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Vertical and horizontal integration will be the future development trend of the chip DTMBDTV

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Is the worlds digital TV industry development trend, in Europe, America and DAC0832LCN datasheet and Japan and DAC0832LCN price and other developed countries have gradually spread. In the terrestrial digital television in China, the standard already exists before the birth of the United States, European and DAC0832LCN suppliers and Japanese standards, but a vast country of China as a unified standard is necessary, while a huge market capacity is also sufficient to support from the new standards. National standards for terrestrial digital TV in China (GB20600-2006, the English referred to as DTMB) will greatly facilitate the implementation of the enactment of national television industry, with independent intellectual property rights of the national standard birth of digital television standards not only means that no payments to foreign royalties, but also for the country created a huge industry worth inestimable. At present the major TV and set-top box manufacturers, including many foreign manufacturers have already developed a national standard products. Once the market begins to heavy volume, 400 million TV sets per year to maintain volume and more than 3 million sales of TV sets a national standard determined the enormous capacity of the digital TV market.

We all know, DTMB national standard and National Chiao Tung University Tsinghua single-carrier multi-carrier integration program. At present the area, based on their needs, were selected to a different program of single-carrier or multi-carrier transmitter, which determines the need for national unity in the sale or move between different parts of the product, such as television sets, handheld mobile devices, needs to be compatible receiving single-carrier and multi-carrier signal. Because the two programs were used in frequency domain and time domain of different modulation techniques, how to substantially increase the chip cost, without conditions, while two schemes can achieve performance, chip design made of high demand. Fudan University, including micro-nano now includes a number of companies have launched a full integration of the national standard digital TV chips, but there does not mean that integration of single-mode chip chip will immediately lose its value. Similar set-top boxes in a single mode signal only needs to receive product market segments, low sales price, a mature product and excellent performance program will determine the single-mode chips are still the mainstream.

Single carrier and multicarrier coordinator for the front end and antenna, and no special requirements, the current national standard on the market to receive digital terrestrial wave tuner and antenna can be applied. Receiving system in the integration program, we will through the demodulator hardware specifically designed to solve single-carrier and multi-carrier signal received by different parts of the whole formation of the channel modular hardware, so no other parts of the system, have special needs.

Integration in the whole, we believe that the national standard for terrestrial digital chips next trend will be the vertical and horizontal integration. On a single chip to achieve a similar national standard + DVB-C tuner or decoder + + source-channel decoding are likely to be the future trend of development. This integration is not at the technical level there are too many problems, but product development is determined by market demand, not market products, no matter how advanced technology, have no value. As for SD to HD over, in fact, the national standard of digital television in the plan, has received both SD and HD signals. Currently limited to the development of high-definition television programming sources and the bottleneck is the lack of equipment, but the HD broadcast of the Olympic Games will lay a good foundation for the market, consumers will truly bring high-definition television experience different feelings. However, the popularity of HDTV will be a gradual process, television is a consumer durable, high-definition broadcast TV programs need to phase out standard definition TV, which went into the family.

National standard for terrestrial digital television broad range of applications, including: integrated digital TVs, set-top boxes, car and mobile receivers, including digital photo frame USB TV sticks and so on. It can be said, as long as the display screen where the national standard are able to apply. Of course, the application of integrated digital TVs will become the future mainstream of the market, but for now, the ground wave transmissions have the characteristics of mobile reception is irreplaceable advantages, which determines the vehicle and the mobile receiving device is first market acceptance. Compared with the TMMB and CMMB, DTMB with their car and portable terminals in the mobile TV business with a similar function, but DTMB receiver can support larger screen sizes, has been in the automotive advertising market and the USB TV Stick to establish a dominant position, etc. . TV ratings for the mobile consumers, competition will eventually become a competition between operators through the program source and business models compete for the ultimate consumer. In addition, the national planning DTMB more free coverage to the country has some inherent competitive advantage. Radio and television industry requires government authorities to promote, and TMMB and CMMB different, DTMB, as the only national terrestrial digital TV standard, not just universities and enterprises in the promotion of all relevant government departments will give support.

As for the relationship with the DVB-C, DVB-C is also the first digital TV development in China an important part of many cities in China have realized the DVB-C digital TV shift, cable television signal stability and of available Urban fixed interaction for home users. But the cable television system requires a large investment in hardware and engineering, and will restrict the users location and manner, and the characteristics of terrestrial digital TV to its effective supplement. Terrestrial digital television has covered a wide range of cable is not installed for the users and rural users, while its features are not qualified to receive all future television will make it the beginning of one machine loading system. According to international experience, the competitive cable and wireless TV will eventually become a competition between operators through the program source and business models compete for the ultimate consumer. In addition, the ground wave in mobile reception performance car, mobile multimedia and USB digital TV stick and other market segments can not be replaced.

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