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Waveguide 07 exposed the huge loss of 593 million domestic mobile phone three difficulties

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Once known as the domestic mobile phone in the "fighter" Bird once again stumbled, domestic mobile phone manufacturers today is feeling really bad the day before. Waveguide (600130) Annual Report 2007 released recently, said its net profit loss of 593 million, up by 1865% giant.

Waveguide can be attributed to the huge loss of the companys operating strategy, the most part, the huge loss of the waveguide is made mobile phones further deterioration of the operating environment dictates, also reflects the domestic mobile phone brand needs improvement and MAX3221EAE datasheet and strengthening. In fact, in addition to Bird, TCL, Amoi, Kejian and MAX3221EAE price and a number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers announced financial results also show that companies operating inadequate. Shui Qing Mu Hua consulting firm survey, at present, the market share of foreign brands reached 85%, a total of only 15% of the domestic brands in the market space. The pain of missing


Why domestic mobile phone experience, "Waterloo"? Brand is an important reason for absence. According to statistics, in the first quarter of the brand in the Chinese mobile phone market, competition, foreign manufacturers continue to advance, monopolize the market nearly Jiucheng attention. Among them, more than half of Nokias market exclusive attention.

Industry experts believe that some domestic mobile phone brands overall marketing model is relatively short-sighted, and MAX3221EAE suppliers and they never carry out brand building, the lack of R & D investment, not the pursuit of product quality, a lot of false advertising, exaggerated, potentially reducing the consumer of reliability.

In this case, even if the quality of domestic and foreign brands of mobile phones and there is not much difference, consumers will still use the old perspective of domestic mobile phones, even the poor quality of domestic mobile phone as synonymous.

You can often see such a phenomenon: consumers buy a domestic phone, if a problem occurs, it will say, "No domestic mobile phone, then do not buy China-made mobile phone!" Out of a domestic mobile phone problem, consumers took a total negation of the domestic mobile phone, which seems to be attributed to the prejudice of consumers and consumer behavior immature, but it also reflects the emergence of domestic mobile phone brand credibility crisis.

Domestic mobile phone brand credibility crisis emerged as an important performance is, consumers buy a domestic phone, are embarrassed to say what their cell phone use, and buy a foreign brand mobile phone, out to find a face, identity seems different.

Domestic mobile phone enterprises advertising, always set out the host of features, the concept of speculation by cell phone everywhere: Anti lost phone, never exploding cell phone, water leaching of mobile phones, mobile phones are not afraid of cars rolling etc.; and foreign phone companies to advertise and almost no mention of the product features. This shows that a problem? This shows that the value of mobile phones not only in the use of functions, but rather reflected in the brand.

"Black phones" all-pervasive Although many people

"black mobile phone," the term also felt strange, but unconsciously, it has been in large-scale "lose ground" in large numbers into the market, erode the viability of formal firms.

Rewarding domestic mobile phone has two, three urban market, has become the "black phones" the main battlefield. Most of the domestic mobile phone brand positioning in the lower margin low-end market, while the "black phones" manufacturers low-end illegal business intensified competition in the market, making the domestic mobile phone difficult. Bird Report in 2007, three times referred to "black phones" negative impact on their business operations, it believed that "black phones" and flooded the main reason leading to huge loss waveguide, so that domestic mobile phone into an unprecedented crisis.

Economic reform and operation of the former Ministry of Information Industry, Deputy Director WANG Bing-Branch has sharply pointed out: in 2007 there are at least 150 million "black phones" to the market. Only Shenzhen Huaqiang North telecommunications market, for example, the flow of the market, the national daily "black phones" to the 100,000 or so. Heres the "black phones" is divided into three categories, namely, "parallel" machines, machines and refurbished machines fake fake, in which fake fake "black phones" because low prices, the largest share of the market share and become the "black phones" in the one of the most harmful products.

International opponents squeezed

Nowadays, Nokia, Samsung and other international giants from high-end market to the low penetration of mobile phones. According to Nokia its distribution network to the latest instructions, Nokia is launching a new mobile campaign, directed at the target entry-level ultra-low-end mobile phone market.

It is reported that Nokia has been assembled up to 4 entry-level phones, the full low-end to the Chinese market, "bombed." According to Nokias recently released earnings report, Nokia in the first quarter of this year, China sold 21 million, of which the sales of entry-level products are the largest.

Thus, the low-end Nokia phones in power is also very strong. More alarming is that some entry-level mobile phones Nokia has made a number of mid-range mobile phone features the brand, not only direct attack on the low-end domestic brand mobile phones, even mid-range mobile phone with the cut and thrust of domestic brands.

In China, the original main international high-end mobile phone giant, low-end mobile phones in recent years, sudden force, resulting in domestic mobile phone brand is almost the collapse of domestic mobile phone is almost across the board collapse of large companies, many have been converted by the foundry for a living. At the same time, more and more domestic mobile phone brands began to look toward the international market.

"Waveguide will increase exports this year to boost the recovery of the domestic market." Bird said head of the international market share, last years Bird-branded handsets around two million overseas exports, the export target this year as its overseas: more than in 2007 increase of 50% to 100%.

Many manufacturers hope to turn a profit on betting on exports, but with the increasing appreciation of the RMB, Chinas exports of mobile phones is continually compressed space.

Waveguide difficult dilemma of domestic mobile phone makers a true portrayal. Despite the many difficulties faced by domestic mobile phone, but not without "turning over" possible. In fact, TD once the formal business, domestic mobile phone is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries. In addition, overseas domestic mobile phone market is also a "useless." Get the chance as long as the domestic mobile phone, there is no reason to lose confidence in the future.

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