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White goods continue to rise in the price in the end can not carry the appliance store prices Death

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Sales price has been as a killer of household electrical appliances, but after New Years Day in 2008, sounded one after another of the "up". Many of the media claimed, refrigerators, washing machines and OPA2277PA datasheet and other white goods prices will show the trend of gradually rising, and OPA2277PA price and even boasted a higher increase will reach 10%, of which the price of washing machine may be increased by 5% -8%. Recently, the reporter found that in the stores, in addition to individual manufacturers, but has not yet formed a trend of large price increases.

"Prices of home appliances is not it?" When asked Madian Eagle Gome Group stores a refrigerator, washing machine sales, he was quite helpless, said: "From the New Years Day after, whether it is determined to buy, or a passing mood Customers will be asked this question, especially in our white goods ice wash group, this phenomenon is even more evident, the same questions we answer dozens of times a day or even hundreds of times. "

"Customers usually followed by the second question must be How much is the price increases? To listen to this meaning, consumers have long recognized that the established price to household appliances, it is simply just want to know the exact magnitude . but then we do manufacturers and OPA2277PA suppliers and stores have not received clear notice and can not give customers a very clear answer. but based on the current situation, basically the price of which has been implemented in the implementation plan. "The sales staff to continue to detailed analysis of a reporter.

● household electrical appliance enterprises: "up" continuously

2 25, Siemens and Haier channels to the chain issued a "white price order."

Reporter was informed that the "white price order" in the Haier brand reached into the highest increase. Haier brand across the board rose 6%, up about 7% Washing Machine, washing machine floating about 10%. Siemens brand across the board increase of 3% -5%. 26, a reporter in the white prices so that the first time after the issue of a store to find out Gome, Gome ice wash group sales staff, said, "now has received clear notice, March 13 Siemens ice wash prices, however modest, between the dozens of dollars to one hundred yuan now. March 1, Dr. Brand also his brother, prices, range is not known, it seems that about 10%. "

"Will delay the price?" Side of a female consumers to ask questions. "This we do not know. Like air-conditioning group has not been whether or not the relevant price information."

● decrypt inline "prices Exceeding?"

Reporter has learned, there are some home appliances business, "price" or cautious and wait and see attitude. Seems intent on rising costs to "digest in production" approach to resolve.

Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. in central Chinas largest appliance manufacturers --- Hefei Sanyos executive vice president of Mr. Zhang Zhi in the interview, firmly answer: "Sanyo washing machines are determined not to price increases." Not only that, Hefei Sanyo in this years "315" will be launched during the "quality line world, the service added with more hi" value-added service activities theme of the ones who enjoy some of the products and promotions. Why some do not rise

not, some do not, no problem up?

"Raw material + transportation cost + labor cost = inherent business operations costs; inherent costs, industry characteristics, the background in which a combination of factors determines the price, which is like a linked together, step by step process." Industry a group of reporters who give the simplified formula to clarify. As home appliances, by the impact of upstream raw materials industry is particularly prominent. National Bureau of Statistics press to open the official website to find the country in January 2008 prices of industrial products, the data show: January 2008, industrial producer prices rose 6.1%, raw materials, fuel and power prices rose 8.9%.

Cost pressure has indeed changed since the big, why Hefei Sanyo was able to "not raising their prices?" In this regard, Zhang explained to reporters, vice president, said: "Faced with soaring raw material brought to the enterprise competitive pressures, price increases in raw material costs is not the solution the only way."

It is understood that the joint venture as the first Chinese home appliance company, Hefei Sanyo 15 years in China, washing machines, microwave ovens manufacturing history, the company introduced the world standard production equipment and manufacturing methods, the most professional production line and clutch, computer board, all kinds of stamping, plastic parts and other products off the main pieces of supporting the production capacity, the company has been implementing 6S management and lean production model, through the strengthening of production management to control costs. Hefei in Hefei Sanyo and Sanyo to build a strong R & D center, technology and design improvements can effectively reduce the whole cost of materials. Sanyo will add the second half of the production line of variable frequency motor, which effectively control the cost of materials to bring a strong guarantee.

"Through this series of security measures, we are fully able to respond to the pressure of rising raw materials will not harm to consumers and our co-operation

Said: "are listed companies, the price should not be too much disparity, but also the industry to face a number of factors, for example raw material prices." "Expanding production capacity in the case, there is no problem as long as the sales of domestic prices of home appliances will not be much of the increase. Although the production costs continue to pressure, but the brand a great capacity, will try to increase in production costs in the digestive. "certain people in the name.

Electronics market analysts have predicted that: "In the future, the white market, after the brand integration, not a single large, but a few are not to be underestimated, each have their own market share. This is the so-called white high concentration of power brands, so that when you negotiate prices to the channels more autonomy, which is more likely to manipulate prices. "

● Marketplace attitude "dead carry in the end"

Suning position, do not rise in March, carried dead three measures, namely large-scale procurement, stockpile ahead of the three major initiatives and customized underwriting.

Some have questioned the normal behavior of prices manufacturers are, do not control the price of pork so as to control home appliances prices. Through their own platform, retailers can maximize the benefits consumers, but an attempt to control and suppress the rise in prices is unrealistic.

Earlier, Suning marketing once the responsible person, "said Su Ning, the Chinese New Year and made part of the appliance before the prices will likely rise in pre-

Any interest partners, Hefei Sanyo will be held in early March supplier forum and made and commercial, innovation, win-win cooperation themes. Hefei Sanyo and its partners to a reasonable risk-sharing to create win-win situation. "Zhang says with confidence.

"In addition to the prices of raw materials, logistics and transportation of crude oil costs, the" Labor Contract Law "to bring up the human cost of which is one of the factors. Earlier, Siemens and other brands in price increases, have already notice in the proposed price adjustment, the rise in labor costs one of the factors is the product prices. "The industry then added," In the background of general rise in prices of household appliances industry, coupled with the inherent cost of household appliances especially white goods the brand concentration is high, the above points have caused todays white goods prices. "

Is worth noting that the performance of implicit prices of specific enterprises will in most air-conditioning appliance store "coupon redemption schemes," or "cash back" and other preferential measures canceled. New listing or directly linked to the banner, while the new price is likely to rise after that have a direct prices.

● Brand Gongjian war "you up I follow suit?"

26 days, store brands Hisense Electric Air Conditioning Unit Sales

Measured and judged. Therefore, the company years ago and the ice to wash all brands reached nearly 30 billion of large-scale single-sourcing, which is part of the product will not be affected by the price increases. "Clearly, Suning is well prepared.

Later, the reporter group from the refrigerator, washing machine Suning stores say that the sales staff: "Now the library is still stock it, if the stock sold out, stayed there for another manufacturers price drop was estimated that the price of the finished product to be adjusted. "" What is the pre-holiday goods store? "asked the reporter. "There really is big purchases in the year, the prices of manufacturers plan is basically through our marketing plan to digest, or other measures. After all, we still rely on sales." Are briefly highlighted

Economics, "stores are not profitable way of a single profit of each single product, but the overall sales volume accumulation, and then get rebates from the manufacturers, prices will certainly affect the short-term The overall sales volume, then the profit is bound to be losses. afraid of is their practice to maintain a time, not long-term fundamental suppression. "

Can inhibit the accumulation of the number of long-term prices of goods? Manufacturers will again give you the opportunity to stockpile large single it? Best-selling model really big one will let you book in advance it? These issues may be worth considering.

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