years, of which solar cell module (470%), silicon-based solar cells (145%) and solar silicon wafers (129%), and ranking Taiwans top three high growth rates the growth rate of photovoltaic products in more than three digits, there is still considerable future growth potential.

And high brightness white LED continues to expand the application field, the efficiency gradually increased, the Linying Yi said that the ultimate goal remains to replace the traditional light source applications in general lighting, especially in the global 70 billion U.S. dollars in the lighting industry scale, general lighting accounts for about 400 billion U.S. dollars. Therefore, the focus in 2008 will be spread LED applications LED lights for 2007 issues; LED street light market from the start, gradually penetrate into the general lighting with LED headlights, LED backlighting in notebook applications, the penetration rate of 10%.

However, the LED in the performance, cost and reliability there are still challenges and needs to be energy and environmental co-ordination and policy side, in order to accelerate the realization of LED lighting. PIDA is estimated to be around 2015, LED luminous efficiency of 150lm / w or more, 15-20% of cost reduction, LED in general lighting application to spread on.

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